How to make a solar wax melter with your own hands: instructions

How to make a solar wax melter with your own hands: instructions
How to make a solar wax melter with your own hands: instructions

Solar wax melter is a successful and effective device for obtaining beeswax. It can be done independently using suitable drawings and diagrams. The device does not require additional energy, and its working resource is enough for a small apiary. Consider the features, advantages of this design, as well as the possibility of making it yourself.

solar wax melter

How does it work?

The solar wax melter uses the energy of the sun, which avoids the use of additional energy sources and saves money. It is important that such a device can be made with your own hands from improvised materials.

The following is the principle of operation of such a unit:

  • Frames with honeycombs are located inside a special case on pre-mounted mounts.
  • The device is installed in place under the sun in such a way that it is possible to rotate the structure.
  • The top of the equipment has a glass surface that enhances the effect of sunlight by heating the wax.
  • The processed product starts to melt and drain into the provided container.


Homemade solar wax melter allows you to get the most environmentally friendly wax. This is due to the fact that the product has avoided contact with smoke, water or other foreign reagents. The resulting product does not require additional processing, since all impurities remain in the waste raw materials. When using the device, safety measures should be observed, since the body of the unit may be subjected to significant heat.

how to make a solar wax melter

Design features

The simplest modifications of the solar wax melter have been known for a long time. The design includes a wooden frame with an inclined bottom surface. This configuration makes it possible to evenly distribute the received solar energy over the surface. The top of the case is made of a hinged glass frame, which makes it easier to install and remove elements, and also simplifies the collection of the finished product. At the bottom there is a special tray where the resulting wax flows.

To improve the quality of manufacturing, the bottom of the solar wax melter is equipped with a mesh with a fine section. It serves as a filter that retains solid inclusions. This compartment requires regular cleaning. For optimal operation of the installation in question, it is necessary to choose places for its installation on areas that are as open to the sun as possible.


Wax melts at a relatively low temperature (from 70 degrees). In this regard, the effect is achieved without difficulty if there is enough sunlight and an audit of the working parts of the device.

how to make a solar wax melter with your own hands

When using a solar wax melter, you must follow some rules that increase the performance of the device:

  • Paint the inner surface in a dark color, which will allow faster heating of the working part.
  • You should choose the optimal angle of inclination of the lower part, which ensures maximum sun exposure to the structure.
  • Directional reflectors can be adapted to speed up the process.
  • The thickness and transparency of the glass also does not interfere with experimenting.

How to make a solar wax melter with your own hands?

It will not be difficult to create the device in question. As an example, consider one of the most affordable and simple options. You can use improvised means that can be found in the country or in the garage for almost everyone.

You will need the following materials:

  • Board or plywood for making the frame.
  • Fasteners.
  • Fitted glass.
  • Hinges for flip frame.
  • Galvanized sheet.
  • Wrenches, screwdrivers, other tools.

In this case, the dimensions of the solar wax melter will be 5058 centimeters. The height of the structure is 27 cm. The glass will need to be cut to size 580568 mm, and the frame is made of a metal corner or wooden bars.

do-it-yourself solar wax melter at home

Assembly instructions

All accessoriesparts of the fixture should be painted with non-toxic and safe products. This will secure the process and extend the life of the device. A wax refinery with a body and metal filling heats up faster and has a large mass. This point must also be taken into account in the manufacture.

The manufacturing procedure includes the following steps:

  • Marking the bottom and side walls. In this case, these are rectangular wooden blocks with bottom dimensions of 50x58 cm, and walls on the sides - 50x27 cm.
  • Using a jigsaw or other suitable tool, the necessary parts are cut.
  • The elements are fastened together with self-tapping screws or special glue. It is recommended to reinforce the walls with wooden lintels to avoid distortion, or to make a metal frame.
  • A pair of loops are attached to the top of the machine to hold the swinging glass frame in place.
  • The frame is made, glass is inserted, the part is fixed on a common fixture.
  • Curled-edge pallet is installed inside.
  • A mesh filter is mounted.
  • A drain hole is made through which the filtered wax will drain.


After carrying out the above operations, the do-it-yourself solar wax melter at home is ready for use. To protect against weather exposure, it must be painted in a dark color and varnished. Usually in rainy weather, its use is not carried out for objective reasons, but the cases are different, sometimes you can just forget to bring it into storage.

solar wax melter dimensions

After installing the made unit, honeycombs or wax are placed inside it. Over time, the body of the device heats up under the influence of sunlight, after which the wax begins to melt and enters the pan through the filter. Productivity depends on the air temperature and the amount of raw materials, but the first results can already be seen after 45-50 minutes. In this regard, it is necessary to make a capacious tank for collecting finished products in order to ensure maximum efficiency of the device.

Helpful tips

Above is a way to make a solar wax melter at home. Recommendations for the use and installation of the device in question:

  • Craftsmen advise placing structures on an elevated platform, which allows you to achieve maximum purity of the product. For a single analogue, a wooden support in the form of a pillar is quite suitable. Complex placement is best arranged on a stable table.
  • Consider the possibility of attaching a frame with glass in such a way that it is fixed even when open. This will ensure a smooth workflow.
  • Use only dry wax, as excess moisture causes additional evaporation and condensation, which makes it difficult for sunlight to pass through.
  • Make sure that the lid fits snugly against the body part. This will make it possible to maintain a high temperature, accelerating the melting of the wax. Felt can serve as a sealantor foam insert with rubber edging.
  • To make it easier to clean the grate of recycled food, preheat it with a hair dryer or place it in the oven.
homemade solar wax melter

Better processing is achieved if the raw material is laid in one layer. Also, store the structure clean and dry. The use of silicone molds will further facilitate the collection of material.

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