Ardo washing machine: overview of models, features, benefits

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Ardo washing machine: overview of models, features, benefits
Ardo washing machine: overview of models, features, benefits

Currently, there are two types of washing machines in stores, differing from each other in the location of the loading hatch. The most common are frontal. However, there are also vertical ones, which, unfortunately, are not in high demand. But in vain! This design has many advantages. Not everyone knows that these models can be installed in a hard-to-reach place, for example, in any corner. Shelves or bedside tables fit perfectly on the sides, because the main thing is to leave access to the top cover. Top-loading options are quite compact in size, so they are optimal for small apartments.

So, having decided to opt for such options, you need to deal with the manufacturers. There are many brands on the market today, but not all of them have an excellent reputation. For those who want to purchase a functional and high-quality model at an affordable price, it is recommended to pay attentionto the Ardo trademark. The vertical washing machine will satisfy the most demanding customer: easy opening of the lid, convenient control panel, thoughtful design, large selection of modes. What else do you need for a quality wash?

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Short description

A feature of top-loading washing machines are dimensions. All models reach a width of 40 cm. For comparison with the front cameras, they have this figure of 60 cm. It is these dimensions that allow the device to fit perfectly into a corner. However, this does not affect the amount of laundry loaded. Thanks to the depth of 60 cm, the Ardo washing machine can wash 5-6 kg at a time. The volume of the drum is full. The only thing is that it is not located parallel to the front panel, but perpendicular. Loading of things is carried out through the "window" - a special hole on the end side of the drum.

Selection criteria

Washing machine - a device that is bought with the expectation of long-term use. That is why it is recommended to take the choice seriously. So, in order for the Ardo washing machine to please the owners, several aspects need to be considered:

  • Economy. Devices with different energy consumption classes are available for sale. The most economical - A, A++, A+++.
  • Capacity. The volume of the drum and the diameter of the hatch is important. The first indicator affects the maximum weight of the loaded laundry (selected depending on the number of people), the second - the possibility of washingoversized items such as a blanket or down jacket.
  • Functionality. Currently, models with a large number of automatic modes are sold, in which all parameters (spin, rinse, temperature) are optimally selected. Also, they are all designed depending on the type of fabric.
  • Sizes. It is important to know in advance exactly where the washing machine will be installed. And starting from the size of the place, choose the dimensions of the device.
  • Spin and rinse efficiency. It is worth paying attention to additional features. It is quite convenient if it is possible to independently correct these modes.
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Advantages and disadvantages

The Ardo washing machine has a lot of advantages.

  • The instruction is written in an accessible language. There is information in Russian.
  • Durability.
  • Secure the drum.
  • Compact size.
  • No extra space needed to open the lid when loading.
  • Virtually no vibration or noise during the spin cycle.
  • Affordable price, perfect match with quality.
  • Ardo washing machine with a modest size has a large drum volume.

Now let's talk about the disadvantages.

  • You cannot use the top surface as a table.
  • External design is quite modest.
  • Not economical water consumption, much more than front loading appliances.
  • High prices for spare parts. RepairArdo washing machines are expensive.
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Best of the lineup

  • Ardo TLN 105 SW. The appliance is designed for washing no more than 5 kg of clothes. It is quite economical - energy class A+. Washing modes - 19. Equipped with Easy Logic technology, automatic control of imbalance and foaming. Spin speed - 1000 rpm. Water consumption - 47 liters.
  • Washing machine Ardo TLN 85 SW. For one wash consumes 49 liters of water, with a maximum load (5 kg). Dimensions of the device: 90 × 60 × 40 cm. Efficiency class - A. During the spin cycle, the drum makes 800 revolutions in one minute, accompanied by noise reaching 75 dB. There is a blocking system and automatic cleaning of the pump.
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  • Ardo TLN 106 SA. The device at one time erases up to 6 kg. It is an economical model (class A+). Spin (C) is performed at 1000 rpm. Water consumption - 57 liters (main wash cycle). The door opens 180°. The Ardo washing machine (the instruction contains detailed information on 11 washing modes and temperatures) heats water up to 90 ° (maximum). Equipped with Smart Stop, Easy Logic, Soft Opening systems. There is protection against leaks, power surges, child lock. Extra rinse, temperature adjustment, anti-crease options available.

The Ardo washing machine is a great choice for demanding housewives!

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