How to make a wood burner with your own hands? Scheme of a homemade wood burner

How to make a wood burner with your own hands? Scheme of a homemade wood burner
How to make a wood burner with your own hands? Scheme of a homemade wood burner

Pyrography is one of the techniques for applying an image to solid surfaces made of organic materials using an object heated to high temperatures. Wood is predominantly used as the basis for the painting. The tool for burning is a loop of nichrome wire, fixed in a special holder. A do-it-yourself wood burner can be made in many ways and even provide software control of the device.

do-it-yourself wood burner

However, such a scheme is quite complex, and its implementation will require equipment inaccessible to the general public. However, you can make a fairly simple do-it-yourself burner literally from improvised materials and a power supply. It has a step-down transformer and a simple primary current control circuit diagram.

The principle of operation of the pyrograph

There are two questions at once: how to make a wood burner and how does it all work? In order to understand this, it is necessary to understand the physical principles used in the device. In general, the device works as follows: a heating element made of nichrome wire is heated by alternating current to high temperatures. When in contact with a smooth wooden surface, it is charred.

do-it-yourself burner

The degree of impact on the material can be adjusted by varying the contact time, its force and current parameters. The first two indicators are determined by eye by changing the color of the plate. The current is regulated by a variable resistor mounted on the instrument case. Experienced pyrographers pick up the current once at the beginning of the work on the image, and then only operate the holder.

Materials and accessories for a homemade burner

The classic industrial wood burner scheme is difficult to implement in artisanal conditions. It was modernized by craftsmen, as a result, the current control was transferred from the output of the secondary to the input of the primary winding. This is how an adjustable soldering iron works. For a fairly rough heating element, which, in fact, is a piece of nichrome wire, the shape of the output voltage does not really matter.

Where more important is the possibility of more or less fine tuning and voltage stability. It is easier to achieve the required indicators by varying the indicators of the primary circuit. speci althe cross section of the wire in the secondary winding is important - it must be sufficient to withstand the current load on the heating element. Calculations of values ​​are made according to the formula, where the resistance is equal to the ratio of voltage to current strength (Ohm's law).

Production of a pyrograph holder

It is based on a handle made of durable dielectric material. It can also be a finished soldering iron handle made of wood or a heat-resistant polymer. Voltage is supplied to the tool through an electric two-wire wire with double insulation of the PVS type. The cross section of the conductor must be at least 1 sq. mm, which is quite enough to ensure the safe operation of the pyrography wizard.

wood burner diagram

The do-it-yourself burner is made in such a way as to exclude the possibility of electric shock to a person. An important detail is the holder for the nichrome heater, which is nothing more than a piece of incandescent spiral for an open-type electric stove. It is fixed on a board made of textolite or other material resistant to high temperatures.

The best fasteners for an incandescent element are electrical terminals with fixing screws. They are removed from the plastic housing and attached to the insulator. On the one hand, a power wire is inserted into them, passed through the handle, and on the other hand, a nichrome heating element. After assembly, the plate is carefully inserted into the cavity of the handle and fixed there.

Assembly and setup of the pyrograph

Homemade wood burner consists of a power supply andholder with heating element. It is connected to the secondary winding of a step-down transformer. For this, standard screw wiring clamps installed on the board are used. The primary circuit of the transformer is controlled by a simple electrical circuit of three resistors, as many capacitances, and two triodes.

how to make a wood burner

Do-it-yourself wood burner is mounted in a plastic or metal case. To assemble the control circuit, a printed circuit board can be used or a so-called surface mounting can be made. After assembly, the device is connected and configured. It comes down to checking the limits of voltage regulation at the output of the secondary winding, they must be invested in the range from 3 to 8 V.

Intended use of the device

A do-it-yourself wood burner is used to create paintings and other images. The procedure for working with it is as follows: the photograph is transferred from paper to the prepared surface using ordinary carbon paper. Then, using a well-heated device, lines, strokes and dots are applied, which will create a complete image.

homemade wood burner


Wood burner, hand-assembled from available materials, will be an excellent tool for the creative development of the individual. This activity is equally exciting for both adults and children. The growth of the skill of the artist occurs in the course of the appearance andconsolidating the skill of working with the device.

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