White bedroom: sophisticated and sophisticated

White bedroom: sophisticated and sophisticated
White bedroom: sophisticated and sophisticated

Until quite recently, any white walls evoked associations with a hospital ward. Perhaps that is why many are still biased towards a home interior made exclusively in this color. And absolutely in vain. Today, for example, white bedrooms are extremely popular. Walls, furniture, and decor - everything is done in this color, but at the same time it looks very stylish and beautiful. The hospital ward could not even dream of how attractive a snow-white room could be. In addition, this color will be appropriate in any style, be it Japanese, Italian, classic, shabby chic, Provence, etc.

white bedroom

Besides this, the white bedroom (and any other room made in this color) is universal in that, if desired, it can be given various shades, both warm and cold. This can be done with the help of elementary lighting. A room will look colder with fluorescent lights, and warmer with regular yellow light bulbs.

And it is not at all necessary that your white bedroom be snow-white. Let it be light cream or light pearl. You can “revive” the room a little with the help of darker decor elements.or contrasting colors. For example, hang beige shades on the ceiling, and a picture in a frame of the same color on the wall. On the bed you can scatter a couple of matching pillows. Even the flooring can be light beige shades. The bedroom furniture is white, perhaps with contrasting fittings.

bedroom furniture white

The feeling of crystal clearness will be complemented by snow-white textiles. On the windows - white tulle, on the bed - a white bedspread. Pillows can also be in tone, but delicate floral motifs are also quite acceptable. If the white bedroom is decorated in the style of modern minimalism, then you can “dilute” the interior of the color of alpine snows with a few pillows with black ornaments. Large black-and-white photographs decorated in simple, uncomplicated black baguettes will look very organic on the walls. They will emphasize the whiteness even more, make it brighter.

white bedrooms

What is good about a white bedroom is that, without resorting to major repairs, it can be periodically refreshed and updated with just the help of decor and accessories. I wanted to enliven the room in blue - they put some interesting blue pillows on the bed, and hung a panel on the wall to match. Tired - they changed it all to green, olive, red and any other colors. And every time your room will look different. Even more comfort will be created by beautiful compositions of fresh flowers, arranged here and there. They will dilute the white background with their brightness and will please the eye every day.

Besides, white not only promotes relaxation,but also visually expands the room. And if you put a wardrobe with mirrored doors here, the room will look even more spacious. Now imagine: in a snow-white room you lie down on the same snow-white soft bed, and immediately you feel as if you are somewhere in the clouds. And sleeping on a cloud, and even next to your beloved man - isn't this the dream of a sophisticated, beautiful woman?

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