Glazing a loggia: how to do it?

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Glazing a loggia: how to do it?
Glazing a loggia: how to do it?

Loggias and balconies allow you to add a few square meters to the living space, so thanks to their improvement, you can significantly expand the comfort zone for all residents of the apartment. If you make insulation, as well as glaze the loggia, you can organize a winter garden or a beautiful rest room, as well as an additional barrier that will protect the apartment from noise and dust from the street. And this will have a positive effect on the indoor climate.

glaze the loggia

At the moment, many people want to glaze the loggia, and this applies to both multi-storey housing stock and private housing construction. In addition to additional comfort, such a loggia will add completeness to the interior of the apartment, and a modern appearance to the facade. The living area of ​​the premises is often expanded by demolishing the wall located between the loggia and the room. If it is good to insulate and glaze the loggia, then the room will be full, while it will not be anything.different from all other rooms in the home. In addition, glazing provides high-quality heat and sound insulation not only in the room adjacent to the loggia, but also in all the others.

how to glaze a loggia

The shape of the loggia can be different: semicircular or in the shape of the letter U or L. Their glazing requires the use of corner profiles that connect all the elements to each other. If you need to glaze a loggia that has a rectilinear shape, then you will not need any additional profiles. The area of ​​​​the balcony can be slightly increased during its glazing, that is, the entire structure can be moved a few centimeters beyond the parapet, while a very wide window sill can be made. Removal can make all the work a little more expensive, however, while the balcony or loggia will acquire an original appearance. However, it is worth noting that only specialists should do such an operation, since only an experienced master can determine the condition of the balcony, as well as the distance at which, in this case, the removal can be done. After all the necessary measurements are made, the master must discuss the nuances with the customer: the type of glazing, profile, fittings, double-glazed windows, configuration, as well as additional features. At the same time, it will be clear how much it costs to glaze the loggia according to all measurements and needs.

The master takes into account the height of the parapet, the presence of obstacles for installation, the possibility of fastening, and so on. If the parapet is not strong enough, then it must be pre-strengthened, then brackets should be installedhigh quality, where the window system will be attached, connect them to each other for structural rigidity. After the sealing is completed, an ebb and a window sill will be mounted on the lower brackets, and a visor will be installed on the upper brackets, designed to protect the opening from precipitation.

how much does it cost to glaze a loggia

When the glazing is completed, the fasteners and load-bearing elements of the structure will be masked with siding. This may turn out to be lining with a clapboard, plastic or metal profile. Interior decoration can be made using lining, wood, colored plastic, as well as other finishing materials.

Now you know how to glaze the loggia, you just have to choose whether to trust the masters or do all the work yourself.

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