Annual flower: mignonette, forget-me-not, poppy

Annual flower: mignonette, forget-me-not, poppy
Annual flower: mignonette, forget-me-not, poppy

Reproduction of annual garden flowers occurs, as a rule, at the expense of seeds. This plant, depending on the growing season, can be grown by sowing seeds in open ground or through seedlings.

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An annual flower, which has a long growing season, as well as a long interval from germination to flowering, is grown using seedlings. Its sowing is carried out from the beginning of February and ends in the beginning of April. Planting depends on the climatic conditions of its cultivation. Typically, such plants have rather small flowers, in which the supply of the necessary substances for nutrition is scanty, and the development of the culture in the initial stage is slow. However, it is worth knowing that too early sowing time is not justified, since at the end of the summer season this species loses its attractiveness.Garden annual flowers (photo below) are mostly unpretentious and quite beautiful. These crops can be grown by sowing seeds at a fairly early date directly in open ground. For the first time, the sown place for normal germination of flowers must be covered with plastic wrap. She is not removed until the very first shoots.

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It happens that an annual flower grows from a seed that is quite large and has a large supply of nutrients. Sprouts from these seeds appear quite quickly, so they can be propagated by seedlings. These are calendula, mattiola, gypsophila, godetia, kosmeya, allisum, lavatera and others. These cultures look great against the backdrop of large group plantings. However, they do not require special care.

Plants that reproduce by self-sowing - garden flowers, photos and names are given in this article - mignonette, forget-me-not, annual poppy.

Mignonette has a tall inflorescence of snow-white flowers. This plant is quite decorative and aristocratic. Such an annual flower is unpretentious. Mignonette perfectly emphasizes the beauty of other seasonal flowers and herbs growing nearby. This representative of the flora has an excellent aroma. This culture, due to its clear contours, belongs to the category of designer plants.Forget-me-nots are a rather unpretentious culture in terms of growing conditions. They can bloom both in the sun and in partial shade. This plant prefers well-permeable fresh moist loamy soil. The soil should be fertilized with organic matter, such as humus, or well-rotted compost. Forget-me-nots bloom early. Because of this, they are often used in compositions in conjunction with bulbous plants. This annual flower creates a delicate backdrop for such colorful plants as ornamental onions, tulips, daffodils, tall hazel grouses. Thanks toBecause forget-me-nots love moist soil, they are perfect for decorating ponds.

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Annual poppies look pretty nice planted in large groups of different colors and shapes. They can also fill empty spaces among perennials that bloom in the second half of summer.

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