Snapdragon. Planting and plant care

Snapdragon. Planting and plant care
Snapdragon. Planting and plant care

The real decoration of your garden will be bright and colorful flowers - snapdragons. Planting and care will not require much effort, and there will be no limit to the pleasure of flowering. They begin to bloom from the end of June. They will delight you with their bright colors until the frost.

snapdragon planting and care

Snapdragon - flowers that prefer fertile breathable soil. Excellent on sandy and loamy soils. For him, open sunny areas are more preferable, although it grows well in partial shade, but it will not stretch much, and it does not bloom so profusely.

The color palette of snapdragons is very extensive: from pale fawn to almost black. In addition, flowers of different shades can be on one plant.

When buying seedlings, pay attention to the roots (they should be well developed) and the leaves (they should be juicy green). Do not buy seedlings in pots with dry soil, as well as with a thin stem and wilted leaves.

Snapdragon. Planting and care

Propagated by seeds. Quite unpretentious, very undemanding to the soil and hardy plant - snapdragon. Planting and caring for these vibrant flowers not onlymake up work, but can also become an interesting activity for someone. Snapdragon is widely used to decorate borders and flower beds, balconies and terraces.

So snapdragon. Planting and care begins with sowing seeds. To do this, you will need a planting box or pots, a spatula, plant soil, a sieve and, of course, snapdragon seeds.

snapdragon flowers

1. Fill the planting box with earth for flowers. Smooth the surface of the soil with a wet hand.

2. Sprinkle the seeds thickly, but make sure that they do not lie on top of each other. Gently press them into the soil.

3. Sift the earth through a sieve and sprinkle the seeds with it. Water and cover the crate with plastic wrap.

4. After a while, when you notice that many leaves have appeared on the seedlings, separate them and plant them in separate planting pots.

5. If the frost time has passed, you can leave the seedlings outside for further germination.

Ready seedlings are planted in flower beds in April-May.

Caring for a plant is to keep the soil moist. Prune wilted flowers close to the ground to prevent seeding and encourage flower development.

snapdragon photo

If in the wet season you find gray rot on a plant, then it must be destroyed. Tear off diseased inflorescences and leaves, and then treat with a systemic fungicide. If you notice that the snapdragon has few side stems, you need to shorten the main stem a little. Withered inflorescences must be removed,to start developing new buds.

In flowerbeds, this plant goes well with chrysanthemums, sea alissum, cosmea and many others.

The plant will perfectly decorate not only the garden, but also the interior. Flowers can be cut and put in a vase, but you need to cut it off at the very ground. So, new shoots will appear much faster.

The flowers of a plant with an interesting name "snapdragon" are amazingly beautiful. Photos against the background of its inflorescences are quite bright, colorful, cheerful in a summer way.

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