Retro style interior (photo)

Retro style interior (photo)
Retro style interior (photo)

Retro style interior combines the most striking and recognizable elements from the past decade. Its main task is to remind that everything new is a well-forgotten old.

Retro style in the interior: design features

Retro is a style that incorporates the characteristic features of the 50-80s of the twentieth century. When decorating an apartment, you need to choose the most memorable events of that time. This style takes us back to the past, reminds us of the most pleasant moments in life.

retro style interior

Retro is not only antiques and antiques. When creating a design, you can use things from the past of your parents, grandparents. Old furniture can always be turned into a sophisticated element of a modern home. When creating a retro style interior, pay attention to the following points:

  • choose furniture of appropriate colors and shapes;
  • decide on the color scheme of the room;
  • choose accessories.


In the 60s, there was no such thing as a furniture “wall” in interior design. And the rooms were furnished with furniture, at first glance, completely incompatible, but very functional andcomfortable. Storage furniture was represented by bureaus, sideboards, chests of drawers with legs, and there were no massive wardrobes in the rooms.

retro style in the interior

When choosing furniture in retro style, give preference to unusual shapes. Pay attention to compact items, not burdened with unnecessary decor: low coffee tables with drop-shaped, rectangular or oval table tops. Sideboards and sideboards should be concise, no more than 1.5 meters high, with simple smooth facades. A sofa can be shaped like a flower bud, and an armchair can be shaped like a human hand - the more original the decor, the better.

It doesn't matter what material the furniture is made of: plywood or plastic, natural wood or fiberglass. Designers recommend choosing rather bulky furniture, polished items are welcome. A table imitating a shabby chest made of wood faded from the sun or club-style chairs will perfectly fit into a retro-style interior.

retro interior design

Cabinets with glass shelves and patterns on the doors are appropriate. It looks original in the interior, an old dressing table, long and wide sofas with several bright pillows. Chairs are usually chosen with backs and seats upholstered in bright faux leather and chrome details.

retro style in the interior of the kitchen

Retro-style in the interior (you can see the photo in this article) allows you to fantasize and experiment. Can be stenciled or hand applied to facadesantique furniture patterns. It can be flowers or geometric shapes: small or large circles, stripes, imitation of children's drawings and simple abstractions. In the 60s, the theme of space was very popular, so it is advisable to decorate the interiors of retro-style rooms with images of hemispheres and circles.


At the end of the 50s, people who survived the terrible war saw their future in the most iridescent colors, which is why the interior and furniture were colorful and rich. Interior design in retro style suggests the predominance of red, hot pink, juicy green, blue, black, orange tones.

Don't use washed out shades. Any color should be as saturated as possible. In a modern version of the interior, you can use olive, purple or mustard. Don't be afraid of mismatched colors (blue, orange, pink, green), but don't mix them.

retro style in the interior photo

Ceilings are best whitewashed, treated with rough plaster or painted with paint. The walls are covered with wallpaper with a simple pattern (simple geometric patterns, small flowers, etc.). Ideally, it should echo the ornament on the facades of the furniture. Linoleum or natural board is laid on the floor. You can paint it with plain paint or lay tiles on the floor in a checkerboard pattern. Bright rugs and high-pile carpets fit perfectly into the interior in retro style.


The interior in retro style will be decorated with lamps with beautiful lampshades, various floor lamps that were very fashionable in the 60s. Country ownershomes can afford to use wall lamp wires as a decorative element.


For any style decision, accessories and decor items are of particular importance. Designers advise:

  1. Use porcelain vases with bouquets of fresh flowers, this will give the room grace and sophistication.
  2. You can decorate the walls with paintings, posters, vinyl records.
  3. For a retro living room, a clock with a round dial in a strict black frame is suitable, and a few clocks that occupy the entire living room wall will add originality to the interior and impress the guests.
  4. The room will be decorated with crystal vases, photographs in wooden frames, colored glass decanters with a pattern, paintings of a bygone era.
  5. Place an old rotary telephone on a heavy polished table, it will become a bright accent of the interior.

Decorating the kitchen

Retro-style in the interior of the kitchen reflects the memorable fragments of the past century. Making it is quite difficult, but extremely interesting. A room filled with objects from past eras evokes a sense of nostalgia. At the same time, the kitchen does not lose practicality and functionality.

interior of rooms in retro style

Kitchen - perhaps the most suitable place for experimentation and creativity. Simple decor, antique furniture, stylized photos, artificially aged plumbing - all this can immerse owners in the distant past, turning back the clock.

Hang light floral or geometric curtains on your windowspattern from natural fabrics: chintz, cotton. Use bright beautiful dishes, bedspreads and tablecloths with a pattern in a cage or polka dots, carpets with geometric patterns.

Kitchen furniture

To furnish your kitchen, you can purchase antique-styled furniture or use vintage designs. If you want to furnish a retro kitchen with antiques, you have to work hard. It’s good if your grandmother in the country has kept things from the same era you loved, and if not, you will have to look for it at auctions in online communities and even at flea markets. Such a situation, including its restoration, will cost a lot.

Modern furniture made in retro style is much easier to get, although not very cheap. The advantage of this choice is practicality: modern kitchen sets are made of light and durable materials that are easy to care for. For example, massive wood, typical for kitchens of the late 19th century, can now replace MDF with a durable PVC coating. Outwardly, such a headset is practically no different from the old one, but it is much lighter and much cheaper.

retro style in the interior design features

Household appliances

Kitchen interior in retro style does not oblige you to give up the benefits of civilization. There is a place for a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a dishwasher. To maintain a stylistic solution that modern appliances can break, purchase special bezels: they securely cover household appliances.There is another option - to find models stylized in retro style, but it is quite difficult to purchase such goods, since not all manufacturers offer them.

Important little things

The kitchen can find a use for various trinkets that have been stored in pantries for a long time. You can please yourself with antique dishes, original textiles, and other cute knick-knacks. In such a room are appropriate:

  • yellowed old photographs;
  • dial phone;
  • beautiful porcelain dishes;
  • posters of past years;
  • stylish lampshades and lamps;
  • interesting textiles on the windows.

As you can see, it is not easy to create the interior of rooms in retro style, and this is not due to physical exertion, but to the need to find and select the necessary interior items. But believe me, this is a very exciting activity, and the result of the work done will bring satisfaction.

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