We select wall decor

We select wall decor
We select wall decor

Wall decor not only helps to dilute the interior, to make bright accents. It happens and is very helpful. Solutions depend on the type of room and style of home. We invite you to find out what is not only fashionable to use as wall decoration, but also practical.

Paintings, photos and calendars

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Choose an image you like, place it in a beautiful DIY frame and hang it on the wall. This design option remains relevant to this day. But to make everything not look so boring, the designers offer to beat not only the frame of the picture, but also the plot itself.

Your or your kids' drawings, family photo archives, pictures of nature and recreation, illustrations and clippings from magazines, monochrome silhouettes, pages from books, herbariums and so on are suitable as images. The framed calendar will look original. By the way, this option will also be practical.

Pictures and photographs as wall decor should not be hung clearly along symmetrical lines. With the help of additional materials, you can create a whole panel on the wall.For example, draw a silhouette of a tree with paint (you can also use an appropriate interior sticker), and hang a photo in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe branches. Get the original family tree.

Decorative shelves

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Shelves are also wall decor. They can be metal, wooden, carved, glass, painted in different colors, with and without sides, closed and open type, and so on.

This piece of decor is perfect in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. After all, it is these rooms that suffer from a small area. So extra storage space won't hurt. Moreover, they also perform an aesthetic function.

When placing shelves, you should also trust your imagination and deviate from the accepted standards of linear design.

Letters and words

wall decor elements

Now various volume letters are in great demand. They are often used in photo shoots and children's decor. But with the help of letters, you can decorate the walls of the entire room.

Using letters of different volume, size, style and color, you can create a panel on the wall in the living room. This will bring a note of originality to the room and add color to the interior.

You can also write words and phrases. Not only large letters are suitable for this. So, with the help of nails and a thick thread, you can create an original wall decor. Just draw a word on a piece of paper, and then transfer it to the wall with a pencil. Drive nails along the contour, and then wind the thread around them.

Timeas decor

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Clocks, like paintings, will always be almost the main subject of wall decoration. They will look especially good in rooms made in the style of art deco, empire, modern, country, provence or shabby chic.

Now you can find watches in a beautiful frame of absolutely different shapes and sizes. It is also worth thinking about buying a watch in a simple frame, but with an interesting backing. This decor will serve as a clock and a picture at the same time.

Favorite things as a piece of art

wall decor elements

With a creative approach, you can turn anything into wall decor items. Do you have a collection of small cars? Put them under glass and hang them on the wall. In the same way, you can place various souvenirs from your vacation and some memorabilia: shells, coins, pieces of a map, keys, buttons, and so on.

Buy or make a three-dimensional frame, make a large hole at the top, hang it on the wall and use it as a piggy bank for champagne and wine corks. And an old hanger with hooks for clothes can be turned into a trendy wall decor. It is enough just to paint it and hang various cute objects on it: a garland, large feathers, beads, and so on.

As for the garland, it itself can be a wall decor element. As with writing a word with nails and thread, draw something with bright light bulbs. Drive a few carnations into the wall and fasten the garland to them. This decor is relevant not only during the winter holidays:it will create a romantic atmosphere throughout the year.

Don't forget the paper decor. You can collect butterflies using the origami technique and stick them on the wall. They can form a vortex, a spiral, or be arranged randomly. Only here it is important to remember that the more butterflies you make, the more beautiful the final result will look.

Wallpaper and tiles - wall decors under renovation

tile wall decors

In the midst of repairs, you can already make a decoration for the wall. After all, wall decor is not only objects hung in the course of decorating a room. This includes an interesting design of the walls with wallpaper, tiles, paint. That is, what is used in the repair process.

Highlight some areas with a different wallpaper color, combine a patterned coating and a plain one. Use stencils and shaped rollers to decorate monochrome walls with a pattern. As you can see, you can decorate in different ways. But the most interesting design is obtained using tiles.

Get away from the design principle "all walls in one color". Buy tiles with different ornaments at the sale. Often at a very low price you can buy one of the rest of the collections. Group it together to create a backsplash in the kitchen or over the sink in the bathroom. Make a pattern out of multi-colored tiles on a plain wall. Let it be an abstraction or a silhouette.

Experiment - and your interior will never be boring.

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