Ink stains: how to remove from clothes, effective ways, tips

Ink stains: how to remove from clothes, effective ways, tips
Ink stains: how to remove from clothes, effective ways, tips

It often happens that dirt from clothes is almost impossible to remove, especially if it is ink stains. Basically, people who deal with ballpoint pens get dirty with them. This article will inform you about methods to help remove these contaminants. After all, as soon as you put an ink stain on your clothes, you need to know the initial steps to deal with it.


It's not enough to know how to remove stubborn stains, even if you have a super product on hand to remove them. It is mandatory to determine the type of fabric, only then the stain removal process will be successful.

Some features of ink stain removal:

  1. The first thing to be aware of is that any fabric should not be soaked in an acidic product for a long time. Keep in mind that citric acid and alcohol are very aggressive. If the contamination is on a colored fabric, then you can bleach it, while making a gray spot.Be sure to listen to the advice and recommendations about bleaching so as not to ruin the thing.
  2. If you decide to remove an ink stain, it is important to remember that you cannot do this with hot water. After all, it will only aggravate the elimination process, as it contributes to the penetration of the dye into the tissue.

Keep in mind these simple rules, then it will be much easier for you to deal with the removal of ink stains.

How to get rid of a fresh ink blot?

Ink stain on clothes

If you have stained an item with ink, remove it first. To remove an ink stain from clothes, the following steps will help you:

  1. First, you need to remove the liquid layer of ink. Attach a piece of paper from the front and back sides. Sheets can be anything that comes to hand, it can be like napkins, toilet paper or a regular notebook sheet.
  2. It is very important not to rub the stain, because then the situation will only get worse.
  3. After the paper absorbs the ink, wash the item in warm water. Use a stain remover powder or soap. But if these are not at hand, use any detergent.

Folk remedies

Removing ink stains

How to remove ink stains using various folk remedies, consider below:

  1. Toothpaste. Some believe that this method is effective. It is necessary to apply the paste on the stain, it must be just white. And after 10-15 minutes, the fabric needs to be washed. Primarilythis method is suitable for white linen.
  2. Kefir. Ever wondered how to remove an ink stain with kefir? The answer is quite simple, because this method is very effective. It will not ruin clothes and can be suitable for absolutely any fabric. It is enough to apply yogurt to the smeared area and wait about 30 minutes, then wash the thing.
  3. Lemon. It is also considered effective. Squeeze lemon juice on the ink stain. Then, until it dries, sprinkle with s alt, preferably fine. Then leave for 15-20 minutes, then wash. Suitable for both whites and colors.
  4. Mustard. It helps to remove stains from the gel pen, but not all colors can be removed with it. For example, red and black mustard will be able to bring out, but blue will not be subject to it. From a dry powder, make it look like a paste, diluting it with the necessary amount of water. Apply a little to the stain and leave for about 24 hours. After this time, remove the mustard, then wash the item.

An old ballpoint pen stain

Ballpoint pen stain

If you put an ink stain, but could not wash it right away or simply did not notice it initially, then removing it will not be so easy. Normal washing in this case will no longer help, but there are methods by which you can try to remove the stain at home yourself:

  1. Mix medical sleep and turpentine in a 1:1 ratio. Apply this mixture to the stain, wait about an hour, then wash.
  2. Vinegar essence, ordinary water and medicalalso mix alcohol in equal parts, pour this liquid on the dirt, wait about an hour, then wash the thing well.
  3. Another effective method is to mix ammonia (10%) and medical alcohol again in equal parts. Apply this mixture to the stain and leave for an hour, then wash the item.

You can, of course, remove stains from a ballpoint pen with purchased products, the main thing is to study the instructions well before use and find out if the product is suitable for your fabric.

How else to remove ink pen stains

ink blot

It is generally accepted that a ballpoint pen can leave a mark on clothes less often than an ink pen. To remove stains from it, you can use the following tools:

  1. Hairspray. This tool is a kind of ink thinner, especially if you apply it right away. It is necessary to apply varnish to the ink stain so that the fabric is completely saturated with it. Then wait 10-15 minutes, then take a paper towel and blot the remaining varnish well with it. Rubbing is strictly prohibited. And after that, wash the item.
  2. Gasoline. It is very important that it be purified. Moisten a cotton pad with gasoline, and then begin to rub the stain. Movements must be done from the edges to the center. And in order not to wet all the clothes, put a paper towel under the bottom, which will initially need to be folded in several layers. Cotton pads should be replaced with clean ones as they smear in ink so that the stain does not become even larger. After these procedures,product to dry and only then wash the item.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide with ethyl alcohol 1:1. One of the effective methods for removing stains that were not removed on time is a mixture of these components. Soak clothes with it and leave for about 50-60 minutes, after which things should be washed well with regular powder.
  4. Glycerin and alcohol. Combine these components in a ratio of 2:5, then rub the resulting mixture into the stain, leave for several hours, and then wash the fabric.

Features of removing stains from different types of fabrics

Removing stains on denim

Each fabric is special in its own way, so it is important to take this into account when removing an ink stain:

  1. Cotton fabric. It is recommended to remove dirt from it with a solution of alcohol. You need to apply a small amount of this liquid to the stain, wait a bit until it brightens, and then wash the item. If it is still visible, then the whole procedure must be repeated.
  2. Dense cotton. Shirts or sundresses are sewn from it. In this case, it is better to use ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Combine these liquids in a ratio of 1: 1, then add water, about a glass. Apply this mixture to the item, wait a bit (about 15-20 minutes), then wash. You can also wash with laundry soap after soaking, so the effect will be much better.
  3. Delicate and delicate fabrics. These include silk, wool and others. To remove an ink stain, it is recommended to use ordinary kefir. It should be appliedfor a few hours, after which the thing will need to be washed well.
  4. Jeans. To wash the handle from this fabric, you will need regular laundry soap. With an old toothbrush, make foam on it by wetting it a little with water, then begin to rub the contaminated area intensively. But if the pen mark is too large, use an alcohol solution first.
  5. Leather or suede. In order not to damage this fabric and effectively get rid of the stain, ordinary s alt will help you. This fabric is very thick, so the methods of removing contamination will be lengthy. Apply s alt to the stain in a thick layer, leave it like that for a few days. After that, shake it off and use turpentine and a sponge to gently rub the stain. After that, you need to polish the fabric well.

Stain removal with serum

Removing an ink stain

This fermented milk product is great for removing ink stains. But keep in mind that not all tissues can be applied with serum. Since it is considered a bleaching agent, colored fabrics may shed. All you need to do is heat up the serum and apply it to the stain. Wait a bit and wash the item.

Removing ink with vinegar

How to remove ink stains from clothes with vinegar, we will tell further. Take warm water and vinegar, the ratio should be 1:1. Soak the item completely in this solution for about 30 minutes. After a certain period of time, blot the stain with a sponge dipped in warm and clean water. So no pollutiondisperse all over the clothes. After the time has passed, wash the thing, you can do it in an automatic machine.

Precaution Tips

Removing a stain from a ballpoint pen

Before you start working with one of the above tools, you need to familiarize yourself with some safety rules, so you do not harm your he alth and can effectively clean the thing:

  1. You need to remove the stain before washing. If the thing has already been washed, then it will become almost impossible to remove the pollution.
  2. If you decide to clean your clothes with any caustic substance, be sure to wear gloves and a mask. And it is desirable to apply such solutions to the fabric with a cotton swab. You need to do this little by little so as not to spoil the thing.
  3. It is better to remove stains from the wrong side, and if you rub the solution, then, as mentioned earlier, you need to do this from the edges to the center.
  4. The ink stain has the properties to leave stains and be made larger to prevent this, moisten a clean cloth around the ink with water, and then sprinkle with starch. So the stain will definitely not increase.

In this article, you have learned the most effective ways to remove ink stains. Study it carefully before you start removing the blot.

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