Learn how to dig wells

Learn how to dig wells
Learn how to dig wells

Clean water is the resource without which a comfortable life is simply impossible. As well as possible, residents of those country houses in which there is no source of centralized water supply know about this.

how to dig wells

In such conditions, the question of how to dig wells becomes extremely relevant. Known to our distant ancestors, they continue to give us clean water to this day.

What you need to know

First of all, you need to find out how far from the surface of the earth in your area lie the groundwater. Maybe they are located in such a distance that it will be easier to order drilling a well. So how do you know where to dig a well?

You can use the "old-fashioned" methods, examine the entire area with metal frames, look for the presence or absence of certain plants. So, it has long been believed that in places with lush thickets of bird cherry, groundwater comes close to the surface.

But the easiest way to do this is to contact your localgeodetic service. At the same time, you will find out if you can even drink this water.

Before digging wells, find out in advance exactly where on the site you will do it. Immediately order the required volume of concrete rings (depending on the groundwater horizon), unload them at a site suitable for transportation to the construction site.

how to determine where to dig a well

Dig a hole

Since it is better to dig wells manually (the process is well controlled), immediately stock up on a set of high-quality shovels.

Having installed the very first well ring near the required place, it is necessary to dig a hole (slightly larger than its diameter), the depth of which will be about 0.5 m. After that, the first block is installed directly into it. Considering that the excavated earth belongs to the upper fertile layer, it is better to take it to the garden.

Some people think clay soils are bad for digging. Since it is physically difficult to dig a well in clay, they prefer to look for simpler options. This is a stupid misconception, since the aquifer in the clay will be extremely clean, and the probability of wall collapse is minimal.

Be sure to check the verticality of the dug hole, using a plumb line for this purpose. After that, you can continue to dig the ground under the installed ring. When it goes a little into the ground, they put a second block on it and continue the process.

Since digging wells alone is very difficult, make sure you have a properly trained helper in advance.

how to dig a well in clay

Until when should you dig

Specialists say that in the role of a mole you will have to stay exactly until the very first block is completely in the water.

Note that to ensure safety, it is better to install hoists with a lifting mechanism above the well, with which it is not only much easier to pull out the excavated soil, but also to evacuate yourself.

Some recommendations

If you plan to use your well as the main source of water supply on the site, you will need to make a convenient and reliable cover that will not only prevent accidents, but also completely prevent small animals from falling into the water.

If you want to automate the water supply to the house, even at the digging stage, provide fasteners for electrical cables and a pump, and make a hole in the lid for the pipes to exit.

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