Learn how to lay tiles on the floor

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Learn how to lay tiles on the floor
Learn how to lay tiles on the floor

When laying ceramic tiles on the floor, check its appearance and caliber in advance. This is due to the fact that products of the same batch do not always match in all respects. In the process of familiarizing yourself with how to lay tiles on the floor, pay attention to the necessary tools and materials. Their choice must be correct, because this may affect the quality of the coating.

To work, you will need the following: ceramic floor tiles, a cutter, special glue, a saw designed for this material, gloves to protect against cuts, a tape measure, a level, a pencil and a primer. In addition, prepare a spatula and a scraper with rubber nozzles, a cord, a water container, a cloth and a sponge.

vinyl floor tiles

Many of us, when we start repairs, are interested in the question of how to lay tiles on the floor, because this process is not very simple and requires adherence to the laying technology. Initially prepare the base. As a rule, this is a concrete coating, but there are often cases when the surface isprevious ceramic or vinyl floor tiles. To comply with the laying technology, first thoroughly clean the base, regardless of the coating option. Pay close attention to the lighting of the area with which you have to work. Laying ceramic tiles is necessary in conditions of perfect visibility in order to accurately position each of the products. To do this, you can use lamps and spotlights with directional light.

how to lay tiles on the floor

How do they lay tiles on the floor? First, its placement on the surface is considered. To do this, draw a mark in the middle of the room, and then draw a line using the taken cord. Do the same procedure with the other side. The resulting lines should intersect each other. Then remove all old skirting boards and door frames. In accordance with the lines drawn, lay out the tiles on the floor. Choose the most suitable position for the product so that you do not have to cut it, because it will look unaesthetic.

floor under tiles

Glue must be applied from the center of the room, in one of the corners formed by the drawn lines. To apply the composition evenly, use a spatula and spatula. If the adhesive is applied unevenly, the tile may crack as its adhesion is weakened. Lightly press the product to firmly fix the composition at the base. Follow this procedure, working your way along the line until the tiled floor is completely covered. For correct measurement of seams, use special separators. After the gluedries and hardens, grout them. The design of the joints must be correct, as this will improve the performance of the tile. Cleaning of each of the sections is carried out with a scraper, then a special mixture can be applied to the cracks. Its excess is removed with a moistened sponge.

Having learned how tiles are laid on the floor, pay attention to the fact that as the final stage of work, it is polished with a dry cloth. This material does not require special care during operation, but be sure to monitor its condition.

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