How to choose the right lighting in the bedroom

How to choose the right lighting in the bedroom
How to choose the right lighting in the bedroom

The most comfortable corner in the house is, of course, the bedroom. The discreet and relaxing atmosphere of this room helps to relax after a hard day. In addition to its immediate practical impact, lighting in the bedroom can psychologically affect the inhabitants. Soft light without sharp drops, light sources with a diffuse effect - all this has a beneficial effect on vision.

Main light

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The main lighting in the bedroom is usually spotlights with diffused light or frosted glass chandeliers. Models that direct their light onto the ceiling can be an excellent choice. If the room has a low ceiling, it is advisable to pick up ceiling lamps in the form of plates located near the ceiling. Their matte surface diffuses the rays, filling the room with soft, even light.

If spotlights with warm light are placed along the perimeter of the room behind cornices or screens, then the room will be filled with light, as if pouring out of nowhere.

Floor lamps, sconces, nightlights are usually aimed at lighting a certain area, for example, lighting mirrors or a dressing table.Nightlights are placed on bedside tables. It is convenient to use devices with touch control, the brightness of which depends on the number of touches.


bedroom lighting design

For lovers of reading in bed, you can use wall sconces or floor lamps. Since sconces also emit heat along with light, you should not hang such devices directly above your head. Typically, fixtures that direct rays of light along the wall are used to accentuate a textured surface or interesting wallpaper.

Thinking over the lighting of the bedroom, choose the design and shape of the lamps so that they match the general style. They can be made in the form of balls, flowers, bowls of various shades. The main thing is that they correspond to the design intent. For example, two sconces symmetrically placed above the bed will be a very good solution.

An alternative to wall lamps can be a mobile floor lamp. It is convenient to use while reading, as well as rearrange from place to place. If there is only one such floor lamp, its height should not exceed a meter. When there are several floor light sources in different corners of the room, they can be higher. It is good when the devices are fixed on a movable bar. This will change the lighting in the bedroom.

When choosing lighting for a dressing table, it is advisable to focus on spots around the perimeter of the mirror. The main thing is that the light from them does not interfere with vacationers. Hidden lighting can be an interesting solution. In the bedroom there are usually wardrobes inside which you can installlighting. Thanks to this, the owners of the bedroom will always be able to find the necessary clothes.

Light accents

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There are lamps, the purpose of which is to create light accents. These light sources are used to illuminate paintings, art objects, and various interior items.

A sign of good taste - harmoniously matched furniture accessories and lighting in the bedroom. The interior of the room reflects the individual characteristics and sides of the character of the inhabitants of the room. It should be remembered that the design of the lamps is chosen in accordance with the general style of the room.

Crystal chandeliers and lamps are appropriate for the classics. A floor lamp made of plastic of an unusual shape will harmoniously fit into the bedroom, decorated in a minimalist style. Flattened glass vases are great for retro-style rooms.

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