Construction company "Terem": customer reviews

Construction company "Terem": customer reviews
Construction company "Terem": customer reviews

Few people who want to get their own home will risk building on their own. So the happy owners of land are rushing about in search of a reliable construction company and with reasonable prices. Residents of Moscow and the Moscow region are no exception, but they are more fortunate than other Russians. The density of construction companies per capita there is much higher than throughout Russia. In our article, we will analyze the work of one of the construction companies - the company "Terem". Customer feedback will serve as an indicator of this company's performance.

A little about the company

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Started in 2010. Specialization: construction of bathhouses, garden houses, classic country houses, country cottages and houses for permanent residence, as well as completion and reconstruction of existing ones. Buildings can be frame orplaned or glued timber - at the request of the client. The company does not sell ready-made houses with plots, but is engaged in the construction of objects on the territory of the customer. Here are some figures characterizing Terem:

  • production and storage facilities cover an area of ​​9 hectares;
  • number of employees - more than 2000;
  • number of assembly teams - 400.

Near the Kuzminki metro station in Moscow there is an exhibition complex of houses built by the Terem company. Feedback from visitors suggests that on the site you can see samples of all types of buildings erected by the company, and choose for every taste.

What made me happy

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"Quality, beautiful, affordable!" - this is what the construction company "Terem" says about its work. Customer reviews for the most part do not contradict this slogan. People like polite and qualified staff: the company's managers help to choose the best project for each client, tell honestly about all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular house. Quite a bit of time is required for the construction of one object of the company "Terem". Customer reviews speak of terms from 25 days to 2-3 months for the construction of a solid house. Customers are very satisfied with the quality of work of builders. Positive, benevolent workers work as a part of teams of firm "Terem". Feedback from some customers suggests that at the end of construction they parted almost as friends withbrigade members. Problems arising during the construction process were solved quickly and efficiently. Moreover, "Terem" gives a 10-year guarantee for any building, and all the shortcomings that appear during this period are eliminated by the company's professionals without delay.

What upset you

The basic package of houses and baths includes:

  • foundation (most often tape);
  • insulation of external walls, floors and ceilings (insulation thickness - 150 mm) - for frame houses;
  • exterior finish with siding or sheathing 12.5 mm - depending on the type of house;
  • wood panel doors;
  • wooden windows;
  • porch;
  • wooden staircase (for two-story houses);
  • roof made of galvanized corrugated board.
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All this is a budget option, the number in the price tag that is written after "from". Few people will be satisfied with this equipment, proposed by the Terem company. Customer feedback suggests that after taking into account all the wishes (good roofing material, solid foundations and beautiful exterior finishes), the base price doubles. Well, the biggest disadvantage, according to customers, is that the work of the construction team must be personally controlled.

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