Connecting electric stoves: quick instructions

Connecting electric stoves: quick instructions
Connecting electric stoves: quick instructions

An electric stove is a household electrical appliance, the operation of which is based on the conversion of electrical energy into heat. It is for cooking. There is a wide variety of electric stoves produced by various manufacturers, including foreign ones. Therefore, when purchasing this product, make sure you have a quality certificate.

Follow the rules

connection of electric stoves

It is not recommended to make electric stoves yourself. Any electrical appliance, including an electric stove, under certain conditions can become a source of electric shock and cause a fire. Proper connection of electric stoves to power sources eliminates these negative phenomena.

Preparatory work

Requirements to be met before connecting:

  • Select a location for installation. The surface on which the stove is to be installed must be flat, hard, dry and level. It is undesirable to be near water pipes and radiators.
  • A wiring diagram for an electric stove is required, which willinclude: protective equipment (circuit breaker or fuse), residual current device (RCD 30 mA), plug (socket) with grounding contact, connecting cable (mandatory copper, consisting of three wires).
  • Section of cable cores, rated operating currents of protective equipment are calculated based on the power consumption of el. energy electric stove. To perform such calculations and develop a scheme, you must contact qualified specialists, if you are not.
  • independent connection of the electric stove
  • Connecting electric stoves, due to the rather significant power consumption of electricity. energy, it is necessary to coordinate with the network organization, to el. networks to which your facility is connected (apartment, residential building, office, etc.).
  • Install and connect the equipment according to the electric stove connection diagram. These works are carried out taking into account the requirements set forth in the rules for the installation of electrical installations (PUE). Of particular importance here is the laying of the connecting cable. For example, when installing a cable on a combustible surface, the latter must be in a metal hose or cable channel made of non-combustible material, passages in the walls are made in steel tubes or openings.
  • The room in which the electric stove is located must be equipped with a ground loop (to ground the body of the electric stove).

Connection order

Direct connection of electric stoves to el. network is made only after the start-upadjustment work, including:

  • measurement of insulation resistance between current-carrying parts and the body of the electric stove;
  • measuring insulation resistance and checking the integrity of the cores of the connecting cable;
  • measuring the impedance of the "phase-zero" loop;
  • measuring the DC resistance of the ground loop.

To perform these works, you must contact specialized organizations.

electric stove connection diagram

Connection of electric stoves must be carried out by electrical personnel with an electrical safety group of at least III.

All the requirements described above must be strictly observed. Connecting the electric stove by yourself is not recommended.

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