What is decor? Types and features

What is decor? Types and features
What is decor? Types and features

Many of us hear the word "decor" very often in everyday life. At first glance, this word is understandable and implies the decoration of an object or object. But is it really so? Let's try to figure out together what decor is, how it happens and what interesting things it brings to our daily life.

What is decor

Interior décor is the latest and perhaps the most enjoyable element of home furnishing. The very first and most important thing in creating decor is drawing up a design project. The project must be created according to the preferences and worldview of the owner of the house or apartment. The decor can be created with the help of any souvenirs, things from travels or some beautiful and cozy artificial objects, with the help of original and creative furniture, dishes and so on - it can be anything you like. But the very first step in creating a decor is a design project that must be carefully thought out.

Then you will need to move on to choosing the right furniture. By arranging the furniture in the chosen style of the room, the designer will definitely help you choose the right lamps or other decor items that will look stylish with the furniture. You may also need additional sculptures orartificial things for decoration. Many options will be considered until the perfect decor items are found.

Decor in stages

1). Style.

Is the main step in decorating. When choosing a style, you need to carefully consider everything so that the decor elements fit perfectly into the interior and there are no flaws. What style do you prefer?

2). Colour.

Considering the question of what decor is, special attention should be paid to the color scheme. The colors of things that will be used as decor are very important, so they should be selected based on the preferences of the owner of the apartment, the area in which the apartment or house is located, and most importantly, the style.

Decor items

3). Furniture.

Having solved the problem of choosing a factory that produces furniture for the chosen style, you can start to select the most suitable lighting fixtures, lamps, chandeliers.

Most of the steps have already been completed, which means that you can proceed to the choice of textiles: carpets, curtains, pillows for chairs, sofas, bedspreads, and so on.

In the interior, carpets are very important. Fortunately, in the modern world there is a fairly large selection of carpets, so it will not be difficult to choose the most suitable one: they are square, oval, round in shape. Textiles are very important because they create comfort and good mood.

4). Accessories.

Compositions of various plants and flowers are the best interior decorations. If possible, then ordinary living plants can be beautifully decoratedwalls. If not, then they can be replaced with artificial flowers. You can also create beautiful interior decor with a variety of figurines, paintings and other items that will showcase the owners' favorite activities.

Wall decor is an interesting solution for any room

What is wall decor? This is a great solution to decorate dull and gray walls, adding variety to the design of the room. It is very easy to do it yourself. You can even use regular stickers for this.

Decor items

First you need to understand why it was necessary to decorate the walls and what types of decor there are. Let's put it all together and create a concrete idea base - this will be the first step in decorating the walls.

Why did you need to decorate the walls?

First, it's art. Even without experience in drawing, you can do a good job of correcting the situation with dull walls. Every person is a creative person.

Secondly, by decorating the walls, we thereby correct major or minor flaws.

Thirdly, wall decor creates a cozy and harmonious atmosphere around, and also emphasizes the individual style of the owner.

Varieties of decor

1). Mirrors.

2). Pictures.

3). Ecodecor.

4). Various posters, photos.

5). Wallpaper.

6). Metal.

Make your own or shop?

Make or buy is a personal initiative of everyone. Although, for example, if you can create a thing with your own hands, then you can’t buy itneeded, and vice versa. But it is better, of course, to try to show your talent in decorating the walls.

What is decor, we have already learned. Now is the time to talk about stencils and their main features.

What is the feature of stencils

Stencils for decor are perfect for decorating a room, to give it style, creativity. They are an affordable and most popular way to decorate walls.

decor stencils

A properly selected stencil will give the room not only style, but also a pleasant mood.

What are the types of stencils:

1). Volumetric, which are used to decorate walls.

2). Multicolor.

3). Reverse - great for bedroom wall decor.

4). Plain.

DIY decor. Window decor photo

Decorating windows is pretty easy. Usually you only need scissors and paper. You can add ribbons, toys or candles to the snowflakes - and the New Year mood is guaranteed.

DIY decor photo

For example, using satin ribbons or beads, you can create a special color scheme.

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