Plaster mixture is an excellent material for leveling walls

Plaster mixture is an excellent material for leveling walls
Plaster mixture is an excellent material for leveling walls

Today it is impossible to imagine that repairs can be made without dry plaster compositions for leveling walls. They are successfully used for both exterior and interior decoration. In addition, it is additional heat and sound insulation. In addition, they protect the structure from dampness and atmospheric influences.

Cement based mixes

plaster mix

These compounds are designed to level the walls. Depending on the size of the filler, the plaster mixture can be coarse or fine. The latter compositions are much more convenient. They can be applied mechanically. The finish is of high quality.

Gypsum based mixes

This plaster mixture can be used on various surfaces in dry rooms. Such material cannot be combined with cement-containing compounds.

Knauf Company

This is without exaggeration one of the largest manufacturers of finishing materials. Today, this company has many of its own production facilities in Russia. This is a true legislator of fashionable novelties in the construction market of our country.Knauf plaster mixture is a guarantee of the highest quality.

"Knauf Multi" plaster mix knauf

Cement putty for facades with polymer additives and filler. Use at external and internal works is possible. Designed to level concrete surfaces as well as cement plasters on facades. It has proven itself in work in rooms where humidity is high, when sealing cracks and filling holes.

Knauf Rotband-Finish

Made on the basis of gypsum. Has polymer additives. Plaster mix "Rotband" is used in internal work on plasterboard puttying, leveling gypsum and cement plasters. The recommended layer is up to 5 mm. The mixture dries quickly, does not shrink, does not form cracks. The surface is absolutely smooth and even.

Knauf Fugenfüller

Gypsum-based mixture with polymer additives. Designed for manual processing of seams between sheets of drywall, thin-layer puttying of plastered and concrete surfaces.

Knauf Rotband

Gypsum-based mix with a very light filler and various polymer additives that provide increased adhesion. Recommended for high-quality hand-plastering of walls on solid substrates (brick, concrete, cement). It can also be used on Styrofoam surfaces.


rotband plaster mixture

One moreplaster mixture consisting of lime and gypsum. used in interior decoration. Perfectly levels surfaces. Preferably use in normal humidity.

Knauf Ubo

Knauf plaster mixture based on special cement with the addition of polystyrene foam granules. Used for interior work and leveling load-bearing floors.

Knauf Sevener

Cement mix which is applied in internal and external works. The composition contains polymer additives, special fibers that give the finished layer water-repellent properties, resistance to cracking, high adhesion.

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