Fusion - what is it: senseless mixing and piling up of styles or merging directions?

Fusion - what is it: senseless mixing and piling up of styles or merging directions?
Fusion - what is it: senseless mixing and piling up of styles or merging directions?

Many today ask: "Fusion - what is it?" To answer this question, one should refer to the translation of this word. And, as it turns out, it means mixing or even merging.

Fusion style - what is it?

Fusion style is now super fashionable, both in clothes, music, literature, art and dance, cooking, and in the interior and design of rooms. And the question "fusion style - what is it" can be answered that this is an original creative direction based on a mixture of different styles. For example, until recently, everyone would point fingers at a lady who allowed herself to put on a light translucent dress with high-top sneakers and go out in this form to a social event. And today it is considered a sign of creativity, advancement. Ironic detective stories with a large share of erotica, ballets staged on the plots of classic novels, such as Anna Karenina, Mother, are fashionable now. And in cooking, the direction of “combining the incongruous” is widespread, for example, ice cream with garlic and meat with pineapples.

fusion what is it

Fusion interior - basic rules

But despite the fact that in a fusion interior they can supposedlyto painlessly coexist alongside the most opposite directions, he also has his own strict rules and canons. Here it is very important to feel the fine line, which is strictly forbidden to cross. For example, one of the rules of fusion is the use of contrast in design. However, one should not overdo it: the predominant white color with the addition of a bright spot is mandatory in the color scheme. After all, the contrast should attract attention, but not hit sharply in the eyes. It is also considered bad form to “storage” attributes of all directions into one heap according to the principle “the more the better”. Still, the main rule is to choose one or two compatible design directions, which are slightly “diluted” with a few catchy, but high-quality details. Therefore, answering the question “fusion - what is it”, we should rather not talk about mixing, but about merging different traditions.

fusion interior

Fusion style in the interior

The most common component in the fusion style of the interior is high-tech. It is thanks to him that an abundance of free space, lightness and light are created in the room. And against the background of strict white or metallic color clarity, a bright spot - a red easy chair, a luxurious chandelier with intricately curved horns or a mirror in an Empire style frame - will, of course, catch the eye, but not straining, but delighting the eye. Country styles, hi-tech and the same Empire style are well combined: a wall lined with natural stone with a fireplace, aged beams with artificially created cracks emphasize the beauty and graceartsy lamps and figurines. Clear lines of white-painted tables and shelving without any embellishment are set off by the warm comfort of a soft corner. A combination of various materials is widely represented in this trend. Next to furniture made of plastic and metal, a wooden table and fabric-covered wall panels look very cozy, a tiled tabletop of a massive table with bulky carved legs and light folding chairs with thin metal backs.

fusion style in the interior

When making a design decision, one should clearly understand the main rule of fusion style: do not overdo it, do not cross the line that separates delicate taste and kitsch.

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