How to deal with bedbugs?

How to deal with bedbugs?
How to deal with bedbugs?

How to deal with bedbugs? This question, surprisingly, continues to be relevant in our technical age.

how to deal with bedbugs

House bugs are brown-red, flat-shaped parasites 4 mm long, predominantly nocturnal, feeding on our blood. They can settle in our apartments, live in furniture, beds, breed in warm hard-to-reach places, drink human blood and feel great. But for us, such a cohabitation is a real disaster.

How to deal with bedbugs? This question is very important for our he alth. Bed bugs are really, really dangerous. They are carriers of such serious diseases as plague, smallpox, tuberculosis, anthrax. The main danger of these insects is the constant itchy bites that deprive people of sleep, cause irritation and allergies.

In this article, we will talk in detail about how to deal with bedbugs.

how to deal with bedbugs in the apartment

First of all, you need to carefully inspect the sofa, bed, all bedding, all the seams of the mattress, carefully review the drawers and shelves of furniture.It is necessary to vacuum all the cracks in the furniture, on the floor with a narrow nozzle, not missing even the smallest ones, and in all rooms of the apartment, since the bugs have the ability to actively move around. After a thorough cleaning, the bag of the vacuum cleaner should be put in a bag, tied and thrown away from home.

How to deal with bedbugs in the apartment? This is a rather difficult question, since insects can be everywhere: in linen, in books, on walls, on clothes. The next important event in answering the question of how to deal with bedbugs is the thorough washing of all clothes, bedding. Those things that do not wash should be put in bags, tied and left for two weeks.

bedbug control methods

To destroy bloodsuckers, different methods of dealing with bedbugs are used: physical, mechanical and chemical. How to deal with bedbugs mechanically? Unfortunately, this method is the longest and not always effective. You can organize the collection of these insidious insects manually, with a broom, or start pressing - there will be little sense. Another option is to get rid of the furniture. This method is also ineffective, since the bugs may have already spread throughout your home, and the furniture is a pity.

How to deal with bedbugs by physical methods? You can use hot water vapor, boiling water, kerosene, turpentine or denatured alcohol.

Chemical methods of dealing with bedbugs involve the use of various poisonous drugs. When using chemistry, we recommend that you contact a specialist. If you notIf you can do this, then try to get rid of bedbugs yourself very carefully, trying not to inhale aerosol vapors and avoid getting toxic substances on the skin and mucous membranes.

bedbug control methods

How to deal with bed bugs with home remedies? The simplest and most effective home remedy is alcohol (denatured alcohol). Nests of parasites are poured with this substance, after such treatment the insects disappear. After this sanitary cleaning, it is necessary to ventilate the apartment. In addition, alcohol does not leave traces on furniture. We offer an affordable method: carefully seal all the cracks and put dishes with ammonia or with a solution containing naphthalene (5 g), benzene (20 g), denatured alcohol (75 g) in the room for several days. We advise you to try such a folk remedy: apply a prepared solution of turpentine, camphor, ethyl alcohol or green soap, kerosene, turpentine and water to the location of the bugs with a brush. Treat the apartment with these compounds until all insects disappear.

If these methods do not help, use poisonous compounds - aerosols "Karbofos", "Chlorophos", "Dichlorvos". Poisons can be found in hardware stores. Do not forget that they are very dangerous for humans. Wear a respirator and rubber gloves before use. After a day, ventilate the apartment, wash all the clothes. After a week, be sure to repeat the treatment of the entire apartment.

Fighting bedbugs is difficult, but do not panic, make every possible effort, and about these annoying bloodsuckersyou will forget forever.

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