Violet "nautilus": variety description and photo

Violet "nautilus": variety description and photo
Violet "nautilus": variety description and photo

Violet is the favorite flower of most women. And no matter how much they say that this flower is too banal or whimsical, but if you have one pot with double leaves and delicate petals, then several more will appear soon. This can be guaranteed. And today the focus is on the nautilus violet. Believe me, when you see her, you will definitely not pass by.

nautilus violet


Like many others, it was presented to the world by Elena Korshunova, a well-known florist and breeder. She continues to breed new, original plants to surprise herself and delight her followers. This is a huge job. When selecting from hundreds, and sometimes thousands of seedlings, there are only a few who are destined to become parents of a whole generation.

One of the most famous is the nautilus violet. Like all other varieties from this breeder, its name is written with the prefix EK, that is, the first letters of the name and surname are used. It is popular both in Russia and abroad.

violet variety nautilus


Her appearance on the market made a splash. Of course, fans of these flowers are used to the fact that Elena Korshunova pleases them with unusual plants. But the violet "Nautilus" exceeded the wildest expectations.

Delicate, semi-double flowers look like stars. But even more remarkable is the color of the Nautilus violet. It really evokes memories of the depths of the oceans. It combines white, blue and deep blue tones. And the border on the petals is usually white or greenish.

The leaves complete the picture. Violet EC "Nautilus" has slightly wavy edges. They are the perfect frame for beautiful buds. She has a rich, dense green color.

Reviews of flower growers

But any description pales in comparison to the epithets given to their plants by growers. Of course, each of them groomed a tiny leaf and dreamed of how a charming bud would bloom on it. For those who know what a nautilus violet looks like, this seems like a very long wait.

Airy, blue flowers… Stars and the spring sky… Few people are modest when describing a blossoming miracle. Indeed, large semi-double, blue-blue, airy and folded flowers with white edging can be considered the pinnacle of perfection.

what does a violet nautilus look like

Key to success

Even if unpretentious saintpaulia grows on the windowsill, you should not think that you know everything about growing features. Varietal plants are more demanding than their simple counterparts. But such flowers also bring joymuch more.

The description of the violet "nautilus" is not limited to external characteristics. In order for your plant to grow well and bloom regularly, you need to properly care for it. Violet loves diffused light. An east or west window will be an ideal location for beautiful bushes. Insufficient lighting greatly affects the growth of Saintpaulia, it begins to stretch and stops blooming.

violet nautilus description

Temperature conditions

The description of the nautilus violet variety emphasizes its whimsicalness. But in contrast, most flower growers say that it grows willingly in the most ordinary conditions, without requiring special attention. The temperature regime may be different. Violet withstands low marks of 14 degrees, as well as high ones, of the order of 30. But keep in mind that the hot conditions of the apartment have a bad effect on the quality of flowering. With a cooler content, it is brighter, with contrasting features. That is, the optimal conditions can be called +20…24 degrees.


This largely determines the quantity and quality of flowers that the violet EC "Nautilus" will give out. The description allows us to judge that this variety is more demanding of air humidity than others. The best solution would be to install a special device. An aquarium can partially perform this function, but it is better to buy an air humidifier, always with purified water. In this case, you can adjust the number of drops. Dry air is typical for apartments during the operation of central heating batteries.heating. It is he who causes most problems with the growth and development of plants.

violet nautilus variety description

Irrigation features

This requires caution. Do not throw a large amount of water into the pot, especially if it has just been drawn from the tap. Cold, unsettled water is generally contraindicated for the plant. In this case, the beauty will drop the buds, and may even die.

As soon as the top layer of the earth begins to dry out, you need to carefully water the violet under the root, without affecting the leaves. If there is no time for this, then you can make it easier for yourself. Varietal saintpaulias are watered as follows. When planting, you need to pass through a layer of earth and bring it out through the drainage hole with a soft cord, preferably synthetic, so that it does not rot. Now he takes a pallet, fill it with pebbles and fill it with water. Pots with violets are placed on top, and the tails are lowered into the water. As a result, the soil and air are constantly moistened, and the plants develop perfectly.

ek nautilus violet description


The more abundant and magnificent the plant blooms, the more nutrients it needs. Violet "nautilus" forms a considerable number of magnificent inflorescences, so be sure to stock up on special fertilizers. Soluble additives "Kemira Lux", "Aquarin Flower" may be suitable as it. They are available in almost every store, they are not too expensive, but they are spent sparingly.

Keep in mind that plants have a dormant period when to makemany nutrients need less. If you do not adhere to this rule, then you can destroy your plant. An excess of nitrogen will lead to the growth of green mass, and in winter the stems will simply stretch out. A lot of organic matter causes roots to rot.

Thus, during the cold period, the introduction of nutrients is reduced to 1 time per month. In summer, you can increase this amount up to 2 times. All applied fertilizers are well combined with watering.

Replanting violets

The Nautilus variety is famous for its abundant flowering. If you plant them in spacious, large pots, you risk waiting for the first buds for a very long time. These plants thrive in small pots. A diameter of 6 cm is enough for him. A good drainage layer of at least 1.5 cm is required.

The soil is best suited peat. Its acidity can be 5.5 PH. Be sure to allocate a quarter of the volume for agroperlite. This is important for good air exchange, as the violet does not tolerate heavy soil.

The plant is transplanted annually. This rule can be ignored if the food is regular and complete. When planting, the volume of the pot must be visually divided into five parts and filled 4/5. Leave 2 cm free to the top. When planting a bush, make sure that the growth point is not too deep, otherwise it will rot and die.

violet ek nautilus

Removing old leaves

This variety of saintpaulia has a high decorative effect not only due to its stunning colors. Leaves complete the overall picture,so you need to take care of their good condition. The lower ones gradually die off, they should be removed. Before this procedure, change the top layer of soil and sprinkle the sections with soil. This will encourage the formation of new roots.

Propagation of the variety

Violet "Nautilus" is easily propagated by both leaves and petioles. First, the resulting material must be examined for contamination or damage. After that, the Saintpaulia must be immersed with the lower part in purified water. Be sure to put activated charcoal in it so it doesn't spoil.

Rooting is best done in a small glass cup, until roots 1 cm long appear. The finished shoot can be planted in a medium-sized container, slightly deepening the edge and compacting the ground. Spill it well with settled water.

This is not the main place of residence yet. As soon as the finished socket outruns the pot three times in size, you can choose a larger container. Now the violet will remain in it for the whole year.

Disease prevention

The best thing you can do for your green pet is to inspect often, observe the regime of temperatures and top dressing. It turns out an excellent prevention of diseases, because it allows the plant to strengthen the immune system and resist ailments. The lack of ventilation of the room, together with high temperature and high humidity, will create a beneficial environment for the reproduction of fungi and rot. This variety is not too whimsical, but any plant is prone to diseases and pests. The most common are:

  • Vascular bacteriosis. Manifested by softening of the lower leaves.
  • Rot. With excessive watering. Treated by ventilation.
  • Powdery mildew. Topaz helps to get rid of it.
  • Grey mold. Any suitable drug is used in the same way.

Any treatment with fungicides and insecticides at intervals of 7 days. Spraying must be small droplets so that the solution does not drain into the soil. Do not forget about pests. Nematodes, thrips, aphids, spider mites, they all pose a danger to Saintpaulia. But one thing is good, insecticides can solve all these problems at the same time. And may your violet "nautilus" be beautiful. You can put a photo of a flowering plant on your page, for sure there will be those who want to buy a leaf from you for reproduction. So the plant will help you earn more.

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