Cozy living room interior with a fireplace in the apartment: ideas and tips

Cozy living room interior with a fireplace in the apartment: ideas and tips
Cozy living room interior with a fireplace in the apartment: ideas and tips

A comfortable chair, a soft blanket, the muffled light of a decorative lamp, a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine, crackling firewood in the fireplace, family gatherings - from ancient times it was customary to call it a home. They decorate the interior of a living room with a fireplace in an apartment, in country houses, in summer cottages, etc. Nowadays, a fireplace is a compact structure that does not surprise anyone. Nevertheless, not everyone dares to equip city apartments with them. And absolutely in vain. This article provides a description and photo of the interiors of the living room with a fireplace in the apartment, which can convince you of the correctness of this statement.

Living room interior with fireplace

Dignity of a fireplace in the interior

Fireplace allows you to enliven the room, make it warm and cozy. Its indoor installation has obvious advantages. It creates a cozy atmospherean additional source of heating, protects the room from dampness. A beautifully designed interior of the living room with a fireplace in the apartment will decorate any home.

There are options suitable for apartments and a country house. It is easy to choose any form of construction (corner, wall, island, built-in). The design can be matched to any style of interior. The fireplace is used to create a festive atmosphere for the New Year and Christmas.

Fireplace Disadvantages

The interior design of the living room with a fireplace in the apartment has significant drawbacks. They must be taken into account before the start of construction work.

Professional masters are engaged in installation and preparation of the device for work. The interior design of the living room with a fireplace in the apartment is thought out at the initial stage of construction work. The place for installation is chosen in advance in order to carry out all the preparatory work.

Fireplace requires electricity costs. There is a risk of fire when using this appliance. The device is not capable of fully heating the room, but can only be used as an additional heat source.

The fireplace only heats one room. Heat does not spread to other areas. For apartments in a multi-storey building, only electric models and bio-fireplaces are suitable. Next, we will talk about how to decorate the interior of a living room with a fireplace in an apartment (with a photo and a brief description of each type of design).


The classic and most popular option. Mounted against one of the walls, external or internal. If achoose the outside, the heat will go to the heating of the street. Such models are suitable for spacious living rooms. The fireplace portal and all other elements are laid out in the room. It can be installed at any stage of construction.

wall fireplace


The location is thought out at the initial stage of repair. All elements are located in a wall or column. Space saving design, fits perfectly into any interior style.

Built-in fireplace in the living room


Suitable for small spaces. Allows you to create a cozy corner for relaxation. Does not clutter up space. Most often it is installed near internal walls so that it is possible to heat adjacent rooms. You can create an interior with a corner fireplace in the living room in the apartment yourself.

corner fireplace


Suitable for spacious rooms, located in any part of the room. There are floor and suspended structures. This species has a low heat output. Modern models are distinguished by a variety of shapes, sizes and design solutions. The fireplace becomes a full-fledged part of the decor of the room, it can be used for zoning the living room.

island fireplace

The design of the furnace according to the method of heat output

The differences are in the direction of the heat that the fireplace gives off from the firebox (in different directions or strictly in front of you). The following is information about the types of fireplaces according to the method of heat radiation and photos of living rooms with a fireplace inapartment.

Single sided

This hearth is characterized by high heat transfer due to the fact that such a design has inclined walls. They reflect the light fluxes received from the fire, and then this energy is output through the central window of the firebox and evenly heats the entire room. This is the most traditional and common model, it can be found in most living room interiors with a fireplace in the apartment.

Single sided fireplace


Fireplaces with two transparent fireboxes placed in opposite directions. This model is chosen for its original appearance, but it is only suitable for spacious rooms.

The design has significant flaws. The fireplace must be powerful, with a chimney designed for high draft, because the fuel in such a hearth burns faster. The room must be equipped with a good ventilation system.

Another shortcoming concerns fire safety regulations. Since the fireplace has two sides, it is much more difficult to ensure that embers do not fall out of the firebox. To avoid trouble, the flooring next to the fireplace must be reliably protected. The double-sided hearth doubles the area that must be protected from exposure to high temperatures.

double sided fireplace


The main advantage of this design is originality. Outwardly, these fireplaces resemble an aquarium, inside of which there is a fire. It looks very impressive, but such a fireplace has more disadvantages than a two-sided one.models.

The floor covering around the hearth should be equipped with thermal insulation material on three sides. The thermal efficiency of such a fireplace is not very high, since the energy diverges on three sides. The main heat still comes only from the central side.

Three sided fireplace

Design Features

A cozy living room with a fireplace in the apartment is designed in compliance with some general rules developed by experts:

  1. All structural elements must be made of high-quality safe, non-combustible materials without defects and defects.
  2. To keep the maximum amount of heat, the design of the living room with a fireplace in the apartment starts with the insulation of external walls, the installation of high-quality windows and doors.
  3. When installing a fireplace against an external wall, part of the heat will go outside.
  4. It is forbidden to place the structure under the stairs, on the verandas and in the corridors. These premises do not provide the required fire safety regulations.
  5. The choice of design, appearance, installation method, shape depend on the style of the room, its layout and size.
  6. In small rooms, the interior is not overloaded with furniture, decor, indoor plants, paintings.
  7. The fireplace should not stand out from the rest of the design.
  8. The power of the device depends on its purpose. To maintain heat, you need reliable models from trusted manufacturers. If a fireplace is needed for additional room decoration, it is enough to purchase a low-power budgetinstance.
  9. The price of the product should not be the determining factor. It is necessary to choose a reliable, high-quality, safe and functional device. In this case, you should not save.

Safety rules

All fireplaces must be made of durable refractory materials that prevent fire. The base is also made non-combustible. Do not use wood, parquet, laminate, linoleum. Construction works are entrusted to professionals. Carpets, furniture, curtains, houseplants, away from the unit.

For a family with children and animals, it is better to choose a model with a closed firebox. Electric models carry an additional load on the wiring. This must be taken into account when carrying out work. When buying a product, check the quality certificate and warranty card. Preference is given to trusted manufacturers with a good reputation in the market.

It is not customary to install a TV in a room with a fireplace, but it happens that it is necessary, so you should not “hang” it above the structure itself or vice versa. In the first case, it can heat up, which will lead to the failure of the plasma panel, in the second case, the glare of the fire will prevent comfortable viewing.

Fireplaces for small spaces

Living rooms with a fireplace in a small apartment look especially cozy and homely, but it is here that you need to carefully consider the options for placing the hearth and arranging furniture.

In small spaces, real fireplaces are rarely installed for safety reasons. It would be appropriate to place false orbiofireplace. Corner fireplaces are an exception, but their installation must be planned wisely.

For small rooms choose bright fireplaces. The design of dark decorative stone or wood-like cladding, although it looks spectacular, visually makes the room heavier, making it even less spacious.

The same rule applies to the kitchen, because this room is rarely spacious. The design of the kitchen and living room with a fireplace in a small apartment should obey these rules. Then the rooms will look visually spacious and stylish.

Hearth for a country house

The corner option for placing a fireplace is also convenient here. It takes up little space, is clearly visible from any angle, around it you can easily install the necessary furniture. This type will be best to heat the area. Installing an asymmetrical fireplace will help to correctly divide a large space into zones.

The most solid and classic version is wall-mounted. Such fireplaces are installed in spacious living rooms, as they do not occupy a very small area. Perfectly fit into any style of premises.

Built-in fireplaces are as compact as possible. However, it may be difficult to create the very niche for it. Island (central) is installed in the center of the room. Will fit into any style of interior, will help to zone the living room. Differs in originality, is characterized by a powerful heating device.

What materials are made of

To make the fireplace organically fit into the living room, you should choose the material that best suits the overall lookpremises. There are metal, brick and stone structures.

Brick fireplaces are suitable for both old style and modern with elements of wear, pale shades.

Fireplaces made of stone will fit perfectly into the rustic style. They are constructed from both natural and artificial materials.

Metal are appropriate when the overall design of the living room is sometimes made of metal panels or inserts. The color should also be combined with the rest of the decor.

Fuel types

Fireplaces use multiple types of fuel:

  1. Firewood. They are the most common. This is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly type of fuel with a pleasant woody smell, and is not explosive. Disadvantages - must be prepared in advance, requires a lot of storage space, not suitable for all apartments.
  2. Coal. Budget option with excellent heat dissipation, non-explosive, easy to use. Cons - a lot of ash, storage space required.
  3. Gas. This is the most economical type. Easy to operate, but not as safe as wood and charcoal. Does not require storage space, is not prepared in advance.
  4. Biofuel. Environmentally friendly type of fuel. Safe product, does not smoke, does not emit harmful substances, does not require the installation of chimneys.
  5. Electricity.

For apartments, the last two types are still considered the best option.


The living room with a fireplace in the apartment should not be littered with unnecessary furniture. The design is the main detail of the overall interior,so a couple of armchairs and a coffee table opposite are all that will organically fit into a small room.

If the living room area is large, then on the opposite side you can put a large soft sofa, decorate the room around the perimeter with floor lamps, racks, grandfather clocks in the chosen style. Such small details as decorative pillows, blankets, rugs will help to complement the design.

However, it is worth remembering that the distance to furniture or carpeting should not be less than one and a half meters. If there are children or pets in the house, it is necessary to install a glass fireproof door: it will not prevent the penetration of heat and allow you to admire the fire.

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