Do-it-yourself corner fireplace: step by step instructions (photo)

Do-it-yourself corner fireplace: step by step instructions (photo)
Do-it-yourself corner fireplace: step by step instructions (photo)

If you own a private house, then a corner fireplace will be the best option for heating it. With your own hands (step-by-step instructions will help with this), it can be done quite simply. However, it is important to protect the walls well from exposure to high temperatures. After all, it can ruin the finish and be dangerous.

If you decide to build a corner fireplace with your own hands, ordering will help you with this. It will simplify the construction process, as well as make it possible to avoid mistakes. Today, there are many models of corner fireplaces that are built of brick. Summing up the advantages of such a fireplace, the following advantages can be distinguished:

  • material saving;
  • compact device;
  • possibility of self-construction;
  • aesthetics and functionality of the design.

Main benefits

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If we are talking about saving materials, then in confirmation of this fact it can be noted that much less brick will be spent than during constructionstoves or other types of fireplaces, which can be wall or island. You can make a corner fireplace with your own hands, step-by-step instructions for creating which will be presented in the article, not only in a large cottage, but also in a small country house.

Even an inexperienced master will be able to cope with the work, because it is quite difficult to make a mistake in the ordering scheme. However, if it is not possible to make the external styling neat, then it can be decorated with a ready-made portal or tile.

Expert Tips

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If you have laid a brick before, then you can build a corner fireplace with your own hands (the order, photos provided in the article will help with this). But you also need to create a project. And you need to do this at the stage of arranging the foundation of the house. This will simplify the work on creating the foundation, which should become part of the overall foundation. If the house is already built, then in this case one of its rooms can be supplemented with a corner fireplace. However, this will require preparatory work.


According to the technology presented below, the corner fireplace "Annushka" is built with their own hands. The step-by-step instruction recommends that you first decide on the specific place where it will be installed. Then you need to create a drawing that will allow you to visually evaluate the result. At the bottom of this design, you can create a niche for firewood or an ash pan. On the sides of the portal, in some cases, there are cabinets that are laid outfrom brick. You can later install flowerpots on them.

A niche can have a different shape, up to a trapezoid. You can make it in the form of a semicircular arch. Sometimes the fireplace is complemented by a metal built-in firebox with a door. In this case, the door can be made with glass that is not afraid of fire. This element will facilitate the construction, because the firebox can be lined with bricks from the outside.

Preparation of materials

do-it-yourself corner fireplace

Do-it-yourself corner fireplace, step-by-step instructions for the implementation of which you should study in detail, begins to be carried out only after the preparation of materials and tools. To build the foundation you will need:

  • waterproofing;
  • crushed stone of the middle fraction;
  • formwork boards;
  • metal mesh.

But the walls and the chimney are made of solid brick. Roofing material or plastic film can act as waterproofing. In addition, you need to prepare river sand, which will be used to make the solution. It will also be needed for backfilling in the pit. With the help of this material, it is necessary to equip the first layer, which will serve as an insulating pillow.

For formwork, boards should be prepared that can be dismantled after the mortar has dried or remain in the system. If you prefer a temporary option, then when installing the formwork, the gaps between the foundation and the ground will need to be covered with a mixture of gravel and sand.

Metal sheets can be used as elements, which are quiteare simply removed after the concrete has set. Do-it-yourself corner fireplace, step-by-step instructions for creating which should be studied by every master planning to do such work, must be reinforced with a metal mesh or steel bar. Its diameter can be in the range of 8 to 10 mm. If you purchased reinforcement, then for fastening you will need a wire with which the rods will be connected to each other in a mesh structure.

Recommendations for choosing a brick

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By the way, if there is no place for a real heating device in a home, then this will not hurt you to create its decorative version. For this, a variety of materials are suitable. And it will help to build a corner fireplace with your own hands with step-by-step instructions, photos (from cardboard boxes, by the way, you can also make it) proposed in the article.

For the current version, the chimney and walls will be made of solid brick - you will need fireclay and red fired bricks. The latter will be used for the main masonry, while the former will be used for areas that will be affected by the flames.

You need to use it for laying those areas where the influence of high temperatures will be observed. This should include the beginning of the chimney and the firebox. Brick should be calculated piece by piece, its quantity will depend on the chosen design model. For a corner fireplace, you may need from 360 to 600 bricks, the final number will depend on the dimensions of the structure. To received15% should be added to the quantity, which will go to low-quality copies, combat and other unforeseen circumstances.

Expert advice

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If you decide to build a corner fireplace with your own hands, a step-by-step photo instruction will allow you to understand the technology of work. From it you can find out what else is needed and prepare a solution that is made from clay, cement and sand. In this case, you need to be guided by the proportions of 1: 1: 3. You can also use a clay mixture, to which sand is added. In specialized departments of building materials, you can purchase dry compounds that are used for laying heating appliances such as fireplaces and stoves.

Fireclay bricks must be laid on a well-mixed and wiped mortar, which is prepared from clay and a small amount of sand. It is important to add more cement, which will be required to accelerate the setting of the mixture. You will need metal square corners with a side of 50 or 60 mm. Their length will depend on the width of the firebox. 300 mm should be added to it and multiplied by 2. Corners will be required in order to block the opening of the woodcutter and the firebox. It is also important to calculate the number of corners for the lower niche, while following the above method.

If the firebox will look like an arch, then it is necessary to prepare plywood for the template. For props you will need wooden blocks. In the store, you should purchase a metal valve, if you do not find such an element, then the products can be orderedfrom a professional welder.

Quite often, home craftsmen today make a corner fireplace with their own hands. In this case, a step-by-step instruction with a photo helps to find out that sometimes a cast-iron firebox is installed ready-made. The work is usually simplified, but the costs will increase.

For wall insulation, you should buy sheets of heat-resistant material, which can be asbestos. To finish the fireplace, it is recommended to use facing tiles that imitate ceramic tiles, stone or decorative plaster. Sometimes a facing tile is chosen, which depicts a finished portal made of natural stone.

Preparation of tools

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Without special tools, making a fireplace will be impossible, so you should take care of the availability:

  • building level;
  • roulettes;
  • trowel;
  • rubber mallet;
  • grinders;
  • picks;
  • capacity;
  • spatula;
  • plummet;
  • rules;
  • embroideries;
  • shovels.

When choosing a spatula, you must choose a medium-sized tool. Some craftsmen use a spatula instead of a trowel. In addition, if you do not plan to decorate the fireplace after completion of work, then you should prepare the firmware.

Building the foundation

A simple corner fireplace (with your own hands), a step-by-step instruction for the construction of which is presented in the article and should help you, should havefoundation. The base should be 90 mm larger than the fireplace itself. Before laying the foundation, it is necessary to dig a pit, the depth of which is 600 mm. The bottom of the pit is compacted, sand is poured onto it (layer thickness 110 mm), after which it should be poured with water and compacted again.

Crushed stone is poured from above, which is also well compacted. Its thickness should be the same as in the case of sand. A reinforcing mesh is laid on the crushed stone. Asbestos strips should be installed along the walls, which will protect the surface from overheating. Formwork must be installed on the outside of the foundation.

If the shape of the base is round, then metal sheets 2 mm thick can be used for formwork. Outside, the sheet should be supported with brick racks.

After you can proceed to the manufacture of the mortar - for the first layer, the concrete is made rough, and it will consist of gravel, sand, and cement. Once the first layer has set, the remaining space can be filled, which is filled with a mixture of sand and cement. The surface of the plate is leveled and left to set. As soon as the concrete is ready, its surface must be covered with two layers of roofing material.

Preparation for masonry

do-it-yourself corner fireplace step by step instructions

So, laying a corner fireplace with your own hands, the step-by-step instructions of which are presented in our article, continues. After a month after pouring the foundation, you can start working with bricks. For this product, pre-soak for 2 days.

First, the fireplace is laid out dry, and the solution does not need to be used. The fireplace will assume the presence of a grate for the firebox, which has a square shape with a side of 250 mm. You should also prepare 5 mm metal strips, the width of which is 40 mm, they will be needed to create a ceiling above the niches. Let's move on to masonry:

  1. On the reinforced foundation, place the first course of masonry.
  2. On the fourth row, you need to lay the base of the firebox, so the central part of the row should be laid out with fireclay bricks.
  3. The next row will be designed taking into account the laying of the blower hole or ash pan.
  4. On those products that will frame the camera, you should lay pieces of metal strips that are securely fixed. This is necessary for the reason that in the next row a grate will be laid on them.
  5. The sixth row is equipped with fireclay bricks, while a grate should be laid.
  6. The seventh row should begin with the design of the portal furnace.
  7. From the 8th to the 12th row, the walls of the portal should be displayed, fitting the bricks to each other.
  8. On the thirtieth row, metal strips are installed that will cover the firebox. It is better to use corners with the following dimensions for this: 600 x 50 x 5 mm. From rows 14 to 15, a “mirror” is laid, which will retain heat and prevent it from escaping into the pipe.

DIY decorative corner fireplace: step by step instructions

Gypsum board photos of erected fireplaces prove they can be worthydecorations for any space. Let's make them together:

  1. After marking the floor and walls, you can start creating a metal frame.
  2. Using a screwdriver and self-tapping screws, a profile is installed on the floor surface, while the distance between the fasteners will be 25 cm.
  3. To make a fake corner fireplace with your own hands (step-by-step instructions are provided in the article), it is installed on the base wall, where wall profiles should be screwed.
  4. After the elements should be removed and dowels installed in the holes.
  5. As soon as the draft of the fireplace is ready, you can start lining. For this, artificial stone, plaster molding, wallpaper, painting and other decoration are used. If you decide to resort to painting, then the drywall is first primed.

For such a product, you will need to prepare sheets of drywall, which are cut to the required dimensions. You can use a hacksaw or a sharp knife for this. Self-tapping screws are driven into drywall by 0.5 cm. The resulting joints and small holes are sealed using putty and reinforcing paper tape.

You only have to spend money on materials if you make a corner fireplace with your own hands. Step-by-step instructions, photos (from drywall, as you can see, you can also make such products) will help even a novice master. Good luck!

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