Basic carpentry tools

Basic carpentry tools
Basic carpentry tools
carpentry tools

It's no secret that the quality of a carpentry item largely depends on what tools the craftsman used to make it. Of course, even the most modern toolkit will not be able to turn a novice carpenter into a skilled craftsman, but the fact that good and well-chosen carpentry tools will greatly simplify this task is an indisputable fact. They not only help the novice master in acquiring the necessary skills, but also make the process more enjoyable. At the same time, working with an inconvenient and poor-quality tool can negate all the efforts of a beginner.

All craftsmen, regardless of experience and skill level, have a number of requirements for their inventory: carpentry tools must be durable, easy to use and as efficient as possible. A wide range of stores in this segment of the construction market is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. However, despite the fact that today many fixtures have their mechanical counterparts, most joiners are of the opinion that a set of hand tools is stillpreferred. It should be noted that there is simply no single list of carpentry equipment - each craftsman selects it on his own, guided by certain considerations and preferences. Nevertheless, there are several devices that may not be necessary, but desirable for every carpenter. So, the basic universal set of tools:

  • The construction ax is designed to solve a number of tasks: cutting wood, grooving, processing logs and boards, fitting individual structural units.
  • Saw. It is highly recommended to have at least two varieties of it in your arsenal: a two-handed one with large teeth for sawing logs and a hacksaw for working with smaller segments.
  • Sherhebel – a tool designed for the initial processing of wood. The surface carved with a sherhebel comes out somewhat uneven and has some grooves and indentations.
  • hand tool set Planer. There are several types, but the most common are single-knife planers, designed to level simply sawn or pre-planed surfaces, as well as double-knife planers, used for fine planing of wood and planing ends. Equipped with a counter knife (chipbreaker) that allows you to get a better surface of the parts.
  • Jointer and semi-joiner can be called a kind of planer. They are designed to work with material with a large area.surface.
  • Chisels and chisels are carpentry tools used to gouge sockets and holes.
  • Drills and borers do the same job as chisels, only faster.
  • universal tool kit

No matter how good carpentry tools are, it is very difficult to end up with a product of proper quality if the master does not have a decent job. Ideally, this should be a special workbench, bought from a store or made by yourself.

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