Recessed gas hob - convenience and comfort in your kitchen

Recessed gas hob - convenience and comfort in your kitchen
Recessed gas hob - convenience and comfort in your kitchen

The built-in gas hob is not only a very beautiful and modern element of the interior, but also a functional device that provides quick cooking. This product has a lot of useful qualities that make it in demand.

Advantages of hobs

built-in gas hob

Among the advantages of the presented products are:

  • functionality (this device is easy to maintain, has a lot of useful features);
  • practicality;
  • security;
  • variety of device sizes and designs;
  • different material;
  • availability;
  • combination of the device with any interior;
  • meets all user requirements.

In addition, the built-in gas hob can have the required number of burners (from 2 to 6).

What materials is the product made of, and how to choose the right one?

It should be noted that the device shown may bemade of enamel, steel, tempered glass and glass-ceramic. The first two options are the simplest and cheapest. However, steel is stronger than enamel and therefore lasts longer.

built-in gas panels for the kitchen

Recessed tempered glass and glass ceramic gas hob is quite expensive. However, its advantage is durability, ease of use and ease of cleaning. In addition, such a product is very beautiful and can fit into any interior style solution.

Now let's deal with the panel selection criteria. First you need to decide on the dimensions of the device. This setting depends on how much space you are willing to allocate for such a panel. Naturally, an important criterion is the size of the room itself. Also, pay attention to where the unit will be located, as in this case the position of the power cord and gas hose inlet will have to be taken into account.

Further, the built-in gas panel is selected depending on its functionality and material of manufacture. The cheapest budget option is steel and enamel. However, if you use such a device often enough, we recommend that you buy a glass ceramic product, although it is quite expensive.

Please also consider the number of burners. For a small family, a small built-in gas hob (2 burners) is perfect. Otherwise, you can choose a device with 5 burners.

How to properly mount the device?

built-in gas hob 2 burners

Recessed gas panels for the kitchen are mounted quite simply. First of all, collect the necessary tool. To work, you will need a marker, tape measure, drill with a jigsaw, and epoxy glue. Now you need to draw a figure on the tabletop that will exactly match the dimensions and shape of the panel. All these parameters should be as accurate as possible.

Now you need to drill holes along the edges of the figure, and cut out the niche for the panel with a jigsaw. This should be done very carefully. Next, you can try on the device. If everything is in order, then you can fix the panel with epoxy glue. Naturally, rubber seals must be placed at the junction of the device to the table top. The last thing to connect the panel to the power supply and gas hose.

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