Bosch (screwdriver) - assistant to the master

Bosch (screwdriver) - assistant to the master
Bosch (screwdriver) - assistant to the master

Whatever the areas of activity of the master, he confidently chooses samples of the best companies with world brands as a hand tool. Bosch tools (a screwdriver in particular) are no exception. The hand tools of this company rightfully occupy one of the first places among their "brothers".

bosch screwdriver

Value for money, quality, ergonomics, efficiency, reliability, durability - this is not the whole list of advantages of its products over products of other brands.

So, intending to purchase a Bosch tool - a screwdriver, first of all, you should focus on its color. They are blue and green. They are different not because it is a design idea. The colors indicate that the instrument belongs to the professional class (blue) or to the household variety (green). Of course, with the Bosch label, a blue screwdriver will be an order of magnitude more expensive. But its technical characteristics (torque, motor power, number of speeds, performance) will be higher. But the need to have such a powerful tool for home use will have to be determined by yourself.

One of the popular models of this brandis a Bosch li screwdriver. Possessing one of the highest speeds among a tool of this class, it has a very durable and ergonomic body, in terms of motor power it is on the highest bar among its “colleagues” of other world-famous brands. At the same time, the device wins in price. It belongs to the type of tool "drill-driver", is battery-operated, is wireless. Without a shock function, with the Bosch brand name, a screwdriver of this class has a number of positive qualities: a capacitive battery - 1.5 A / h; torque 30N / m, light weight - 1.3 kg; speed switch (2 speeds).

bosch li screwdriver

The cordless drill driver Bosch li is not the only model in the range of this company. The characteristics of some models of highly specialized drills will be presented to your judgment in this article.

Professional models

1. Drill Bosch GBM 10 RE

This tool has a keyless chuck, its size varies from 1 to 10 millimeters. Maximum drill diameters: for wood 25 mm, for steel 10 mm. This model can be called quite weighty - 1.8 kg. The disadvantages also include poor mobility. It is limited by the presence of a cord, but the absence of a battery.

2. Drill Bosch GBM 10-2 RE

This model is different from the previous one. Designed to drill not only in wood and steel, but also in softer materials such as aluminium.

Both tools don't have much power. Fairly democratic in price. Therefore, it can be concluded thatthat they are quite suitable for a home master.

drill screwdriver cordless bosch

Models for household needs from non-professional line

1. Drill Bosch psr 14.4/2

Such a tool is primarily distinguished by the presence of a battery. That is, mobility in work will be ensured. But every situation has its pros and cons. With this advantage, the drill has a limited operating time. It would be nice to have an additional spare battery.

2. Drill Bosch PSB 500 RE

This model differs from the previous ones in the presence of a shock function. Thanks to her, such a drill will easily help to drill holes even in concrete or hard wood. Other technical characteristics are not much different from the average. The manufacturer claims power consumption up to 500 W, torque 7 N / m, one speed during operation. But with unpresentable technical characteristics, a rather attractive price is offered for the product.

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