Ceiling LED lights: varieties, photos

Ceiling LED lights: varieties, photos
Ceiling LED lights: varieties, photos

LEDs are becoming increasingly popular with consumers due to their cost-effectiveness, safety and durability. Ceiling LED lamps are installed in residential, public, commercial and industrial premises. Models with a sealed body have proven themselves as the main and accent lighting in bathrooms and outdoor verandas. The article talks about the types of ceiling lights, their pros and cons.

LED lines

Advantages and disadvantages of LEDs

LEDs are gradually replacing other types of household lamps due to undeniable advantages:

  • Economy. LEDs are able to shine as brightly as household incandescent lamps, while consuming 5-7 times less energy.
  • Safety. Ceiling LEDlamps do not heat up, do not emit harmful substances, do not require special disposal measures.
  • Durability. The life of LEDs is about one hundred thousand hours, which is equivalent to 11 years of continuous operation.
  • No flicker. Ceiling LED lights immediately give full brightness of the light flux and do not flicker. Flicker makes the eyes strain and tire quickly, which can lead to visual impairment over time.
  • Ceiling spotlights
  • Resistant to voltage drops. LEDs work without loss of light brightness in the voltage range of 190-260 V.
  • Versatility. Many models of lamps are equipped with a light dimmer, which allows you to choose comfortable lighting for work and leisure, as well as use them as a night light. LED lamps are used for indoor and outdoor lighting. They tolerate high humidity, high and low temperatures well. LEDs work in a temperature range from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

The main disadvantage of LED ceiling lights is their high cost. However, if you consider their cost-effectiveness and durability, such an investment will quickly pay off.


Chandeliers have been used for centuries for lighting. They look great in spacious living rooms and bedrooms. The use of LEDs in chandeliers made it possible to create real works of art. Lighting fixtures often use LEDs of different colors, which allows you to create a truly magical atmosphere. Manydevices allow you to adjust the brightness of the luminous flux and select lighting for various needs: work, receiving guests, evening family gatherings. LED chandeliers can be used as a night light. Some models install a small battery that will illuminate the room for several hours in the event of a power outage.

Cascading chandelier

LED cascading lamps are considered a variety of chandeliers. They are a group of small lamps suspended from a common platform by cables. The length of the suspensions for each lamp is different, due to which the cascade effect is achieved. These ceiling lights look great next to the stairs, above the dining area, in duplex studio apartments with high ceilings.


Linear fixtures are more common in public buildings, but they also look good in the kitchen. They are produced in the form of ready-made industrial models in the case and as modular systems. The latter are a great choice to create a unique lamp according to your own sketch. Elements of the modular system connect at any angle and allow you to create incredible futuristic designs. Both types of linear luminaires are mounted overhead or with suspensions. Hangers allow you to lower the lighting fixture to any distance from the ceiling.

linear lamp

Modular systems are used to create built-in spots in rectangular or square shapes, as well as such new and spectacular decor as lightlines. Spots and light lines are best combined with suspended and stretch ceilings. Mounting such fixtures on a base concrete floor is not an easy task.


Ceiling LED overhead lights are small in size and allow you to create accent lighting and divide the space into zones. Groups of such fixtures can be used for general lighting. Surface-mounted luminaires are suitable for installation both on false ceilings and on concrete. In the latter case, you will need to create recesses in the ceiling for wiring. The lamp in the LED ceiling spotlights protrudes above the ceiling surface and is covered with a decorative shade. The angle of illumination of such models is quite wide. The design of the plafond can be the most diverse: from a classic sphere or cube to futuristic mirror designs.

Surface mounted lamp


Spot ceiling recessed LED lights are used for accent and general lighting. Such models are installed flush with the surface of the ceiling, so their angle of illumination is small. The design of ceiling recessed LED lamps is quite discreet, so they will organically fit into the interior of any style. There are special models of lamps for bathroom and street lighting. They have a sealed housing and a high degree of protection against dust and moisture. Such lamps are not afraid of even an accidental hit by jets of water. Armstrong LED ceiling lights are very popular. They differlight weight and convenient spring fastening. The device is mounted directly into the suspended structure without the use of hangers.

Recessed lamp Armstrong


Rotary models are used for the area near the mirror in bathrooms, to accentuate details, and also as a general light in discreet minimalist interiors. By design, they can be both overhead, in the form of spotlights, and built-in. The latter are very similar to conventional point models. The cartridge of the device is equipped with a hinge, which allows you to direct the light beam in any direction. A variety of rotary lighting devices are rotary and retractable models. The cartridge in such models can be lowered to a distance of 8-10 cm from the ceiling and rotated.

Rotary lamp

LED strip

The tape is used to decorate multi-level ceiling structures. The tape gives a weak light, which is not enough for full lighting, so it is used in tandem with other types of ceiling lights. “Soaring” ceilings, illuminated by LED strip, look great. The tape is produced in various color shades, as well as changing the color of the glow. Mounted under a stretch ceiling, it allows you to achieve incredibly beautiful decorative effects.

LED Strip Light

LED lights are economical, safe and durable. The versatility of application and ease of installation have made it possible to use ceiling lights in commercial, officeand residential areas as primary, accent and decorative lighting.

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