Car washes "Karcher" (Karcher): characteristics, photos and reviews

Car washes "Karcher" (Karcher): characteristics, photos and reviews
Car washes "Karcher" (Karcher): characteristics, photos and reviews

Every driver wants his car to be shiny and clean, but not everyone is willing to pay for car washes. For those who live in urban high-rise buildings, of course, there is no other way out. But those motorists who have a garage or a private house have a great way not to pay. A Karcher high pressure car wash will help keep your car clean. The equipment of this company has established itself as the most reliable and durable. These high-pressure cleaners can handle any kind of dirt.

Karcher sink selection

This German company produces several dozen different models of equipment.

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Each model is suitable for different situations. To make the right choice, you need to understand a little about these devices.

So, sinks differ from each other by class, on which the price depends. The higher the declared performance, the higher the cost, and the more expensiveequipment. The principle of operation is that a jet of water is supplied under high pressure and thereby cleans any surface.

High pressure cleaners are divided into two groups. These are professional equipment and household sinks. Professional models are the so-called high-pressure apparatuses. Household sinks are mini sinks.

Hardware highlights

Any Karcher car washes have the following characteristics:

  • Pressure.
  • Performance.
  • Power supply.
  • Power consumption.

Household systems are capable of delivering pressure from 100 to 160 bar. In order to efficiently and quickly wash the car, the equipment must give out from 120 to 130 bar. Productivity is the consumption of water for an hour or a minute. For household sinks, the average productivity is from 7 to 12 l / min. Any household models are powered by 220 V, and the power consumption is from 1.5 to 2.5 kW.

Also, this technique will allow the use of special cleaning products that, under high pressure, form an active and quite stable foam, which allows you to wash any vehicle from any dirt.

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This is the so-called touchless car wash.

Also, many people choose this technique for ease of control and operation, in addition, among the characteristics there are unique functionalities with which you can turn the sink into a steam cleaner, heat the water to a comfortabletemperature, adjust the feed power level. Also, Karcher car washes allow you to get to the most difficult places thanks to special brushes.

Household mini car wash

The company produces the widest range of entry-level, semi-professional and professional household equipment. Household systems can be classified into series.

Entry-level equipment is the lowest cost, compact size, light weight. The devices are not designed for frequent use. The main task is occasional washing of small contaminants. The resource is very limited, and the pressure characteristics are insufficient for car washing. Pumps and their components are often made of plastic, so their resource is small.

For these simple sinks to work, the water supply must come from external pressurized sources.

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If the water flows by gravity, the outlet pressure will drop, which will reduce efficiency and resource. Even despite the attractive price, you should not buy them for car washing tasks - they quickly fail.

Middle class

Car washes "Karcher" mid-range - this is the most popular equipment. For example, devices from the K-5 series are ideal if you have to wash one or two cars regularly. Both the performance and the working resource in these devices are at a good level. Pump parts are made of silumin, the pressure can reach from 120 to 140 bar.

High level equipment

This is already a semi-professional line. Devices of this class are suitable for removing any pollution, including large areas. The pumps are made of brass, the pressure they can provide is from 150 to 160 bar and above. This is a good choice if you need to wash two or three cars.

Review of popular models

Often the main criterion by which a Karcher car wash is chosen is the price. But the cost corresponds to the class of the device.

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It is also affected by the equipment. Consider the most popular models from different price categories.

Karcher HD 7/18 C

This is a true professional level. With a small weight of 24 kg, as well as compact dimensions, the device is quite convenient to move and use. The capacity of this machine is 700 l/h. The machine consumes 5000W of power and the working pressure can be adjusted from 20 to 215 bar. The temperature of the water entering the machine can be between 0 and 60 degrees.

The body of the device is brass. There is a special compartment for storing accessories. A long hose will make the washing process convenient and comfortable. The device is provided with a safety valve, which ensures the safety of this unit. This is a great Karcher car wash that starts at $400 and can go up to $1,000.

Karcher HD 6/15

This is also a professional solution that is powered by electricity. Among the advantages - a brass body, a tank for detergents, functionswater intake from external tanks. The device consumes 3100 W, operating pressure is from 30 to 190 bar, the water can be either cold or hot.

There are two nozzles in the kit. Ceramic pistons provide increased wear resistance.

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Light weight and compact dimensions provide comfortable operation. The cost of equipment is up to $1,000.

Karcher K7 Compact

These are Karcher household car washes. The dimensions are quite compact, and the weight is 19.6 kg. But at the same time, the device has solid characteristics. The output is about 600 l/h. The body is made of brass and the outlet pressure ranges from 20 to 160 bar.

The equipment from the K5 series is very popular. It is also suitable for car washing. Home appliances are also equipped with the necessary nozzles and a mud blaster, as well as a long hose.

Karcher Car Wash: Reviews

All those who bought and use this technique were satisfied with the purchase.

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People write in reviews that mini-washes easily pay for all costs. These devices can not only wash the car, they also become assistants in cottages and private homes, where it is often necessary to clean something. The characteristic of the Karcher car wash is such that the device is able to confidently wash anything, even the most difficult pollution.

Owners of budget series of equipment say that there is enough power for washingsmall car.

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With intensive use, this technique also needs to be serviced. Owners indicate that maintenance is limited to oil changes as well as filters.

Some owners also point out that in some cases the Karcher car wash needed to be repaired, but the manufacturer's warranty allowed the machine to be repaired at the company's expense. But with regular maintenance, this equipment is very reliable and efficient. He will not need repairs.

So, we found out what Karcher car washes are.

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