Small kitchen designs - stylish solutions

Small kitchen designs - stylish solutions
Small kitchen designs - stylish solutions

Most apartment owners cannot boast of spacious kitchen spaces. This situation is typical for both old and new housing stock. Therefore, every owner sooner or later thinks about a more rational arrangement of space.

Kitchens in small apartments are multifunctional spaces. Here food is prepared, and the whole family dine, and guests are received. When developing a project, you should find a solution that would use every corner to the maximum, but leave enough free space so that your family members can pass each other without pushing.

small kitchen designs

Designs of small kitchens come in angular and linear versions. The convenience of the corner approach in arranging the working area lies in the fact that the stove, refrigerator and sink are at arm's length from the hostess. She just needs to turn in the right direction. Corner cabinets, characteristic of such a furniture arrangement, are much more spacious than conventional models. In order not to lose a single meter of usable area, the window sillturn into a countertop.

With a linear approach, the main elements of the work area are placed in one row along the wall. On the opposite side is a table. Specialists who create designs for small-sized kitchens are advised to purchase folding models that, if necessary, can be easily folded, freeing up space. But this project requires a radical re-equipment of the premises. You will have to move the sink so that it is between the hob and the refrigerator.

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When choosing furniture, give up bulky options. Cabinets should be compact, hinged, with a mass of pull-out shelves and drawers. We change the stove to a hob, and a tall and narrow refrigerator will free up a few more centimeters. Try to either build in household appliances or place them on hanging shelves or in niches. Get rid of unnecessary accessories. They only collect dirt on themselves and litter the space. A beautiful pattern on a glass backsplash, interesting ceramic tiles do not take up much space and look amazing, creating a stylish design for small kitchens. For small apartments, the statement is true: the less things in a room, the more it seems.

Helps to visually expand the space light colors. But do not turn the dining room into a semblance of a hospital ward. Bright details, which are successfully interspersed in the designs of small-sized kitchens, allow you to achieve lightness and a modern look.

small kitchen design for small apartments

WhatAs for the style decision, hi-tech minimalism is ideal for small spaces. The abundance of glass, metal fittings, transforming furniture is an advantageous combination of beauty and practicality. The room acquires elegance, but at the same time the work surfaces are easy to care for, they are hard-wearing and durable.

Classic designs of small kitchens are distinguished by the use of natural materials. Hanging cabinets and bedside tables are made of wood. When choosing this style, you need to adhere to discreet, without excessive decor forms.

Lovers of comfort and simplicity will love country cuisine. The sink and stove line up in this case, as a rule, linearly. The rustic look is enhanced by light Roman blinds with distinctive floral prints.

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