Gas lifts for beds: features and load calculation

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Gas lifts for beds: features and load calculation
Gas lifts for beds: features and load calculation

A bed is more than just a place to sleep. This piece of furniture can be made more functional due to an interesting headboard, made in the form of cabinets or shelves for books. But this is not the limit of functionality. Under the bed itself, you can store rarely used things, hiding them from prying eyes. But in this case, free access to boxes and drawers is of particular importance, which can really be obtained by equipping a bed with special lifting mechanisms - a pair of pistons that operate on the principle of a gas lift for a bed.

How to calculate gas lift for a bed

What is a gas lift, and why is it for us

This is a special mechanism used to lift and transform pieces of furniture connected to it. By its principle, this device is similar to a car shock absorber.

How to calculate gas lift for a bed

The design features of the gas lift lies in its configuration. It consists of:

  • cylinder filled with gas, often nitrogen; it is important to note that the gaseous composition is present inside the cylinder under high pressure, therefore it does notit is recommended to disassemble such a device with your own hands;
  • piston with drain, which serves to transfer the applied force to the external environment;
  • oil damper for a smooth ride with a cushioning effect.

The purpose of a gas lift for a bed is not limited to the ability to store things under the bed. Structures equipped with such mechanisms are able to properly support the spine during rest, excluding joints and surface irregularities that adversely affect the musculoskeletal system.

Species diversity of elevators

Today, there are more than enough types of lifting mechanisms, and almost all of them are suitable for installation in the bed structure. They differ only in cost, design features, service life. The peculiarity of each type of lift lies in the possible effort used for a particular design.

Furniture gas lift for beds

Based on the principle of operation, lifts are divided into three types.


Mechanisms of manual type, which are mounted on hinges. This is the simplest and cheapest option. There are few such primitive devices left today, as they require a lot of effort to lift, and sometimes lead to deformation of the bed frame.


Spring lifting systems appeared a little later and were distinguished by their simplicity and ease of use. It didn't take much effort here to raise the bed. This option was distinguished by a short service: as users write,after a maximum of five years, the springs begin to stretch, making them unusable.


At the heart of a gas lift for a bed is a simple mechanism that works smoothly, silently and reliably. With a correctly calculated load and the choice of a shock-absorbing device, such a product can be used for up to 10 years. The bed cabinet includes additional equipment with a pneumatic gas lift with two stops.

Experts recommend opting for the latter option, which is easy to use and runs smoothly. The cost of such a gas lift for a bed is higher compared to analogues, but the use of the device is fully compensated not only by convenience, but also by safety.

According to the principle of operation, elevators are divided into two groups:

  1. Automatic, requiring no human effort and close control to raise/lower the bed.
  2. Frictional, with less pressure, but providing for the stop of the raised part of the bed in any desired position.

Please note that the first ones are more popular, because they are leading in sales in the market.

Gas lifts for folding bed

Calculation of gas lift load for lifting bed

Before you buy a gas lift, it is worth considering how much weight it will lift, and based on this, calculate the expected load. This is the main indicator that you will need when choosing a design.

It seems that this is easy, but there are some nuances. First, it will taketake into account the exact weight of the structure, secondly, you need to know some details:

  • density of the material used to make the bed, which is indicated by the manufacturer, as well as the weight of the structure;
  • material density and mattress weight.

Before proceeding with the installation of the gas lift, pay attention to the marking of the device. The numbers on it indicate the load, determined in newtons. Here are a few rules that will help you understand how to calculate the gas lift for a bed:

  1. Approximately 10N support about 1 kg of structure weight.
  2. Each of the mechanisms is marked by the manufacturer in increments of 200 units (600N, 800N, 1000N, etc.).
  3. For even load distribution gas lifts are mounted in pairs (1 or 2 on each side).
  4. Gas lifts for lifting beds

Example of load calculation

Your bed weighs 80 kg together. This means that for lifting you will need two furniture gas lifts for a bed marked from 800N. Theoretically, a system of this volume can lift a weight of up to 160 kg, but in practice this does not happen due to the fact that the forces are distributed at an angle.

Do not forget that over time, the forces of devices weaken, therefore it is permissible to take the model one step more than the weight of your structure. Just do not buy a gas lift that is too powerful, otherwise it will be difficult to raise and lower the bed frame due to insufficient weight and too high gas pressure in the cylinder.

As you can see, even in choosing a gas lift for a folding bed, you should be extremelyattentive. Given all the rules and recommendations described, it will be possible to choose a product that matches the characteristics of your bed. And the long-term service life of the structure depends on the right choice.

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