Pot flower: description, types, names, features of care and cultivation

Pot flower: description, types, names, features of care and cultivation
Pot flower: description, types, names, features of care and cultivation

Indoor flowers have always performed a number of functions. Housewives decorate their homes with a wide variety of plants. At least one potted flower can be found in any home. As a maximum, entire greenhouses are created in the apartments, rare buds bloom and delight the eye with exotic forms of ficus and palm trees.

Potted plants in the house

Flowers in the house perform a number of functions: do not forget that their green leaves are involved in photosynthesis and produce oxygen, which is vital for humans. Flowering specimens exude a natural pleasant smell - it is much better and safer than aggressive air fresheners.

It is wrong to believe that in order for plants to bloom and grow in the house, special conditions are needed. On the contrary, absolutely for every room, even the darkest and northern, you can pick up a potted flower that will feel comfortable.

potted flower

Flowering plants are good for bright sun. The vast majority of them need direct sunlight. Phalaenopsis look great on the windowsills - this is an extremely unpretentious variety of orchids, which is wateredonce a week is enough. The more sun, the larger their buds will be and the flowering period will begin more often.

Ficuses are suitable for dark rooms, they do not require special care and can easily do without the sun. Their huge variety will allow you to choose the best option that will complement the interior and enliven it with a beautiful green color.

deciduous plants

These are specimens with bright leaves with exotic coloring. As a rule, they bloom very rarely, and their buds are not of particular value - they are rather plain and inferior in beauty to the plant itself. A potted flower with decorative leaves can diversify any interior and become a bright accent.

Among the most popular of these plants is found aglaonema. Its leaves can have from two to a dozen colors and shades. It comes from tropical Indian forests. Its leaves can have white stripes, or they can be decorated with bright pink, yellow, purple flowers.

flowers potted plants

Another plant, alocasia, has hit the shelves of flower shops from the Amazonian jungle. The leaves of alocasia, depending on its type, may vary in size and shades, but all of them are distinguished by a rich green color with bright stripes. Alokaziya grows quickly and fits perfectly into the interior.

You should be careful when breeding decorative leaves: most of them are poisonous. In the wild, this color warns animals of the dangers of eating plants and serves as a protection for the latter.


These are classic home grown flowers. Potted plants with large, graceful flowers and buds will decorate any window sill or table, the main thing is to choose the right location so that the green pet has enough light.

The most popular flowering indoor specimens are azaleas, roses, violets, geraniums, hydrangeas. They can be found in the collection of almost every grower. Flowering plants are considered to be fussy - in fact, they just need enough sun and regular watering, combined with good soil.

name of potted flowers

Violets - one of the most unpretentious flowers. Many collect them - there are hundreds of varieties. In addition, they take up little space and look spectacular in large quantities and beautiful pots.

Azaleas and roses are considered the queens of this category - they can bloom almost non-stop. They are rightfully the pride of the home greenhouse, bright inflorescences make guests admire the skill of their hostess. The name of the potted flowers decorating the window sills is at least one known to everyone who has ever been involved in breeding.


If real "sugar" reigns in the apartment, it is very hot on the windowsills, and the air is dry, you can resort to growing cacti. This potted flower does not even require watering - it is enough to fill the pan with water once a week. In the bright sun, a magnificent flower will soon appear on the nondescript body of the cactus.

potted flowersMoscow

The Peruvian Cereus looks impressive. It has a ribbed stem and sharp, hard spines that reach a length of several centimeters. Echinocactus looks like it, but it has a more round shape, and not one needle comes out of each hole for thorns, but several at once, having an arched shape.

Loaches and creepers

Climbing plants are versatile for decorating arches, shelves, walls and cornices. They can take on a variety of forms, from medium-sized ivy to huge monsters that rest against the ceiling and have leaves that can be up to one meter in diameter.

The most classic example is ivy - maple leaves grow very quickly and easily fill the space. Traditionally, ivy decorates kitchens: a potted flower is placed on a hanging planter, from where it spreads in a given direction.

potted flower arrangements

Another spectacular vine is passionflower. She can also decorate the design in the interior, or you can let her create her own. An arch is installed in the pot, along which the leaves of this plant are distributed. For flowering, it needs to provide enough light and balanced watering. Twice a year, an exotic and original flower appears on passionflower. This vine grows very quickly, so it needs to be shaped periodically by trimming unnecessary leaves. With the help of vines, you can also create compositions from potted flowers, combining them with other plants.

Home trees

For those who love scope andprefers large plants, there are special house trees. The most common are nolina, also known as elephant's foot for its shape, howea, dracaena and other palms. Nolina looks impressive in offices and living rooms - on a thick high trunk there is a voluminous massive crown of thin long leaves hanging down. Even though it is a full-fledged tree, it also falls into the "potted flowers" category. Moscow offers the widest range of such specimens in its florist shops.

Features of keeping palm trees are that they do not require significant care, while a priori they look luxurious and rich, completing the image of the interior.

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