Do-it-yourself soundproofing arches

Do-it-yourself soundproofing arches
Do-it-yourself soundproofing arches

One of the most annoying things that happens while driving is suspension noise coming from under the wheel arches. This is especially noticeable on domestic cars, where sound insulation is the most ineffective. Therefore, today we will look at how the soundproofing of arches is done with our own hands.

do-it-yourself arches

It should be noted that now there are several ways of sound and vibration isolation of a car, but we will consider one of the most effective and popular methods today, which is called "do-it-yourself soundproofing of arches with fender liner processing".

So what do we need to do?

To begin with, you should make an external processing of the body. But before doing this, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate set of tools and, of course, soundproofing material. In the course of work, we will need to apply rubber-bitumen mastic and soundproofing sheets. In addition, we need to have a roller, gloves (preferably rubber) and a brush in order to apply the mastic.

DIY arch extensions

Now you can get to work. At the first stage, do-it-yourself soundproofing of the arches is accompanied by the preparation of the surface of the car body for processing. Here it is necessary to thoroughly clean everything from dust, dirt and other dirty materials. At the end, the arch should be treated with acetone to degrease its surface. It should be noted that this place in the car is the most polluted, since it is there that all the garbage coming from under the tire tread gets there. Therefore, it is necessary to work on surface preparation for at least an hour. Then this place is washed out, and after a few minutes, when the water dries out (you can use a hair dryer or a fan to speed up this process), you can safely start applying bitumen. It should be noted that everything needs to be cleaned from the arches, even the factory insulating material. Otherwise, our sound insulation will simply crumble in the next few kilometers.

Now the matter is small. We dip a brush into a container with mastic and bitumen and process our surface. You can apply the material in several layers, this will only improve the sound-absorbing quality of the arches.

What about fender liner?

We also process them with bitumen using a similar technology. Note that it is not at all necessary to soundproof the arch extensions with your own hands, since the result from this will be almost minimal. In this way, the bitumen will serve as an acoustic barrier, thereby repelling all outside noise coming from under the chassis of the vehicle. It should also be noted that if youapply vibration isolation material, pre-treat it with Splen, which will prolong the effectiveness and properties of this material.

do-it-yourself soundproofing of arches

What will we get as a result?

Do-it-yourself soundproofing of the arches is a very effective process, because after all the above work is done, the impact of noise coming from the road, and in particular the suspension of the car, will decrease by at least 20-30 percent.

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