Furniture polishes - what is it?

Furniture polishes - what is it?
Furniture polishes - what is it?

It can be quite difficult to keep the look of wooden furniture the way it was when you bought it. Indeed, in everyday life, the surface of tables and cabinets is often subjected to deformations, cracks and chips form on it. But an even bigger problem is the ever-setting dust. How to deal with this problem? You will learn about this in our article.

What are furniture polishes?

The variety of household chemicals on the shelves of supermarkets is simply amazing. But furniture polishes deserve special attention. These products are designed to give wooden furniture and interior items a shine and a smooth surface. In this case, various damages become less noticeable.

Furniture polishes are available in both cream and aerosol form. The latter are much more popular. After all, the aerosol is more convenient to use and spray on large surfaces. In order to achieve a glossy effect, special microfiber cloths are used. This material allows you to evenly distribute the product on the surface of the furniture, without leaving streaks.

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The great advantage of wooden furniture care products is that they have an antistatic effect. That is, dust will not accumulate on the surface as quickly as when wiping with an ordinary damp cloth. In addition, the composition of the furniture polish includes waxes, oils, fatty acid amides and emulsifiers, which provide a perfectly smooth finish. And various fragrances eliminate unpleasant odors.

How to use polish correctly?

Use the product only on a clean surface. To do this, the furniture must first be wiped and dried. If you are using an aerosol, then spray the polish at a distance of 30 centimeters from the surface. This will allow you to capture a large area at once. Whereas the cream should be applied directly to a rag or sponge.

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Furniture polish should be rubbed over wood until it is shiny and smooth. This usually takes no more than five minutes.

How long does the polish last?

According to the housewives, after using the product, you can forget about the formation of dust for at least a week. Strong antistatic effect keeps furniture clean for a long time. If we talk about the gloss and smoothness of the surface, then it all depends on its operation. For example, wooden cabinets can be processed once a month. Whereas dining tables require weekly maintenance.

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