Halogen light bulb: advantages and device

Halogen light bulb: advantages and device
Halogen light bulb: advantages and device

Today it is difficult to imagine life without the use of halogen bulbs. These products in their structure, characteristics and principle are in many ways reminiscent of conventional classic incandescent devices, but there is still a significant difference.

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This is the gas that fills a halogen light bulb, which includes various additives of bromine, chlorine, iodine. The use of such additives allows you to get rid of the darkening effect of the flask, which is subject to conventional devices. Currently, due to their positive characteristics, halogen bulbs are widely used in many industries.

Some types of products may not have a large enough volume of the flask. In this case, resort to the use of elite halogens as a filler, such as xenon. There is also a second way to solve the problem: increase the level of gas pressure.

A halogen bulb has a special principle of operation, which consists in creating special compounds on the walls of the bulb. AtWhen switched on, gases decompose, and evaporated tungsten atoms take their place. The result is a tungsten halogen compound.

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In the latest light bulbs, methyl and methylene bromide are increasingly used as chemical compounds. This is done due to the fact that iodine enters into aggressive reactions with various metal elements of the lamps, and the use of alternative halogens did not solve the problem, since they are even more aggressive.

If we talk about quality characteristics, then the halogen bulb has a longer service life than the classic options. This indicator is about 2-4 thousand hours, which exceeds the life of conventional incandescent devices by 3-4 times. The soft start of the products allows them to be used even longer.

Halogen bulb produces optimal light output and consumes significantly less energy. The quartz flask allows you to protect the elements of the lamp from mechanical damage and temperature extremes. With a compact size, LED home light bulbs are more convenient and comfortable to use.

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Due to the development of technology, new developments of halogen lamps are emerging. One of the novelties are devices that are covered with a special layer that reflects infrared radiation. Such products are characterized by extraordinary light output: the coating allows you to reflect invisible radiation, while passing visible light at the same time.These processes lead to significant heating of the coil, which reduces the current supply. This principle of operation leads to significant cost savings.

The areas of application of halogen bulbs depend on the specific types of devices used. They can equally well be used to illuminate rooms or open areas. Halogens allow you to emphasize certain parts of the interior, they are installed in outdoor appliances, used to illuminate shop windows, shopping centers, restaurants and shops.

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