Podium in the bedroom: design options, pros and cons

Podium in the bedroom: design options, pros and cons
Podium in the bedroom: design options, pros and cons

The original and practical design of the apartment is a priority for all households. The presence of a podium in the bedroom, the photo of which is presented in the review, simultaneously solves many issues. The room immediately takes on a modern look, space is significantly saved, and the problem with storing bedding disappears. You can make a podium with your own hands, if you delve into the principle of building this original design.

Compact bedroom design

More and more people of different ages prefer to use this original design in the interior. The podium in the bedroom gives the room style, brings its original flavor, adding a sense of coziness and comfort. The podium significantly saves square meters, leaving free space around it. It allows you to keep the bedroom clean, because all the necessary things fit perfectly in the niches of the bed. This design isa favorite place for kids, as it can serve as an island for exciting games.

Podium in the interior of the bedroom

Podium Virtues

Podium in the bedroom has multiple benefits. These include:

  1. Zoning. The room is divided into conditional zones, where there is a separate space without boundary contours. With the help of the installed bed on the podium, there will be a natural visual restriction in the interior.
  2. Space saving. This design will help save space for the sleeping area or children's games. Particularly relevant will be the installation of a podium in the bedroom, nursery and living room.
  3. Practicality and versatility. Very convenient is the option in which you can easily hide bedding, things and objects necessary in everyday life. The podium is also useful to hide various communications in the form of pipes or wires under electrical outlets.
  4. Easy installation. With ready-made parts and fasteners available, you can quickly and reliably make a do-it-yourself podium in the bedroom.
  5. Affordable price. Since it is possible to independently choose materials to your liking, the price of such a product can be relatively low.
  6. Aesthetics. The room, in which there is a catwalk bed, looks stylish and elegant, and also acquires a certain mood.
Bed podium low ceiling

Podium Flaws

Before you decide on the podium, you should evaluate all the possible disadvantages of this design. Amongthem:

  1. Space limitation. Paradoxical as it may seem, but the podium in the bedroom both increases and reduces space at the same time. On such a small island, you get a whole room with its own style and structure. The presence of furniture should not interfere with the passage.
  2. The impossibility of permutation. Furniture placed on this structure can no longer move freely throughout the room. If you want to move the bed to the other side, some of the legs may not fit on this island. It may also not fit a nightstand or coffee table not provided in advance.
  3. Ceiling height limitation. It is not recommended to install podiums in apartments with low ceilings. This design will look like a niche in the wall. Yes, and sleeping under a ceiling hanging over your head will not be very comfortable.
  4. The presence of steps. The podium should be abandoned for people who find it difficult to climb the stairs. Even the presence of one barrier will be an insurmountable daily obstacle for the elderly or with the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  5. Traumatic danger. If the step (or several steps) are too sharp at the corners, the household cannot avoid leg injuries (especially children or elderly residents). To prevent this from happening, you need to carefully consider the shape of the steps or cover the ladder with a carpet.
Small bedroom podium

Types of catwalk beds

The podium in the interior of the bedroom can be different both in appearance and inassembly designs. There are the following types of catwalk beds:

  • Monolithic. They consist of a wooden formwork filled with concrete. This design is durable, but very heavy.
  • Frame. These are steel or wooden structures that are assembled on the floor. Are the most common catwalk models.
  • Retractable. Models from the frame of which beds (or one bed) are pulled out. A children's corner or workplace is set up on the podium.
Bed-podium in the bedroom

Selection of materials and tools

Podium in the bedroom can be used for various purposes. There are the following target types of podiums:

  • technical - for storing things and hiding communications;
  • decorative - for zoning;
  • combined - to combine different functions.

Depending on the purpose, the necessary material is selected. The most requested is:

  • MDF;
  • chipboard;
  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • carpet;
  • corners;
  • metal profiles;
  • fabric stickers.

To work, you will need the following tools:

  • electric drill;
  • saw;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • fasteners;
  • glue.
Advantages of the podium

Podium qualities

When choosing a catwalk model, you should pay attention to the following qualities:

  1. Material. It must be environmentallysafe and durable.
  2. Weight. The finished structure must be designed for the weight of two adults (approximately about 100 kg).
  3. Height. It is necessary to calculate the distance from the podium to the ceiling so that a person standing at full height does not rest his head on the ceiling or the base of the second tier.
  4. If there are niches, the height of the podium should not exceed forty centimeters.
  5. If the height of the structure itself exceeds forty centimeters, it is necessary to install steps that will facilitate the ascent.

Interior style

The podium in a small bedroom should harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room. It is very important to correctly choose a bed according to style and in no case mix different styles (this is only possible for large areas). The choice of color of the box should match the color of the flooring so that they are perceived as one concept. The podium itself is a kind of accent of the room, so it is not worth highlighting it. In a small room, it is recommended to prefer a light color scheme, as it visually makes the bedroom look larger.

Beautiful podium in the bedroom

Design for a small bedroom

To make the podium bed in a small bedroom comfortable and practical, you need to take care of choosing the right model. This may be a permanent dedicated space or a temporarily retractable sleeping surface. Hosts should carefully consider which of the proposed options will be optimal for a small area.

Stationary bedassumes the presence of a podium with a mattress, which will ensure he althy sleep in a comfortable position for at least two people. A bed frame protruding from both sides of the bed will give you the opportunity to place coffee, tea, books or phones.

The retractable bed allows you to fully relax at night and use the space during the day. A place is set above the mattress for a work area or for children's games, which is especially true for a room with a small area.

Step-by-step instructions for making a podium (video)

After getting acquainted with the undoubted advantages of the podium, you need to start realizing your dream. If there is no desire to take risks, it is worth inviting the masters. Now in any construction company there are qualified workers who will help you select materials and advise on the chosen model. In no case should you stop the desire to cope with the work yourself. It is necessary to carefully measure everything, think over and boldly get down to business. A bed built with your own hands will please the owners for a long time, bringing them pleasure.

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