False ceiling installation: technology, types, device

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False ceiling installation: technology, types, device
False ceiling installation: technology, types, device

In the process of carrying out repairs in an apartment or a private house, various designs of suspended ceilings are used. This allows you to create a beautiful, perfectly flat surface and hide all defects in the base. The choice of varieties of such structures is great. How to install a false ceiling of different types will be discussed in the article.

General Description

Installation of a false ceiling made of panels, rails and other materials is simple. This work can be done even by a novice master. Moreover, this type of finish is relatively inexpensive. Suspended ceiling is a practical design that is suitable for different rooms. Such structures are mounted both in residential and public buildings.

Installation of suspended rack ceiling

Suspended ceilings allow you to hide unseemly communications, ventilation. The interior only benefits from this. A large selection of materials, designs allows you to create a finish that harmoniously fits into the overall style of the room.The interior will look stylish, original.

Suspended ceilings have many advantages. The materials from which the structure is assembled are resistant to adverse environmental influences. They can be installed at any time of the year. Since the base will be covered by a false ceiling, it does not need to be additionally prepared for installation. You can save a lot on the purchase of putty and primer.

A large selection of different colors and textures of plates, rails and other types of finishes allows you to create an original design. There are both mirror and glossy, matte surfaces. In this case, you can create multi-level ceilings, the configuration of which you can create yourself.

Installation of luminaires in a false ceiling opens up a wide field for creativity. It is possible to perform zoning indoors with the help of lamps, diode strips. The material from which the finish is made is not flammable. It will also perform the function of soundproofing. The disadvantage of this type of construction is the fact that they cannot be installed in rooms with a low ceiling. It will shrink by at least another 15 cm or more.


There are several varieties of suspended ceilings. They are made from different materials. There are several designs on sale that are made of aluminum. It can be rack, cassette ceiling, as well as grilyato designs. Installation of a suspended aluminum ceiling does not cause difficulties even for a novice master.

Suspended mounting technologyceilings

Aluminum ceilings are lightweight. This allows the use of relatively inexpensive rails during installation. Their surface can imitate gold, silver. There are varieties of finishes that have the texture of wood. The choice of shades is great.

Armstrong type ceilings are no less popular. This type of finish is made from mineral raw materials. Therefore, the finish is environmentally friendly as well as aesthetic.

Installation of the Armstrong false ceiling is also very simple. If necessary, one of the plates can be replaced or removed without tools. This allows you to quickly access communications. The disadvantage of this type of finish is the low resistance to moisture. Therefore, this type of finish is not used in the bathroom or kitchen. In the bedroom, nursery or living room, this will be one of the best materials. It creates an additional barrier to sound. External noise will not enter the room.

Also often in apartments and houses they equip suspended ceilings made of plasterboard or PVC boards. This is a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-install type of structure. Drywall has high environmental performance. There are varieties that are resistant to moisture or high temperatures. Therefore, the scope of this material is large.

PVC boards are also relatively inexpensive. At the same time, the choice of textures, shades and patterns for such ceilings has a huge amount. The material does not absorb moisture. It can be installed in the kitchen or bathroomroom.

Rack ceiling

It is quite easy to do the installation of a rack suspended ceiling with your own hands. This type of construction is distinguished by a special fastening system. At the same time, the seams on the surface are almost invisible. This allows you to perform high-quality finishing of the ceiling in a spacious room. At the same time, the ceiling covering looks monolithic.

On sale are rails with a width of 2.5 to 15 cm. Their length can reach 6 m. This allows you to mount such a system in rooms of different sizes. To install this type of ceiling, you will need to markup. For this, a laser level is most often used.

PVC false ceiling installation

Installation of a suspended rack ceiling should begin with the marking of the line along the perimeter of the wall. This will be the bottom border of the finish. Usually, such a ceiling is created at a level of 5 cm from the base. Next, install the corners on the walls. To do this, they are applied to the wall and make notes. Holes are drilled at the indicated points. Dowels are inserted into them. Next, the guides are fixed.

After that, a guide profile is installed. It should be 40 cm from the wall. The distance between subsequent guides should be about 1 m. Next, you need to install spring suspensions. They will prevent sagging of the ceiling material. After that, it will be possible to securely fix the frame.

Next, you need to install one edge of the rail on the wall corner. It must be fully pushed to the wall. The second end must be inserted into the corner on the opposite side. Reikoneed to be fixed in the guide.

Cassette ceiling

Having studied the technology of how the suspended rack ceiling is installed, you need to consider another option for installing an aluminum ceiling. This is a cassette type finish. This material will look good in the kitchen, bathroom. It is also mounted on the terrace, in the pool. The surface has a cellular structure. If necessary, you can replace one or more failed elements.

Installation of a luminaire in a suspended ceiling

Installation of this type of finish is also easy. First, the ceiling is marked. At the selected level, you need to mount the carrier profile. It is fixed with screws. This frame must support the weight of the structure. Therefore, the choice of guides is taken responsibly.

Suspended ceiling installation technology involves installation under a coating of electrical communications slabs. They need to be laid before the frame and the flow itself are mounted. It needs to be properly assembled.

It is necessary to mount the transverse and longitudinal guides perpendicularly. This takes into account the size of the cassettes. The angle of intersection of the guides must be clearly 90º. Otherwise, the ceiling cannot be properly mounted. You also need to fasten the frame profiles to each other. This will give the structure the necessary rigidity.

In the cells that will be created when crossing the rails, you need to install aluminum cassettes. This is a simple job. The ceiling will look original and very beautiful.

Grilyato ceiling

The installation of a grilyato false ceiling deserves special consideration. This type of suspended structures consists of frame rails. They can have a length of 60 to 240 cm. At the same time, the design has special connecting inserts.

There are many varieties of grillato ceilings. These include standard, pyramid, blinds, multi-level grilles, as well as designs with a non-standard cell type.

To mount this type of suspended aluminum ceiling, you will also need to mark the perimeter of the walls. A corner is fixed along this line. It is also called molding. Next, the longitudinal guides are fixed. They are made in the form of the letter "T". The length of these profiles is up to 2.5 m. The transverse guides in the form of the letter "T" can be up to 60 cm long.

After the installation of such guides, the installation of spring hangers is carried out. With their help, you can align the entire structure. After that, you can assemble the cellular modules. They consist of profiles and have a U-shaped cutout. After that, you can proceed with the installation of the guides.

Suspended ceilings "Armstrong"

Do-it-yourself installation of the Armstrong suspended ceiling requires the consistent implementation of all instructions. First you need to measure the height of the ceilings in the room. Next is the markup. If fixtures and ventilation are installed in the ceiling, you must first create a floor plan. The calculation is carried out according to a special system.

Do-it-yourself Armstrong false ceiling installation

Firstyou need to find out what dimensions the plates have. Usually they are square in shape, but there are other varieties. It is necessary to divide the length of the room by the length of the side of one plate. The result may be a remainder. It will be less than the length of the tile. It must be divided by 2. Exactly so many centimeters on each side of the wall must be retreated so that the plates are arranged symmetrically. The same calculation is performed for the width of the wall.

After marking in accordance with the drawn up plan, an angular profile is installed. For this, dowels are used. Their step should be about 50 cm.

Installation of suspended ceiling "Armstrong" is carried out with the help of special suspensions. They are attached to the rough base with anchors. This allows you to fix suspensions with rods in the sections corresponding to the plan.

After that, you can mount the profile in the form of the letter "T". They should be basic, as well as longitudinal and transverse. After that, the cells will be mounted. They need to invest plates. Those structural elements that are adjacent to the wall. It needs to be cut according to the dimensions of the cell.

Features of mounting the flow "Armstrong"

Installation of false ceiling "Armstrong" involves the installation of fixtures. Structural elements in which spotlights will be mounted are installed first. Lamps must be inserted into a plate of mineral material. Then they are connected to the network.

It is worth considering that if the weight of the fixtures is large, the cells need to be further strengthened. For this, the designsewn to the ceiling separately in the place where the heavy plate will be installed. This is required by the safety regulations for the operation of the ceiling. To connect the fixtures, all communications must be laid in advance. Only terminals for connection should remain in the established places.

It should also be noted that the installation of such a design is carried out only after the completion of all finishing processes that can increase the humidity in the room. Finishing material can absorb moisture and swell. This will require additional costs for the purchase of a new finish for the ceiling. Indoor temperature should not fall below +15ºС. The humidity limit is 70%.

GKL ceiling

Installation of a suspended plasterboard ceiling can be done independently. This is one of the most popular finishes. The material has many advantages. Installation does not take much time. You can assemble the structure in the shortest possible time. In this case, you can develop a multi-level ceiling of any configuration.

False ceiling installation

Finish may vary. Drywall allows you to create a perfectly flat surface. It can be painted, plastered or pasted over with other decorative materials. The choice depends on the style of the interior and the taste preferences of the owners of the house. You can combine such a ceiling with stretch fabrics. It turns out a beautiful finish for almost any room.

When designing a suspended plasterboard ceiling, you can think of a visual distinctionspace. This creates a certain decorative effect. In this case, you can choose drywall that will best meet the operational requirements.

On sale is this type of material, which has different qualities. There is a standard, waterproof, fireproof drywall.

When working, you must adhere to the conditions that require a particular type of material. Standard drywall should be installed in a room with a normal level of humidity. This indicator should not be higher than 60%.

Installation of drywall on the frame

Installation of a suspended plasterboard ceiling is also carried out according to the markup. If lamps are built into the structure, the distance from the surface of the finishing material to the base must be at least 10 cm. If the lamps are not installed in drywall, the ceiling may be 5 cm away from the ceiling.

Plasterboard suspended ceiling installation

A guide profile must be mounted around the perimeter of the room. They are fixed with dowels in increments of 45 cm. Next, a ceiling profile is installed. It is fixed with hangers. Cross jumpers are installed and fixed with crabs. The step should be 60 cm. In this case, the design will be quite rigid. For a narrow room, the use of transverse rails is optional.

Next, you need to cut sheets of drywall with a construction knife. The ends must be cleaned with sandpaper. Also, in accordance with the developed plan, you need to make holes in the plates for subsequentinstallation of lamps. Using self-tapping screws, the sheets are fixed to the prepared profile structure. Joints must be carefully treated with putty. After that, you can finish finishing.

PVC board ceiling

Installation of a false ceiling made of PVC boards is also a fairly simple procedure. This design resembles cassette systems in its appearance. In this case, a frame of guides is mounted. Plates are placed in the resulting cells. Only in this case they will be made not of metal, but of plastic.

This type of finish is lightweight. Therefore, the requirements for guides are minimal. The choice of textures, shades and patterns of such material is very large. At the same time, the cost of a ceiling made of PVC plates is the most acceptable. Therefore, such material is popular today. He is not afraid of moisture. Therefore, they can be mounted in wet rooms. Before installing such plates, you need to treat the surface of the draft ceiling with an antiseptic against fungus.

After considering how the installation of various types of false ceiling is carried out, you can install it yourself.

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