"Position" - desk-transformer: manufacturer reviews

"Position" - desk-transformer: manufacturer reviews
"Position" - desk-transformer: manufacturer reviews

All families with children sooner or later face the problem: where will the child learn lessons? Let's put him at my father's desk - he barely peeks out from behind the tabletop, and when he starts to write, he bends to the side, and sits there, earning scoliosis. The kitchen table is lower, but there is a risk of soiling the notebooks. Yes, and to teach a child to cook lessons at the kitchen table, then? knowingly show him that study is something frivolous and unimportant. Where to seat the child so that it is convenient and interesting for him to study? This is where the growing Posture Desk comes in handy.

Requirements for home desks

Home desks for children should be:

  • comfortable, orthopedic;
  • high-quality, made from environmentally friendly materials;
  • durable, that is, "growing" with children;
  • beautiful;
  • inexpensive.
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It is easy to buy high-quality furniture for schoolchildren. Her choice is quite wide. But the price often "bites", exceeding 25 thousand rubles. Therefore, many parents are looking for budget options. Perhaps they are not as bright and high quality as expensive imported ones.models, but quite reliable and comfortable.


Among brands, Indigo, Posture, Astek, Ikea, Smile, Evolife, Demi, Libao, IQ are called inexpensive desks.

The cheapest Indigo tables. But they are very unpretentious, no design or convenience. But the price is a little more than 2 thousand rubles.

More expensive, but better quality furniture "Dami". They create furniture of interesting and varied designs. A table without a drawer will cost about 9 thousand rubles, and with a set of boxes - more than 14 thousand rubles.

Astek furniture is similar in quality and design to Demi, but cheaper.

"Libao" small size can be bought for 3.5 thousand rubles. It features plastic tops and a bookcase.

Interesting and stylish furniture from IQ and Chinese manufacturer Evolife. The plastic construction elements are brightly colored.


Natural wood furniture is environmentally friendly, but expensive (“School boy” can be bought for more than 13 thousand rubles). Therefore, for budget models, wood-shaving materials are used. This is acceptable. It is only necessary that they comply with existing standards.

Transformer desk "Posture"

The school desk of the brand "Position" combines the quality of "Demi" and a low price. These are products of the middle price class, closer to the cheap ones. "Position" - a school desk designed for home use. There are various models of these products on sale. First, they differ in size. These are Posture-mini, Posture-80, Posture-120. Secondly, in each of these series there are severalmodifications.

  • "Posanka-mini" has one drawer. The width of the desk is 1 m, the depth is 50 cm. The price is about 4 thousand rubles.
  • "Posture 80" 80 cm wide without a drawer, but with a pencil case for pens, pencils and other stationery. The price is about 5 thousand rubles. As a gift to the desk you can get a chair on a rectangular tube.
  • Posture 120, 53.5 cm deep, comes with a pencil case. Can have 2 drawers (model 120T and 120K). In addition, 120K has two countertops, 2 drawers and a shelf to accommodate the keyboard. The 120T desk comes with an adjustable flat oval chair as a gift, and the Prestige chair comes with the 120K desk.
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The tabletop of all transforming desks is made of maple or alder chipboard. The metal structure is powder coated in grey, red and green.

The height of the desk is adjustable from 52 to 82 cm. And children and teenagers from 115 to 185 cm tall can sit at it.

Manufacturers do not stand still. New models are constantly being developed and the posture desk is being improved


The transforming school desk is supplied by the Moscow company Kvorus, and the Vital furniture factory, which is part of Rosmetal LLC, manufactures.

Quorus was founded at the end of the last century. Since 2008, she has been a representative of Rosmetall LLC, which manufactures and supplies school and preschool furniture in Moscow and many regions. These are not only desks of different configurations. There are several types of chairs, from simple to computer, various bedside tables andcases for books and other educational supplies.

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Why did a serious enterprise start producing such, at first glance, not very important products as the school desk "Position". The manufacturer from Rosmetall explains this by saying that they understand how important it is to give children the opportunity to grow up he althy. After all, a school desk must meet many requirements. It must be safe, that is, made of high-quality material, including metal. Furniture "Position" complies with GOST 5995-93 and 22046-02.

When designing a table, there are a lot of design decisions to make. These are the dimensions, and the distance from the child's eyes to the tabletop, and the angle of its inclination for performing various educational tasks. Therefore, only specialists should design it.

Produce furniture on modern plant equipment using innovative technologies. All metal elements are coated with a special agent that allows you to preserve the appearance of the furniture for a long time. Impact-resistant ABS edge, 2 mm thick at the ends, protects furniture and children from shock and injury.

Consider also the optimal rigidity of the furniture. It should not be too soft, but it should be comfortable to sit behind it. No wonder the furniture is called "Posture".

All models of Posture desks have patents and all the necessary documentation.

There are now many fake Posture desks that do not meet quality standards. Therefore, the website of Rosmetall LLC contains information about manufacturers and suppliers.


Desk-transformer "Position" is quite light. This allows the child to move it to the right place. But there is also the danger of injury. Manufacturers warn parents, and they must explain to children that climbing onto a desk or cabinet is dangerous. After all, having a light weight, they can tip over and injure the child.

Desk transformer posture

The manufacturer has set a 5-year warranty for desks. But consumer feedback suggests that one such desk is usually enough for the entire time in school.

But kids grow up and they need to buy a taller model. It turns out that "Position" is a desk that grows with the child. By turning the special latches, you can raise the countertop by the desired number of centimeters. And in order not to do this blindly, there is a special scale on the leg of the desk indicating the estimated age of the child.


In order to use the desk was convenient, it must be transformed in different directions. The tabletop of such desks tilts with the help of a special mechanism in 13 stages. As a result, it can change the angle of inclination up to 55 degrees. In the extreme position, the posture transformer is used as an easel. User reviews indicate that children really enjoy drawing at this table.

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This is not all the transformations that can be done with the desk. Shelves can be installed on the left or right side.

Pricing policy

"Posture" -pair is relatively inexpensive. Customer reviews indicate that it is almost two and a half times cheaper than a similar Demi desk. But the manufacturer and suppliers also offer a flexible system of discounts for regular and wholesale customers. In addition, furniture can be purchased in installments at half the price. It is provided for a period of 3 months to six months. Not for sale in installments, only the Posture-mini desk.


Parents love the growing posture desk. Reviews say that it helps children avoid scoliosis or get rid of its manifestations. They say that the desk is easily transformed. They also like the fact that it is comfortable, does not take up much space.

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Children also like the posture desk. Reviews say that they are happy to follow her, doing homework or playing. They say that the desk can be completed with a bookend and a grid for the bag. But you need to buy them separately.

It also has disadvantages of the posture desk. Reviews indicate that it would not hurt to equip the table with a side, into which all objects sliding in an inclined position will fall.

Some wholesale buyers complain to suppliers that desks were not delivered for a long time. There are no complaints about the quality of the furniture itself.

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