Glue guns: rating, review, purpose, manufacturers

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Glue guns: rating, review, purpose, manufacturers
Glue guns: rating, review, purpose, manufacturers

The rating of glue guns below will allow you to determine the appropriate modification for professional workers or domestic use. The unique tool makes it possible to connect places that are difficult to fix with other devices. Thermal versions function by heating a special binder composition, providing sealing, filling joints and reliable fixation of elements. The device is often used in the construction and household industries, including needlework.

Glue gun


What glues the glue gun? This tool is used for the following purposes:

  • manufacture of souvenirs, crafts and other creative products;
  • joining small elements with other surfaces;
  • room decoration;
  • filling voids in the necessary places;
  • clutching broken home appliances including cups and furniture accessories;
  • construction manipulations related to fixing finishing and decorative details;
  • furniture assembly.

The device is safe, as it is used in various fields, including for children's creativity. The product is easy to use and does not require special skills. With this device, various materials are glued together in a few minutes. The result is durable, the seams are not afraid of moisture, resistant to physical deformation. In addition, the substance is completely safe, does not harm he alth.

How to choose a glue gun?

When choosing the indicated tool, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. A variety of food. There are modifications that run on batteries, as well as versions that are equipped with a standard or removable cable. Some devices are suitable for indoor use, others are designed for outdoor use.
  2. A measure of performance. It varies from 5 to 30 grams per minute. For homemade and needlework, the minimum power will be enough. In professional terms, it is better to pay attention to glue guns 11 mm and more powerful.
  3. Dimensions. The cultivated area directly depends on them, which is especially important when connecting hard-to-reach areas.

Below is a ranking of the best manufacturers of household and professional modifications.

Top 5 household versions

There are many variations of units on the market aimed at carrying out design work and decorating. They differ from professional analogues in their reduced size, thin rods andthe ability to use the composition of different colors, including various additions such as sparkles.

Rating of glue guns among household versions:

  1. DREMEL 930-18. American brand, produced in Taiwan, complete with brilliant cartridges (estimated price - from 1, 4 thousand rubles).
  2. KOLNER KGG. The model is characterized by fast heating and high power (from 400 rubles).
  3. MASTERHAND. Chinese budget modification (from 250 rubles).
  4. UHU CREATIV. Quality German glue gun. Price - from 900 rubles.
  5. HOBBY AND PRO. Domestic high-temperature version for needlework (from 700 rubles).


The Dremel glue gun is designed specifically for "folk art". The device is not intended for use in construction and design repairs, as it is adapted specifically for decoration. It takes about five minutes to heat up the tool, the operating temperature is 165 degrees Celsius. Efficient operation is guaranteed by a wide range of settings. Among other advantages of the unit is the presence of a metal tip.

Based on consumer feedback, it can be argued that the Dremel 930-18 glue gun fixes workpieces of any size with high quality, while not being difficult to operate. Design features do not allow the case to heat up. The set provides a large number of different nozzles, the working diameter of the rod is seven millimeters. The benefits include the availability of a variety of replaceable cartridges, reliability andease of operation. Among the minuses - a rather high price and a short network cable.

Dremel glue gun


Deserved place in the ranking of glue guns is this model. The device is perfect for needlework and minimal household manipulations. The kit includes a pair of 11mm rods and nozzles in the form of special nozzles. Heating of the working part with a power of 60 watts ensures the preparation of the tool for work in 1-2 minutes. In addition to the external original design, the gun is distinguished by the ability to connect any surfaces, including uneven and rough workpieces.

The device operates from the mains, the two-meter cord length guarantees freedom of movement. The modification is equipped with a special stand, which provides convenience during operation. Maximum thermal regime - 300 degrees, weight - 300 grams. The advantages of the product include a convenient configuration, decent equipment, affordable price. The disadvantages include the lack of a temperature controller.


Despite the budget segment, this model is among the best glue guns for good reason. The version in terms of parameters is in no way inferior to its competitors, it operates at a heating temperature of up to 120 degrees, it is brought into working condition in 3-4 minutes. The compact size of the tool allows it to be used for fixing the smallest parts in hard-to-reach places.

The size of the device is smaller than the human palm, which allows women and children to work with it. This composition is adaptedfor fixing most surfaces from various materials. Spare refill included.

Benefits include:

  • affordable cost;
  • fast heating;
  • ease of use;
  • compactness.

Among the shortcomings are the poor quality of the body materials, the possibility of leakage of the mixture from the tip.

Defort glue gun


The German glue gun is classified as a low-temperature device. The operating temperature is 110 degrees Celsius. The design features of the unit ensure the adhesion strength of the treated surfaces and the safety of their operation. The device fits easily in the hand, has compact dimensions and low weight. Benefits include:

  • Ease of use when working with small items;
  • optimum match for decorating and crafting materials;
  • fast drying;
  • heating the working tip in 2-3 minutes;
  • can be used on uneven surfaces;
  • reliable and practical.

Users did not notice any particular shortcomings.


One of the best household glue guns will be a real find for lovers of any kind of decoration and handicrafts. The enlarged shaft allows you to securely fix materials such as paper, cardboard, plywood, and the like.


  • goodergonomics;
  • affordable price;
  • presence of a convenient stand;
  • protective compartment against the flow of the composition;
  • resistance to any type of wear.
Glue gun photo

Professional glue guns

The equipment in question can be used indoors, without the need for ventilation, unlike a standard building device. This is not the most insignificant moment during construction. The operation of such a tool saves time and money, since the rods are much cheaper than the usual glue. Thanks to precise application, consumption is minimized. The quality of the result depends on the performance of the device.

The ranking below shows the best spec glue guns from the most trusted manufacturers:

  1. Hammer GN-05. Chinese product, characterized by an optimal combination of price / quality parameters (from 700 rubles).
  2. DEFORT DGG-50N-K. The model is versatile and well equipped (from 1.3 thousand rubles).
  3. STAVR PK-11/100. Light weight, compact size and affordable price (from 600 rubles).
  4. STEINEL NEO. Original design, German quality (from 3 thousand rubles).
  5. DREMEL 910 JC. Ease of use and high performance (from 1, 1 thousand rubles).
  6. BOSCH PKP. High-precision application of glue (from 2,1 thousand rubles).

Hammer GN

Parameters and features of the tool:

  • design - T-shaped;
  • working power – 80Tue;
  • rod in diameter - 11.2 mm;
  • working temperature - 190 degrees Celsius;
  • mains powered;
  • weight – 0.4 kg;
  • number of modes - one.

Hammer glue gun belongs to semi-professional models, can be used in construction work and to create handicraft masterpieces. At the same time, the model is safe and reliable.


We continue the review of glue guns with a description of this brand, which is suitable for minor household repairs and creating crafts. The popularity of the modification is due to its versatility and reliability. The heating rate is no more than two minutes. High build quality and low weight (0.3 kg) are additional advantages of the tool in question. In addition, the gun has an original design and a variety of colors.

DeFort DGG-50N-K equipment:

  • six types of rods;
  • a pair of interchangeable nozzles;
  • comfortable plastic stand;
  • size of rods in diameter - from 11 mm;
  • power - electrical network, the cord comes unfastened if necessary;
  • performance rate is 14 grams per minute.

Among the advantages, consumers note versatility, high quality, decent equipment and original types of colors. Cons - not very convenient case for transportation and storage.

STAVR PK-11/100

Further in the ranking of glue guns is the domestic model. It has good quality characteristics and low cost.The heating period is only 60 seconds, and the weight of the tool is 400 grams. The body of the unit is made of reinforced high-quality plastic, the device is activated using a special lever trigger on the body part. A light sensor indicates the limiting point of heating.

The advantages of this model include the following points:

  • performance - 16 grams per minute;
  • complete set with two additional rods and spare glass;
  • 20W power consumption;
  • the presence of a wire stop that allows you to put the device in breaks on a flat surface;
  • Affordable glue gun price;
  • reliability.

Among the minuses is the lack of a temperature regulator.

Glue gun Stavr

STEINEL NEO 1 334 109

So, in order to choose a glue gun, you need to take into account the main nuances of working with a particular product. These include the possibility of sealing the thinnest seams and the features of the material used. The Steinel Neo model is suitable for construction work and domestic use. Rods with a diameter of seven millimeters enable the most accurate application of the composition to any part of the workpiece. Users note that this gun is also convenient in operation because it does not block the view of the working area. The rechargeable battery is capable of withstanding 30 minutes of continuous operation and has an automatic shutdown.

The thoughtful design and compactness of the instrument in question guarantee its comfortable position in the hand,the battery is installed as comfortably as possible, does not interfere with various manipulations, the mass of the device is only 150 grams. The configuration of this model resembles a ballpoint pen, the adhesive composition is supplied by pressing a special button located on the body. As stated in the instructions, the glue gun does not leave drips and drops, it is reliable and safe. The disadvantages of users include a long battery charge (about three hours).

Household glue gun


This modification has received a lot of positive feedback from professional builders and DIY home decor enthusiasts. The lightweight body part of the modification makes it as convenient as possible to use. The unique handle configuration guarantees additional comfort. The device belongs to universal models, as it is suitable for construction operations and home use. With this fixture, you can join plastic, wood, glass and most other materials, regardless of the evenness of the surface being processed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Protecting the tip from dripping adhesive;
  • comfortable handle;
  • the presence of a special stand in the kit;
  • quick heating up with a maximum operating temperature of 165 degrees Celsius;
  • light weight (200 grams);
  • affordable price;
  • versatility.

Among the disadvantages is the high cost of consumables.


One ofThe most sought-after manufacturers of household and construction tools offer a glue gun with excellent technical parameters. The maximum operating temperature is 200 degrees, while the productivity is 20 grams per minute. Additional convenience is provided by drip protection and precise dosage of glue. The device is mains powered, equipped with a long cable.


  • compact and light weight;
  • capable of maintaining maximum temperature;
  • use for processing the most inaccessible places;
  • protection of the housing from heat;
  • metal tip.

Among the minuses is the high cost of the product.

Bosch glue gun


What glues the glue gun? Almost everything, but you need to follow some rules for its operation. These include:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the instruction supplied with the kit.
  2. Sufficient heating of the tool before applying the adhesive.
  3. Adjust trigger force to avoid over or under mix.
  4. After the device has cooled down, remove the remaining glue.
  5. The rod should only be changed when the gun is cold.

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