Suzuki DF6 motor: specifications and reviews

Suzuki DF6 motor: specifications and reviews
Suzuki DF6 motor: specifications and reviews

Suzuki outboard motors are very popular in the CIS countries. Only the deaf have not heard of Suzuki, which makes good quality cars and motorcycles. Outboard boat motors (PLM) from Suzuki have also received very great popularity. Both two-stroke and four-stroke models are of interest. Such engines are made in Thailand at Suzuki's own factory.

Suzuki DF6 outboard engine

Suzuki DF6 2016 release

There are many Suzuki 6 horsepower outboard motors. All of them are four-stroke and differ primarily in the year of production. Since the old engines are no longer relevant and only used ones can be purchased, we will talk about the new 2016 Suzuki DF6A model. The outboard motor of 2016 has many differences from the old versions in the design of both the engine itself and the hull and suspension. Suzuki engineers designed a completely new body and improved many parts that consumers did not like.

Changes also affected the engine block, the main advantage of which was the so-called non-spill. So consumers named these motors because of the innovations that allow this engine to be transported in any position (except as “upside down”). It became a hit in 2016 for all fans of water-motor equipment, because other manufacturers of four-stroke engines could not boast of transportation in any position. Owners of four-stroke outboard motors have suffered during transportation when they could not position their equipment while standing up and at the same time they could not lay it down otherwise due to the spillage of engine oil from the outboard crankcase into the trunk or inside of the car.

Outboard motor specifications

engine block

The Suzuki DF6 engine has decent power and a large margin of safety. A cylinder capacity of 138 cm3provides an honest 6 horsepower and a quick exit of the kit (boat / motor) into planing mode. The standard and at the same time reliable carburetor provides stable operation at any speed in the range of 4750-5750. At the same time, the carburetor can be adjusted: idle speed, mixture quality and quantity.

The motor has a manual starter familiar to all captains of small craft and engine speed control on the tiller. The designers of the Suzuki DF6 were not deprived of a primitive gearbox either. We have a neutral gear on board and forward / backward.

Included with the motor is both a remote tank for 20 liters and a built-in tank for 1 liter of fuel. The fuel for four-stroke engines is pureunleaded gasoline A95. Compared to two-strokes, you do not need to mix engine oil with gasoline.

As an option, you can buy and install a generator in each motor to charge batteries and power devices that consume 12V and 5A.

Features of the new Suzuki

The 2016 Suzuki DF6 outboard motor is at first glance almost identical to older Suzuki motors with six-horsepower competitors. This impression is erroneous. The developers of the new Suzuki DF6 were puzzled and created a truly perfect motor for their purposes. First of all, the changes affected the little things that an inexperienced captain would not even notice. The motor carrying handle was integrated into the plastic engine tray, thereby simplifying its carrying. The weight was reduced by exactly 1 kg. Total dry motor weighs 23 kg. The built-in fuel tank was placed above the carburetor so that gasoline would flow by gravity into the fuel line without any problems. At the same time, starting the Suzuki DF6 outboard motor is always simple and does not take much time.

Suzuki has developed a unique system against metal corrosion. The anti-corrosion coating is applied directly to the aluminium. The coating remains a company secret and protects the metal from corrosion in s alt water.

Fuel system and motor oils

Fuel tank

The fuel line in the Suzuki DF6 consists of high-quality tubes that do not deform under temperature changes and are not corroded by gasoline. Thus, using the motor at low temperatures or at strongheat, no need to worry about fuel pipes. It has already been mentioned above that it is best to use A95 unleaded gasoline. If you fill the tank with the 92nd or 98th gasoline, then the engine will start and go, but how long it can work on such fuel is unknown. It is advisable to listen to the manufacturer and pour into the tank exactly the fuel that is prescribed in the operating instructions and characteristics of the Suzuki DF6.

Don't forget about motor oils. Pouring low-quality oil or oil not for outboard motors into the crankcase is strictly prohibited (you can use such products only at your own peril and risk). The quality of the oil determines the smoke of your engine and the total number of hours that it can work. It is recommended to use high-quality oils for water-motor equipment of famous brands (Yamalube, Quicksilver, Motul).

Fuel consumption depends on the quality of gasoline and oil. The Suzuki DF6 has ridiculous fuel consumption and on the built-in 1 liter tank you can cover quite a large area of ​​water. It all depends on the pace of movement. The more you twist the tiller handle, the faster you run out of fuel. Consumption also depends on the geometry of the boat, headwind, passenger weight and current. Therefore, no one says exact numbers, but on average, the owner of a Suzuki DF6 can count on consumption of 1.2 liters per hour at average engine speeds.

Boat/motor kit

Outboard motors

Since the engine is most often purchased for movement in one person, the Suzuki DF6 goes tothe glider is quite easy, unscrewing only half the gas. The main criterion for fast movement is the calculation of the weight and power of the motor. The formula is quite simple - 25 kg per 1 horsepower. This means that the Suzuki DF6 outboard motor will be able to push about 150 kg on the gliding, but this figure is not final, because many factors affect it.

Ways to get on glide

An important role is played by the geometry of the boat. At the present time, PVC boats are very popular. For fast and confident PVC planing, the boat must be narrow and long. If for some reason the engine cannot push the boat onto the plane, you need to move closer to the bow of the boat. Weight distribution is reflected in the ride quality of the kit.

Fans of the so-called egoist kits (when the boat/motor kit is designed to move quickly with only one person) often install a hydrofoil on the anti-cavitation plate of the motor. Hydrofoils increase the area of ​​the anti-cavitation plate and thus the boat lifts its nose less during a sharp start and it is much easier to switch to planing mode. There are also tiller extensions. Most often they are telescopic and serve to control the motor while sitting on the bow of the boat (thereby, the distribution of weight in the boat is greatly simplified).

Opinion of owners

Suzuki 2007

The outboard motor in question is most often bought by fishermen who fish near the shore or raft on small rivers. For this reason, reviews of the Suzuki DF6 are rather scarce. About no nauticalThe qualities of this motor are out of the question. It's just that no one uses it on the high seas or in large reservoirs. Developing a high speed will not work either. The maximum speed under ideal conditions can reach 25-28 km per hour. For small rivers and lakes, these speeds are enough for the eyes, but for open reservoirs it is not enough.

Fishermen use Suzuki DF6 four-stroke motor for trolling. This type of fishing determines all the reviews about this motor. The main qualities are low fuel consumption at the minimum speed that this type of fishing requires, easy engine start and a slight return of vibrations to the angler's hand when fishing. Avid fishermen opt for the Suzuki DF6 due to the new suspension and tiller design. The tiller is attached to the motor in such a way that it practically does not transmit vibrations to the fisherman's hand when walking on water. A reliable starter and a trouble-free start both in frost and on a very hot day leaves no chance not to peck and not to acquire this miracle of engine building.

Breakdowns and repairs

Outboard motor Suzuki DF6

The main advantage of Suzuki is affordable prices for any components and the availability of any parts for all motors that are not discontinued. Of the causes of breakdowns, only inaccurate use can be distinguished. Sometimes the plastic breaks, the gear knob and the motor cap. All these types of breakdowns depend only on the owner.

Often inexperienced captains fly at full speed against the wind along a small river and do not notice the stranded or snags sticking outout of the water. As a rule, after such "rides" people order a new deadwood (boot) of the motor. For the same reasons propellers break and shafts bend. The main thing you need to understand is that anything can be broken. To prevent this from happening, you need to treat technology appropriately.

There are quite a lot of instructions for repairing a Suzuki DF6 outboard motor on the forums of water-motor equipment. But it is recommended in the event of a breakdown to carry out repairs at official Suzuki dealers so as not to lose the warranty on the goods. The engine block itself is very hardy and there should not be any breakdowns, except for a negligent attitude to the level and quality of oil in the engine.

Water safety

Starting a boat motor with a safety pin

For safety in outboard motors, a safety check was invented. This is such a special key, without which the engine will not start. It's amusing to watch people on the water try to start the outboard motor without setting the safety check. In this case, you can pull the manual starter for at least a whole day. The motor will not start and at best you will not break the motor starter.

The security check is attached to the clothes of the captain who controls the watercraft. There is only one scenario: if the captain falls out of the boat, then the pin is pulled out and the engine stalls. If you do not fasten the pin to yourself, you can be left without a boat and a motor, because there will be no one to drown it out.

Safety measures include life jackets. There should be enough vests for all passengers on the boat. Often people start the engine in gear,moored at the shore and chatting with friends. It must be remembered that the propeller of the outboard motor easily cuts not only algae. He can easily hurt the legs of the interlocutors. It is also not recommended to walk on water on a motor while intoxicated.

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