Bosch coffee makers: features, types, specifications and reviews

Bosch coffee makers: features, types, specifications and reviews
Bosch coffee makers: features, types, specifications and reviews

Many of us cannot imagine breakfast without a cup of hot and fragrant coffee. This invigorating and tonic drink has its many admirers. However, to cook it by hand (standing at the stove and making sure that it does not “run away” from the Turks), with the ever-accelerating rhythm of modern life, sometimes there is simply not enough time. The well-known German company Bosch, a manufacturer of a wide variety of household and professional appliances, naturally, did not leave coffee lovers without attention. It has long been producing automatic devices for preparing everyone's favorite drink.

Bosch coffee makers are very widely represented on the Russian market for products for this purpose. Constant updating of the model range, the use of innovative technical solutions in design and production, as well as the high quality of products, allows the company to constantly be among the leaders in sales of automatic coffee brewing devices.


By design features, beverage preparation technology and application, all Bosch coffee makers can be divided into four main varieties:

  • drip type;
  • capsule;
  • automatic multifunction;
  • embedded.

How drip coffee makers work

Structurally, the drip type coffee maker consists of:

  • body;
  • heating element;
  • water tank;
  • flasks for the finished drink;
  • filter holder.

The principle of operation is quite simple:

  • fill the tank with the required amount of water (for convenience, manufacturers put the appropriate marking on the walls of the vessel);
  • install a filter (disposable or reusable) in a special holder and pour ground coffee into it;
Drip coffee maker filter holder
  • translate the holder into working condition (for Bosch products it can be of two types: rotary or sliding);
  • install a flask under it for the finished drink and turn on the device;
  • water is heated to the required temperature and the condensate, passing through the filter, is saturated with particles of your favorite drink (that is, the brewing process takes place).

After all the water in the tank boils away, the device automatically switches to keep warm mode.

Drip line

Despite the simplicity of design and the seeming lack of functionality (according to user reviews), Bosch coffee makers with a drip brewing principle do not lose their popularity. Of all coffee makers, this design is the cheapest.

Today, these devices are represented by two main models:

Bosch Compact Class Extra with 1100W heating element; swing-out filter holder; anti-drip system when taking out the jug (allowing the pallet to always remain clean); a special recess in the body for safe storage of the flask; a translucent water tank with an indicator scale; automatic switching to energy saving mode; weighing 1.6 kg and costing 2100-2600 rubles

Coffee maker Bosch Compact Class Extra

Bosch Comfort Line with 1200W heating element power; retractable filter holder; function of individual coffee strength settings (Aroma Button); adjustable auto-off system (20, 40 or 60 minutes); transparent removable water container; a special descaling program with a visual indicator; weighing 2.2 kg and costing 6000-6500 rubles

Bosch Comfort Line coffee maker

Main advantages and disadvantages of drip coffee makers

Bosch drip coffee makers (as well as products from other manufacturers of this category of devices) have a number of undoubted advantages:

  • low cost;
  • the ability to immediately prepare the required number of servings of coffee (up to 10 large or 15 small cups);
  • durability, reliability and ease of use.

The main disadvantage of such devices is the ability to prepare only classic black coffee. Allthe rest of the ingredients will have to be added to the finished drink.

The principle of operation and the main technical characteristics of Bosch capsule coffee makers

Recently, capsule-type coffee makers are gaining more and more popularity among lovers of an invigorating drink. The developers of these products have thought through to the smallest detail the convenience of using such devices. For the owner, the algorithm of actions is simple:

  • fill water into container;
  • open the lid of the compartment for installing the capsule;
  • install it (with the selected drink);
  • close the lid and press the "start" button;
  • after a few minutes we get the finished drink.

The principle of operation of Bosch capsule coffee makers is based on the patented technology of T-discs (capsules with ingredients for making a drink). The built-in intelligent system reads the barcode printed on the packaging and determines all the parameters necessary for cooking:

  • type of drink;
  • portion size;
  • quantity and temperature of water;
  • brewing time;
  • features of cooking technology.

The cooking process itself and the transition to the standby mode after it is completed are fully automatic.

The main specifications of these devices:

  • power consumption - 1300 W;
  • water tank capacity - from 0.7 to 1.4 liters;
  • pressure developed by the pump is about 3.3 bar;
  • adjusting the height of the cup (depending on its size);
  • multifunctionality: all products are designed not only for making coffee, but also tea or cocoa;
  • additional features: descaling program, manual drink preparation adjustments and so on.

Popular capsule models

Capsule coffee makers are a joint brainchild of two companies: Tassimo and Bosch. And, of course, the names of both brands are present in the markings of the models. These automatic devices on the Russian market are currently represented by three varieties.

The youngest among Tassimo products is the Bosch Vivy II capsule-type coffee maker, the cost of which today is about 3,000 rubles. This is a very convenient budget model that performs all the basic functions. The capacity of the water tank built into the side of the case is 0.7 liters. Depending on the size of the cup, the tray for its installation can be fixed at 2 levels or removed altogether. The start of the preparation of the drink is carried out by pressing the "start" button.

The Bosch Tassimo Suny coffee maker costs about 4,000 rubles. Her advantages over her "younger sister":

  • the presence of the SmartStart intelligent system (the preparation of a drink starts immediately after touching the cup on the front surface of the device, no buttons need to be pressed);
  • the ability to manually adjust the strength of the drink, the time and technology of preparation;
  • 0.8 liter removable water tank.
Coffee maker Bosch Tassimo Suny

The Bosch Tassimo Joy model, having alltechnical capabilities of both products described above, equipped with a water tank with a capacity of 1.4 liters. A distinctive feature is the innovative technology of using liquid milk. Its cost today is about 5,000 rubles.

Bosch Tassimo Joy coffee maker

Although all Bosch coffee makers in this category have a very high power consumption (1300 W), they are very economical in terms of energy use. Such savings are due to the use of a highly efficient flow heater in the design, and as a result, an insignificant preparation time for any drink. After the process is completed, the machine will automatically enter the standby mode.

What drinks can be prepared in capsule-type devices

With Bosch Tassimo capsule coffee makers you can prepare various drinks. The choice of disposable capsules is quite wide and varied. For coffee lovers, Jacobs and Carte Noire offer all sorts of varieties of this beloved drink:

  • Caffe Crema Classic - classic black;
  • Americano with bright taste and velvety crema;
  • Caffe Au Lait Classico - classic coffee with milk;
  • Latte Macchiato, combining the intensity of espresso with a milky flavor and crema;
  • Espresso with the easily recognizable taste of classic Italian espresso;
  • Latte Macchiato Caramel, Cappuccino and more.

The perfect combination of ingredients allows you to quickly and easily prepare a drink withhigh taste and unique aroma.

T-discs for Bosch Tassimo coffee makers

Tea lovers will undoubtedly pay attention to Twinings T-discs, specially designed for Bosch Tassimo coffee makers. And the kids will love Milka hot chocolate.

The cost of one package of capsules (8 or 16 pieces depending on the drink) is from 240 to 450 rubles. Moreover, for the convenience of users, the cup size for the selected drink is marked on the package: small (S), medium (M) or large (L). Some manufacturers apply this marking, indicating the volume of the finished product that can be prepared from one capsule, in milliliters.

Some users in their reviews indicate that T-discs are quite expensive. However, is 23-24 rubles for a cup of fragrant espresso expensive (the price for a pack of Jacobs Espresso of 16 capsules today is about 370 rubles).

Automatic coffee machines

The most versatile and productive, albeit quite expensive coffee brewing devices are Bosch automatic coffee machines. For example, consider what technological capabilities the model of the initial price segment Bosch Vero Aroma 300 is “stuffed”, the price of which today is 48,000-53,000 rubles:

  • built-in coffee grinder with high-strength ceramic burrs and the ability to adjust the degree of grinding;
  • 300 gram bean container;
  • simultaneous preparation of two cupscoffee;
  • special channel cleaning system after each brewing (Single Portion Cleaning);
  • innovative 1500W flow heater;
  • self-cleaning descaling system;
  • multi-function liquid crystal display;
  • pump with a maximum pressure of 15 bar;
  • automatic milk frother;
  • milk cleaning system (Milk Clean);
  • multiple controls: coffee strength, temperature, drink type, serving size and so on.
Automatic coffee machine Bosch Vero Aroma 300

More advanced Bosch Vero Selection or Bosch Vero Cafe models have an even greater range of functionality: for example, pre-programming of almost all cooking modes and recipes or a special system for adapting the grinding time depending on the type of coffee, and so on. But the price of such devices starts from 90,000 rubles.

Inline Coffee Makers

Built-in appliances are becoming more and more popular in modern kitchens. These devices most organically fit into the overall design of the premises. However, there is an important condition when purchasing them: such devices must be chosen already at the stage of designing a kitchen set.

Bosch built-in coffee makers are in no way inferior to automatic coffee machines in terms of their technical characteristics and functionality. The set of such devices quite often includes evenbuilt-in water filter. These devices are classified as one of the most expensive household automatic coffee makers. For example, the Bosch CTL636EB1 built-in model with dimensions of 59, 4X35, 6X45, 5 cm with a wide variety of automatic functions with a power of 1600 W costs 158,000-160,000 rubles.

Built-in coffee machine Bosch CTL636EB1


In the instructions for Bosch coffee makers, the manufacturer clearly indicates which parts need this or that service. As a rule, all removable elements of almost all devices (regardless of the principle of operation and design complexity) can be washed both manually and in dishwashers. For plastic elements, it is better not to use hard brushes or washcloths, as well as abrasive detergents. For periodic descaling, use only special preparations recommended by the manufacturer.

Flasks for Bosch coffee makers (in case of damage) can be easily purchased. In this case, you should pay attention to the size. It must match the model of the device you have.

What to look for when choosing

There are a few key things to consider when choosing a coffee maker:

  • How often and how much do you drink this drink. If the whole family gathers at the table, and the main type is classic black coffee, then it will be enough to purchase a budget drip type model.
  • If the tastes of all family members are different, then the most suitable optionthere will be a purchase of a capsule coffee maker and a set of various T-capsules, which will allow you to prepare a drink taking into account the individual preferences of everyone.
  • Well, if you want to complete the kitchen with a complete set of built-in household appliances, then the conclusion is clear - you need to purchase a multifunctional automatic built-in coffee machine.
Built-in Bosch coffee machine

In conclusion

When you buy a Bosch coffee maker or coffee machine, you can be sure of the result: the drink will turn out delicious and fragrant. The final choice depends on both financial capabilities and personal preferences for the type of coffee. Many years of experience and a time-tested reputation of a world famous manufacturer guarantee both the quality of the devices themselves and the durability of their further operation.

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