How many foam blocks in a cube? Material price

How many foam blocks in a cube? Material price
How many foam blocks in a cube? Material price

Materials made of aerated concrete include cellular concrete or foam blocks. The quality of the blocks depends on the materials used and the fillers that are added to the mix.

For example, for the manufacture of cellular concrete, quartz sand, lime, gypsum and aluminum powder are added to a solution of cement and sand. All these ingredients are kneaded into a homogeneous dough, molded, and in special thermal autoclaves under high pressure with saturation of hot steam and high temperature, they harden and turn into gas silicate blocks with high compressive strength and water resistance.

Aerated concrete house

Aerated concrete blocks

A regular block has a rectangular shape. It is used for laying the walls of the house. How much does a foam block cube cost? You need to know this in order to determine the cost of building a house, and we will talk about this further. The blocks are easy to cut and work with hand tools, which allows you to create all kinds of architectural forms of different parts of the house.

Aerated concrete and pricing

This kind of concrete blocks is frost-resistant and fireproof, has a large compressive strength. The exact dimensions of the material allow you to quickly calculate how many foam blocks are in a cube. Everything, of course, depends on their type. The industry produces several types of aerated concrete blocks with different sizes. The most popular of them is 200 x 300 x 600 mm, where 200 is the thickness, 300 is the height and 600 is the length. Usually, foam blocks are sold by construction companies not by the piece, but in cubes. The parties are connected by ribbons into whole blocks, which are also measured in cubes.

Prices for cellular concrete are formed, as they say, by the market and demand. Today, this material is becoming more and more popular in all construction areas, from the construction of large industrial enterprises to the smallest buildings of cottages and garages. The construction industry produces several types of aerated concrete blocks with different sizes. The price depends on the size of the block and its composition. In addition, block prices vary within a certain limit, from which manufacturers deviate. There is only one reason for this: the quality, purpose and size of the block.

Here is an example of prices for the most popular types of different brands of foam blocks. The price is without VAT.

Prices for foam blocks

The price of a foam block also depends on the materials used in their production and on the characteristics of the block itself, its dimensions, weight and purpose. So, for example, light weight blocks will be several percent cheaper, and monolithic blocks used for laying foundations and load-bearing walls will increase in price,since the cost of production of such blocks is much higher. The price also depends on the size of the ordered batch. All manufacturers, without exception, conduct a pricing policy of discounts for regular customers and in bulk purchases.

How many foam blocks in a cube

How can you calculate how many foam blocks in a cube? Everything is very simple. First, we calculate the volume of one product. Dimensions can always be found in the instructions or in the price tag. Take, for example, a block measuring 100 x 300 x 600 mm. For the convenience of calculations, we translate these dimensions into meters and use a simple formula to calculate the volume of one piece.

Count, measure, determine

Let's carry out the following calculations:

  1. V=A x B x C, where V is the volume; A, B, C - thickness, height, length. We substitute the dimensions: V \u003d 0.2 x 0.3 x 0.6 \u003d 0.018 m \\ cube
  2. Calculate how many foam blocks are in a cube. 1 m\cube: 0.018 m\cube=55 pieces
  3. There are 55 pieces in one cubic meter.
  4. Knowing the weight of one piece (11 kg), you can calculate the weight of a cubic meter.
  5. P=11 x 55=605 kg\cube
  6. In one cube with a quantity of 55 blocks - 605 kilograms of weight.
Characteristics of foam blocks

This is how you can easily calculate the weight of one cube, the number of blocks in it, and, of course, the price of the required number of blocks for us to build a house.

Concrete block walls

Aerated concrete is distinguished by its high sound and heat insulation properties and high compressive strength. Aerated concrete blocks are frost-resistant and fireproof. Knowing how many piecesfoam block in a cube, allows you to use the right amount of mortar for laying walls. When using an adhesive mortar in the course of work, a thin-seam masonry is obtained, which has an advantage over other types using conventional cement mortar. Masonry completely eliminates all cold bridges along the entire perimeter of the walls.

The walls of the house from foam blocks

When using ordinary cement mortar in work, it is laid on the entire surface with a layer of at least 20-30 mm. A layer of mortar is applied to the side planes of the concrete blocks, and the blocks are pressed against each other. If the walls are laid for jointing, then the layer must be applied in such a way that the mortar does not fill the seam between the blocks by 2-3 mm. A rubber hammer is used to level the masonry. Each row of the wall horizontally and vertically must be checked for level.

Aerated concrete blocks are lightweight materials, which allows construction without the use of heavy construction equipment. Knowing how many foam blocks are in a cube, we can easily calculate the amount of material needed to lay a building.

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