Bicycles "Norco": manufacturer and reviews

Bicycles "Norco": manufacturer and reviews
Bicycles "Norco": manufacturer and reviews

Today, among the huge number of Canadian bicycles, the Norco brand occupies a strong position in the market. The company's products are of excellent quality, amazing manufacturability and stunning design. Norco bicycles are the favorite products of athletes all over the world due to their functionality, durability and reliability.

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Brand history

The founder of the legendary brand is Bert Lewis. The company was established back in 1964. Initially, products were assembled in ordinary garages. Today it is presented in the widest range, among which mountain, road, children's models and bikes for extreme riding remain favorites.

The brand has a reputation as a constant sponsor of all kinds of sports races and competitions. Thanks to the close relationship of the company's products with athletes and racers, all the wishes and comments of customers are instantly implemented.

Norco bicycles have long been recognized as leadersof the global cycling market, including models for downhill and freeriding.

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Company motto

"Norco" - bicycles, the manufacturer of which deserves not only respect, but also recognized as the leader of the European market. The brand's leitmotif is high-end products that cater to a diverse audience and never rest on their laurels with innovation and stylish details.

Each Norco bike skillfully combines innovative inventions and high-quality components that can serve their owner faithfully for many decades.

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Brand favorite, its advantages and characteristics

The generally recognized leader among the company's products is the Norco Storm bicycle, which has a lot of advantages and positive aspects.

  • The vehicle is designed for driving in mountainous terrain.
  • The bike is equipped with a chain drive.
  • The frame of this vehicle is made of aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and durable at the same time.
  • Bicycle fork is made in a spring-elastomer interpretation. Its stroke is 75 mm.
  • The steering column is half integrated.
  • The wheel diameter is 29 inches.
  • The bead cord is made in an aluminum interpretation.
  • The bike has a double aluminum rim.
  • Number of speed modes - 21.
  • The handlebar of the bicycle has an anatomical shape of a curved interpretation.
norco storm bikes reviews

Company products

  • DH Race is a series of full suspension bikes that feature hydroformed tubing and a durable aluminum frame. These vehicles must be classified as professional due to their incredible functionality, excellent quality, as well as amazing performance.
  • Free Ride - a line of two-wheeled vehicles related to full suspension models. Bicycles "Norco" in this category are real all-terrain vehicles. A prominent representative of this line is the Truax model in its various interpretations. The bikes are great for going up and down. And without harm to the integrity of the vehicle.
  • All Mountain is a category of bikes that are designed to overcome the most difficult obstacles and obstacles in their path thanks to the amazing suspension geometry and unsurpassed kinematics.
  • Trail - Norco bikes, which are focused on trail riding.
  • Marathon is a series of vehicles designed for long marathons and cross-country driving. These bikes feature perfect ergonomics, amazing drivetrain and ultimate durability.
  • XS is a variety of harddales from the brand of the same name, which are aimed at all categories of beginner cyclists.
  • BC is a category of vehicles that is similar to the previous line. The only differencethe last is unsurpassed reliability.
  • Comfort - a series of vehicles that are characterized by incredible comfort for the user of the novice category.
  • Kids - children's bikes, characterized by incredible convenience and the highest level of safety for the baby while riding.
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Pricing policy

Today, Norco bicycles impress the public not only with excellent quality and functionality, but also with the widest price range of their products. The cost of a vehicle of this brand at a discount ranges from 20,820 to 247,392 rubles.

Norco Bicycle: customer and expert reviews

According to the numerous reviews of users of these vehicles, they are a tandem of incredible reliability, lightness, strength and democracy. The most prominent representative of two-wheeled transport, from the point of view of buyers, are Norco Storm bicycles, reviews of which prove their functionality and durability.

The advantages of this two-wheeled transport are ergonomics and stylish design. Each bike takes into account the anatomical features of the female and male body. Thanks to the amazing quality, even for a three-year period of active operation, there are no breakdowns and failures.

All bikes are equipped with a reliable braking system that will help prevent many accidents. Dual rims and incredibly high quality tires make cycling a pleasure and a pleasure.comfortable pastime even in uneven terrain and off-road conditions.

Very convenient for the cyclist are gear shifters that require periodic adjustment due to stretching of the cables. Particularly noteworthy are high-quality handles, steering wheel and the lightest frame of aluminum interpretation. Thanks to these components, the vehicle is incredibly light, even for women's hands.

In addition to the positive aspects, buyers during the operation of the bike are also faced with some negative aspects that often arise. The latter include the weak design of the front fork, which, if carelessly used, quickly becomes unusable.

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