"Angstrem": bedrooms, dressing rooms, hallways. Description

"Angstrem": bedrooms, dressing rooms, hallways. Description
"Angstrem": bedrooms, dressing rooms, hallways. Description

Russian furniture manufacturers, who have focused on quality and design services, have long reached a decent level: their furniture is purchased by the population with an income of middle and higher. Sometimes furniture is bought on credit, and sometimes - in installments. And it says, first of all, that our manufacturer produces good things. The range of "Angstrem" - bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, libraries, children.


The starting point for "Angstrem" can be considered 1991. At that time, a group of start-up entrepreneurs producing a children's simulator (now very popular) "jumpers" issued an IP. Production at that time was at home. The very next year, the first working area appeared - a workshop for the production of furniture. And three years later, the company carried out wholesale deliveries in Russia and neighboring countries.

The store with exhibition items opened in 1998, where it was first presented to Voronezh residents on the same squarefurniture "Angstrem": bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and more. In 1999, the company begins cooperation with the Ikea concern.

In the 2000s, Angstrem reached a fundamentally different level: diversification of production began. The company acquired a textile production enterprise and first created one plant for processing raw materials, then a second company with an agricultural profile (later the enterprise became a livestock complex for the production of dairy products - "Don").

At the same time, an office is opened in Moscow, and in 2004 another important event takes place - certification according to the international ISO standard. The regional network begins to develop. At the same time, a factory producing upholstered furniture, "Divaldi", was opened, a little later - the second factory of cabinet furniture.

The next major milestone in the history of the company is the creation of another factory. "Diana" was established in 2009 to produce kitchen and bathroom furniture.

angstrom bedroom

From 2012 to 2014, the construction of a production and logistics complex (the third furniture factory) was laid in the Maslovsky industrial park.

What is included in Angstrem Group?

Starting from 2010, Angstrem has been actively involved in the social life of the city:

  • Creation of an unusual project "Turnip" - a school of effective communications for young and promising.
  • "Big game" - a program designed tosocial adaptation and designed for high school students.
  • Robotics Studio.
  • Book club "Petrovsky" - a place where a book club, a playground and a cafe are concentrated.
  • Shakti Center - Oriental practices based on yoga.

Thus, Angstrem Group currently includes:

  • Furniture serial production under the Angstrem brand at three sites.
  • Serial production of "Divaldi" (mattresses, upholstered furniture) and "Diana" (kitchen and bathroom furniture, if necessary - on individual orders).
  • Trading house in Voronezh and trading network.
  • Agricultural direction - livestock complex "Don".

Today "Angstrem" occupies a stable position among Russian furniture manufacturers. The staff includes more than 2000 employees. And the company itself is in the top 5 furniture manufacturers in Russia.


The company offers the widest range of furniture for various purposes: kitchens, children's rooms, hallways, libraries, living rooms, bedrooms "Angstrem". Prices depend on the configuration and size of the headset.

Compared to the 2000s, the choice on the trading floor has increased significantly, and rightly so, because a developing company should not stand still. All information of interest, for example, about Angstrem bedrooms, is presented in the catalog with prices on the official website of the company.


The site offers a choice of classic andcontemporary collections:

"Adagio" - a large selection of compositions (13 options) of the classic style of hallways. The price range is from 9 to 40 thousand rubles. On the site you can explore the options for compositions. Color solution - dark and combined option.

bedrooms angstrom prices

"Henri" - a collection of 4 compositions, made in a modern style, in a light brown version. Price range from 18 to 25 thousand rubles.

Brio is a stylish modern black and white entryway. The site is presented in two versions. Price - from 26 thousand rubles.

"Navara" - presented in one version - it is a modern, bright and functional entrance hall. Price - from 35 thousand rubles.

"Weimer" is an ultra-modern entrance hall in light shades. Price from 66 thousand rubles.

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Olivia is a chic classic with a touch of Provence. Made of high quality materials (solid birch and ash), the group of cabinets will suit people who prefer sophistication in everything. Presented in one version.

In addition to these models, you can always choose a composition to order.

Angstrom Bedrooms

In the model range of bedrooms there are collections that intersect with collections of hallways, living rooms, for example, the classic version - "Adagio", whose composition range consists of several possible combinations that differ in the set of modules.

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Brio's bedroom"Angstrem" is a modern set, presented in 2 versions and in black and white.

brio angstrom bedrooms

One of the traditional options is the bedroom collection "Aesthetics". Relatively inexpensive, but interesting option with different colors.

brio angstrom bedroom

Reviews on the Angstrem bedrooms are left by satisfied customers, because there are practically no dissatisfied with the quality. The overwhelming majority of customers are satisfied with the purchase.

Angstrem's wide selection of bedrooms is driven by demand. The pricing policy is loyal: on the eve of the holidays, you can purchase headsets at a reduced price.

Other furniture comparison

In addition to the above categories, you can buy other furniture in Angstrem: living room, children's room, library, tables, kitchens, sofas and much more. Some collections intersect, for example, in the category of living rooms and bedrooms there are Isotta, Country, Adagio, Henri, Brio and others. This is convenient, because you can combine furniture within the same area, adhering to the same style.

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