Baroque style - bedroom in a million

Baroque style - bedroom in a million
Baroque style - bedroom in a million

The style has Italian roots and originated in the XVII-XVIII century. The essential quality of the Baroque bedroom is pretentiousness, associated with well-being and has gained considerable popularity among some categories of citizens.

The main task of style is to highlight the we alth, high social status of the owner of the bedroom. Initially, the Baroque style was an integral trend in the design of houses of royal blood or their entourage.

Baroque bedroom

Features that characterize the Baroque bedroom

The selection and design of furniture in the chosen direction is the main thing to consider when designing an interior in the Baroque style. Distinctive characteristics of baroque furniture:

  • curved legs;
  • bright upholstery;
  • lacquered surface.

When choosing certain pieces of furniture for the bedroom, it is worth considering that the central place is reserved for the bed, because it should be in the spotlight. Often this is a voluminous large-sized structure with a canopy. In the interior of the Baroque bedroom, textiles from valuable natural fabrics with a dense texture are always present. headboardbeds are decorated with carvings or gilding, and a canopy is placed above it.

Baroque bedroom interior

Which wood furniture is better

Designers recommend taking Baroque style furniture made from solid wood of expensive varieties, in particular:

  • oak;
  • ceylon wood;
  • Karelian birch.

Wooden, except for the bed, make racks, double doors of cabinets, dining table and chairs. The sleeping corner is completed with a chest of drawers with drawers for linen or various small things, small bedside tables, a dressing table and an ottoman with a dressing table.

Furniture in the Baroque bedroom should be with thick curved knives. The back of chairs and armchairs, sofas is equipped with curved backs resembling a wave. Carved backs look especially impressive.

Colored marble, mosaics are used to decorate furniture countertops in the bedroom, and a circle is chosen as the traditional surface shape.

Baroque bedroom interior

Where to get Baroque wooden bedroom furniture

With some skill in making furniture, you can make it yourself. So the design of the baroque bedroom will be more exclusive. Handmade furniture can be made to order if the classic models presented in furniture stores seem too simple to you. To make the project a reality, it is enough to sketch a sketch of the future bedroom. Although it is better, of course, if the situation is reflected in the drawing in a more realistic form, which would reflect all the details of this or thatpiece of furniture. This is the best option to choose the right furniture and fit it equally well with the style of the interior.

Which finishes to match baroque furniture with

In terms of style and appearance, the pieces of furniture should be combined with the interior decoration of the room. Baroque is impossible to imagine without the active use of stucco, various inserts and borders.

It is worth considering that in the Baroque bedroom it is customary to decorate the walls with decorative or Venetian plaster, which replaced traditional wallpaper.

For space zoning, stucco molding, various kinds of inserts, borders are used. In addition, wooden panels on the walls look impressive, the material for which is mahogany or some kind of expensive wood. Columns with pilasters will help to emphasize this kind of design.

In any case, it's good when the baroque bedroom furniture set is a single ensemble with walls, floor, ceiling, lighting, connecting into one.

Decoration Features

The textile design of the room should give guests a sense of luxury and we alth. Therefore, in the Baroque bedroom, one cannot do without lush draperies, pendants, tassels with gold fringe and other fabric accessories. To make curtains, use gold brocade, velvet fabric, silk or satin. Lurex or gold thread is used as a material for decorating window textiles, which recreate interesting patterns. Curtains sewn from two types of fabric look spectacular, one of which plays a rolelining, and the other acts in contrast, being the main one. Curtains or curtains on windows and doors should be made in the same style.

baroque bedroom design

In the modern textile market, you can find curtains sewn from fabric that imitate the natural textures of malachite, onyx, tortoiseshell.

In addition to the luxurious furniture in the baroque bedroom and the refined furnishings of the described style, an integral part of the style is the presence of large window structures that provide active daylight. It is not uncommon to complement the interior with large mirrors that reflect light, which is typical of the chosen direction.

Please note that the abundance of daylight allows you to visually enlarge the space of the bedroom.

Bedroom lighting

Previously, candles in expensive silver or gilded candlesticks were used as lighting fixtures. Now they can be easily replaced with a more modern version - an electric lamp in the shape of a candle. Interestingly, some models are equipped with touch sensors. This makes it possible to adjust the level of illumination with one touch. This is the best option for spot lighting, and a massive ceiling chandelier will emphasize the overall style of the room.

When you decide to equip your bedroom in the Baroque style (photo below), do not be stingy and choose only high-quality furniture and other items for arranging the interior of the room. Remember that they should be natural, match the style and complement each other.

Baroque bedroom furniture

Pay attention to the above features of the design of the bedroom in the Baroque style and be sure that the result will exceed all expectations.

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