Rational and correct calculation of the roof

Rational and correct calculation of the roof
Rational and correct calculation of the roof

Today, roof calculation is required in two cases: the dismantling of floors in old-type houses or the final work that is carried out during the construction of a new house. Despite the fact that these cases are so different, the calculation system for them is the same, however, like the building materials used in this case.

It is worth noting that when remodeling an old roof, in no case should it be built according to its former counterpart. Firstly, this is a loss-making occupation, since the logs with which the roof was previously blocked are now extremely expensive. And secondly, new technologies for building a truss system are universal, they give a minimum load on the walls and foundation of any building.

Roof calculation

So, if a house that needs a new floor was built about forty years ago, then you can safely prepare a roof calculation based on the mass of a wooden beam or a planed board. These materials will become the frame basis of the new floor, as they are hardy, durable, and at the same time light and easy to process. An important factor is also the price of these wooden building materials.The beam belongs to more expensive goods, and it is more difficult to lay it on the roof. But a standard board that has enough width is a great alternative to any expensive material.

Calculation of the roof of a standard type of roof can be done even by a non-professional in the matter of construction and repair. The diagram of the formation of supporting structures to which the rafters are attached is available on any construction site or in repair magazines. The main thing is to have all the necessary tools, the proper amount of building materials and ingenuity. The roof, which is made of beams or planed boards, is assembled right on the spot, so you don’t have to knock down such a bulky structure and then lift it up.

Mansard roof calculation

The calculation of the mansard roof will become more complex and outstanding. Such a design should be as strong and reliable as possible, therefore, the rafters are attached to their bases in a different way than when building an ordinary roof. The basis is the logs that are fixed on the walls. It is important not only to install them correctly and firmly, but also to connect them together. After that, in the gaps that have formed between the lags, vertical racks are fixed, which will form the basis of the attic floor. They must also be fastened together, and if necessary, strengthen the structure with additional boards. The calculation of the mansard type roof is completed by the installation of rafters on the main structure, as well as skates and slopes.

Calculation of the roof roof

Calculation of the roof, both standard and mansard,also includes the installation of the crate. To do this, use the most thin and light boards. Then the roof itself is attached to them using ordinary slate nails or self-tapping screws. It is important to remember that the weight and other qualities of the roof can also affect the load that will be placed on the building. It is advisable to choose the lightest finishing materials, but at the same time they must have excellent thermal and waterproofing qualities.

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