How to clean dirt from suede - effective ways and reviews

How to clean dirt from suede - effective ways and reviews
How to clean dirt from suede - effective ways and reviews

Suede is attractive and incredibly comfortable. That is why they are always popular. If you have purchased high-quality shoes or clothes made from this material, sooner or later you will face the question: how to clean suede from dirt at home? The thing is that suede is quite picky: it needs dry cleaning, it simply will not survive washing. We will tell you about all the intricacies of care right now!

Types of suede

Today on sale you can find products made of artificial and natural suede. Both types will not tolerate washing. The fleecy structure absorbs water and then swells. As a result, the material becomes rigid and incredibly hard. Of course, the appearance of the suede product will also deteriorate significantly. That is why, before you start thinking about how to clean dirt from suede shoes, get a high-quality water-repellent spray, which should be used as carefully as possible.treat the entire surface of the product. Please note: shoes must be sprayed before the first wear. Such an invisible film will protect products from moisture and dirt. That is, your suede boots will not be afraid of puddles, splashes from under the wheels of passing cars or heavy rain.

How to clean dirt from suede

Using a special brush for nubuck and suede

Immediately after your first walk, you should have your shoes cleaned. Before you start using special products, try using a brush that is designed for suede and nubuck. Refresh dry suede surface will help:

  1. Hard sponge. This porous brush will help remove a layer of dust and get rid of minor impurities. Experts recommend using it together with a special cleansing foam.
  2. Eraser. It will remove grease and those impurities that could not be removed with a hard sponge.
  3. Brush with rubber or rubber bristles. Such a brush has the same properties as an eraser.
  4. Crepe brush. What is it for? It can be used to give a velvety surface to the suede surface.
  5. Brush with eraser. It is quite convenient and compact option that can be carried even in a small handbag.
How to clean mud from suede shoes

How to clean dirt from suede shoes using simple folk methods? Use the most common slice of rye bread. You will need a crust. In order to fluff the pile, you need to hold the product a littleover the ferry. Of course, after thoroughly cleaning it with a brush. By the way, reviews say that instead of special brushes for suede, you can use a nail brush.

Use of chemicals

How to clean suede shoes? There are many ways. A true expert in cleaning difficult-to-care materials, a special aerosol paint that will saturate rough areas of suede shoes and return them to their original color. Transparent or colored atomizers will also help maintain color. You can buy them at any shoe store.

Of course, suede is breathable, but it needs some extra freshness. A special deodorant designed for boots will cope with this task.

How to clean suede

Please note: the use of chemical-based stain removers is strictly prohibited. Reviews warn: as a result of their use, light spots may appear on suede that you cannot remove.

Folk remedies for removing dirt: vinegar

How to clean delicate material without resorting to complex methods and expensive sprays? Speaking about ways to clean suede from dirt at home, it should be noted that the most affordable materials that can be found in any home will come to your aid. For example, a great helper is table vinegar. In order to clean even light-colored suede, you will need a nine percent product that will need to be diluted with water. One part of vinegar will require five parts of water. Take a softnapkin, soak in the solution and wipe the dirt. After you clean your shoes, bag or sheepskin coat, apply a product that will restore color to it.

How to clean suede from dirt at home


How to clean suede from dirt and grease? Try using starch. Apply it on oily spots, leave for 30 minutes, then gently rub with a brush. Starch will remove greasy stains of any complexity, which means you do not have to think about how to wash suede products.

Coffee grounds

Thinking about how to clean dirt and stains from suede? In the reviews of the hostess, they say that one of the best means for this is coffee grounds. True, it is only suitable for products made of brown or black material. Take a sponge, soak it in coffee grounds, apply it on the stain, leave it for a while. Then gently wipe with a brush. Then remove the remnants of the home remedy with a gauze swab, wipe the material with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Please note: Suede should not be dried with electrical appliances or placed near a heating system.

How to clean suede from dirt at home


Another reliable remedy is ammonia. It, like vinegar, should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 5, moisten the sponge a little and clean the dirt. After this procedure, you will need to apply a color restorer to the suede.

Bread Crumb

If you are thinking about how to clean light suede from dirt, try usingcrumb of white bread. They need to rub the pollution, though not very intensively. If you overdo it, the suede may lose its velvety.

Detergent solution

If the surface of shoes or other products is very dirty, you should use soapy water. Take a tablespoon of laundry detergent or soap shavings and one glass of warm water. Use a coarse brush to brush suede items. After that, be sure to dry them at room temperature.

Suede cleaning

You can replace a coarse brush with a regular dishwashing sponge. You will need to lather the product, use a sponge to rinse the stains, moving in the direction of the pile. Dirty foam must be collected with a dry sponge, after which the pile should be thoroughly combed with an eraser.

Milk and soda

This is another very reliable tool that helps remove dirt of any complexity from suede products. In order to prepare it, you will need a glass of milk, which must first be warmed up a little, and one full spoonful of soda. Mix the components of the cleansing composition well, dip a stiff brush into it and apply the mixture to the suede. Rub the products in gentle circular motions, and then remove residues and traces of dirt with a damp cloth. Dry your shoes well.


The advantage of using this tool, experts call the return of a rough surface to suede. In order to clean the material, you just need to rub the contaminated areas. By the way, the eraser canreplace with a school eraser, a matchbox, or rather its rough side, fine s alt is suitable for light products.

How to clean light suede

Ways to remove greasy stains

Experts say: cleansing from greasy stains of suede fabric is very specific. Pay attention not only to the color of the suede, but also to the reaction of the material to the cleaner. So, with the help of s alt, you can only clean light-colored suede, as light spots will remain on dark material. If the product has got grease, first of all it is necessary to thoroughly blot it with a paper towel. Then you can use cornstarch and talc - all of these products absorb fat perfectly, removing it from the surface. You will need to pour a large amount of product on the stain, leave it for a while and gently remove it with a brush. How to clean suede from dirt and grease? No less effective is washing powder that has been heated in a dry frying pan. As with other products, they need to be sprinkled on the stain and covered with any absorbent material, such as a paper towel, on top. The powder must be left on the product for at least an hour. If you are thinking about how to remove dirt and grease from suede as quickly as possible, you can use an iron. They need to additionally heat the powder applied to the product. True, the temperature should be minimal, otherwise you can just ruin the thing.

How to clean suede from dirt and stains: reviews

Removing wax or gum

Ifchewing gum or wax stuck to suede clothes or shoes, you should leave the product for several hours in the freezer. The gum will be hard enough that you can just chip it off. After that, be sure to clean the product with a special brush.

How to remove blood stains?

In the event that there is a blood stain on the suede product, just take a cotton swab or stick, a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Soak a swab in the peroxide and gently dab the stain. Repeat this procedure until the blood disappears.

Get rid of the ink

Remove this type of dirt before it dries. To do this, you will need a paper towel or napkin. If the ink is dry, you can scrape it off with sandpaper. An ordinary cotton swab dipped in alcohol will also help in this case.

Cleaning light suede

How and how to clean light suede? The first thing you must remember is that it should never be washed off. There are two methods that will allow you to clean the fleecy fabric and renew the surface. The dry method involves the use of a special eraser (with it you can remove minor stains), and delicate cleaning with soap suds is also possible. Remove it with a dry towel. There is also a wet cleaning method: you need to take a clean cloth, moisten it in a solution prepared from 100 milliliters of milk and a spoonful of ammonia (10%). Gently wipe the cloth, then use a cotton swab that has been soaked in warm water. Dryitem.

How to clean light suede from dirt


In order for you to face the question of how to clean dirt from suede as little as possible, provide it with regular care. Firstly, reviews advise using protective coatings that will prevent the appearance of various stains. Be sure to store suede products so that they can "breathe". What does it mean? You should not seal suede items in plastic containers or bags. In the event that you wear suede extremely rarely and want to protect it from dust settling, take paper towels and simply wrap suede clothes or shoes in them. Be sure to store them in a cool place to prevent drying out.

If suede clothes or shoes get wet, leave them in the air to dry thoroughly, and only then put them in the closet. If the product gets very wet, soak up excess water with a clean towel.

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