How to use a drill? Tips & Tricks

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How to use a drill? Tips & Tricks
How to use a drill? Tips & Tricks

In modern conditions, an electric drill is one of the most popular tools that can perform dozens of different functions with the help of auxiliary devices used as nozzles. But still, the main purpose of the drill is to drill holes in various surfaces. For this reason, manufacturers create new tool modifications, improving its basic functional qualities. When purchasing a drill in a store, you need to have an idea of ​​​​the tasks that are intended for it. This will help you understand how to use a drill and choose the most suitable model among the endless variety of this type of tool.

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Operation principle

Electric drill makes the drilling procedure quite simple. To do this, attach the drill to the marked surface and press the start button. In this case, the chuck holding the drill,starts rotating by means of the electric motor. When the hole is ready, you must release the button and remove the drill from the hole. For driving and unscrewing screws, it is good to know how to use a mini drill used as a screwdriver. On such models, convenient levers are installed to put the engine in reverse mode. This is very practical when working with fasteners.

In addition, most modern drills have a speed switch that allows you to drill different materials. The design of such tools includes a gearbox with several gears of different sizes. The change in speed is achieved by connecting the motor shaft to one of the gears using a switch. The only drawback of a network device is the inability to work without a power source. In such cases, you can remember how to use a hand drill or use a battery-powered model.

Operating modes

Most modern models of electric drills are designed for two main operating modes. Moreover, the first mode (drilling) is considered standard, and the second mode (impact drilling) is auxiliary. In normal mode, such a drill is capable of performing both locksmith and carpentry work. And the impact drilling mode is used if it is necessary to drill a hole in a concrete or stone surface. These are the main ways to use the drill for its intended purpose.

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Mechanism that performs impact during impact drilling,make up two ratchet. They are located coaxially. When switching to the impact drilling mode, these elements interact to create a translational movement of the working shaft. For this mode, special drills with victorious tips are used. The impact of the mechanism is triggered by the force applied to the drill. It should be from 10 to 15 kilograms. Here's how to use the drill with the impact on.

Metal drilling

First of all, it is recommended to choose a drill designed for this type of work. Drills for metal differ in the grade of steel from which they are made, as well as in the angle of sharpening. For work with cast iron, steel or stainless steel, only such drills can be suitable. Drilling in metal is done at low speed. This allows the drill to heat up less and dull more slowly.

If you know how to use a drill correctly, then as a result, chips in the form of a spiral should smoothly flow out of the hole. The process of drilling metal will occur more efficiently if pressure is applied to the drill. Before starting the process, a notch is applied with a core at the place where the drill is placed. This is necessary for better adhesion to metal.

Drilling wood

To work with wooden surfaces, you need to purchase drills designed specifically for this purpose.

how to use a drill

After marking, the drill is set to the designated point and, with a little effort, turn on increased speed. Ideally, the drill will plunge smoothly into the surfacewood. Sometimes you have to make holes of considerable depth. In this case, the drill must be periodically removed, dropping chips. Otherwise it might get stuck. Similar rules explain how to properly use a drill when working with wood.

Concrete drilling

When working with concrete, it is recommended to use safety glasses to avoid getting small fragments into your eyes. For work, it is necessary to have special drills, at the base of which a victorious tip with high strength is laid. Working with concrete is accompanied by copious emission of dust, which can be reduced by moistening the working surface with water. These inputs are necessary in order to understand how to use the impact drill.

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Drilling is performed when switching to impact mode, while setting the tool to medium speed. In the process of drilling concrete, force must be applied to the drill, but the load must be transferred smoothly. If you need to make a lot of holes in concrete, then it is better to use a light hammer drill. The drill does this job with great difficulty.


For drilling materials of this class, the drill is much better suited due to the lower hardness of the surface to be machined. When working, drills with victorious tips are also used, and goggles are put on the eyes. The tool is transferred to shock mode and set to medium speed.

how to use a drill

Drilling is performed using a load ondrill. This way you can act more confidently. The surface of a brick is much softer than that of concrete, so drilling takes place with less effort. An impact drill can easily handle this task.

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