Good vacuum cleaners: specifications and reviews

Good vacuum cleaners: specifications and reviews
Good vacuum cleaners: specifications and reviews

Vacuum cleaners today are on sale in a wide range. It so happens that choosing such a device can be quite difficult. If you also set such a goal, then you need to know what you should pay attention to. This will allow you to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner or general portable device.

Varieties of device

Today, standard household vacuum cleaners are the most common, which include a body, accessories, hoses and nozzles, as well as a motor unit and a dust box. Such devices are powered by the network, but exceptions can be found. Among them, it is worth highlighting horizontal units that belong to the CordZero line, presented by LG, a well-known consumer manufacturer. Such devices have a built-in battery and are not tied to a power outlet, which makes cleaning easier.

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Quick cleaning

If there are small children or animals in the house, then quite often housewives feel the need to use portable vacuum cleaners, which representare models designed for quick cleaning. This may apply to the case when something was scattered in the kitchen or the furniture was dirty.

Similar compact vacuum cleaners are also in demand among motorists. Quite often they are battery or mains, including those powered by 12 V. Their main advantage is readiness to work at any time, as well as small size. Similar models are useful in the household.

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Vertical options

Continuing to consider good vacuum cleaners, vertical models can also be distinguished. Most often they are battery options, but you can also purchase copies that work on the network. If we compare with horizontal models, then the described ones have a vertical monoblock, the center of gravity of which is located below.

If you own a small apartment or just rent a separate room, the battery model is perfect for you, with a runtime of up to 60 minutes. If we are talking about maximum power, then you can use such a device for half an hour. The volume of the dust container is less than 1 liter, and the suction power is generally small.

Reviews on some models

If you are looking for a portable vacuum cleaner, you may prefer the LG VS8401SCW. An inverter motor is installed inside, the control type is mechanical. Consumers quite often choose equipment with cyclone filters, this applies tothe described device. The device frees surfaces from dust using a fine filter, which is called a microfilter.

The maximum power consumption of this unit is 90 watts. Users claim that such a device is very convenient to use, as it weighs quite a bit, the weight is 2.8 kilograms. The device looks very interesting, including for the reason that the case is painted red.

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Bag Vacuum Cleaner

When consumers are looking for good vacuum cleaners, they often turn their attention to the Philips brand. The standard model of this manufacturer is FC8385/01. Inside is a traditional dust bag, which is still common today. The maximum power consumption of the device is 2000 W. The device weighs a little more compared to the one described above, the mass is equivalent to 5.9 kilograms. However, consumers claim that this feature does not affect usability.

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Variety of dust collectors

If you are interested in good vacuum cleaners, it is important to pay special attention to what kind of dust collector they have. Today, the most common models are those that are equipped with reusable removable dust collectors. From time to time, the user will have to clean them from debris.

The capacity of the dust box depends on the model. If we are talking about the battery version, then, as a rule, this indicator is notso large and does not reach 1 liter. But for horizontal standard models, the volume of the dust collector is sometimes 6 liters, while the minimum figure is 3 liters. Most often, such dust collectors are installed in devices with a cyclone filtration system. Good vacuum cleaners are equipped with several cyclone chambers in which sewage is screened out. If you want to end up with cleaner air, then you should choose a model with several dozen cyclone chambers.

If you need a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to consider the best models before purchasing the product. As practice shows, although dust bags remain relevant, it is best to refuse to purchase models with them. This is due to several reasons, including the additional cost of purchasing consumables.

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On sale you can also find vacuum cleaners that are equipped with aqua filters. In this case, liquid acts as the main filter element. Such models are best purchased for allergy sufferers, as the equipment will be able to provide a high degree of cleaning.

You should be prepared for the fact that such devices are somewhat larger due to the fact that the tank takes up more space. They are heavier, especially with water, and make more noise when working.

If you are deciding which vacuum cleaners are best for your home, then you need to pay attention to the fact that a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter is not a washing device. The last type of household appliances is a separate category, but youyou can also purchase a hybrid vacuum cleaner that can use a water filter or a removable dust container if necessary.

Consumer Reviews

If you want to choose a vacuum cleaner with a water filter installed, then you should pay attention to the VITEK VT-1834 model. This device is standard, the type of control in it is electronic. Cleaning is carried out by a fine filter, power consumption is 1800 watts. It is worth being prepared for the fact that the device has a very impressive weight, its mass is equivalent to 8.7 kilograms. However, this feature is also characteristic of all other vacuum cleaners in which an aquafilter is installed. This can also be attributed to the PHILIPS FC8952 model, which is very common among buyers today. The type of control is mechanical, so you will have to pay less compared to the above option. Such a device costs 13,000 rubles, and a HEPA filter of the 13th degree of purification is installed inside. And such a unit weighs somewhat less, its mass is 7.5 kilograms. Consumers quite often choose this model also for the reason that it belongs to the standard type. Additionally, it should be noted that the consumer has the opportunity to choose one of the two colors presented: black or blue.

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Suction power

This parameter cannot be called constant during the cleaning process. Everything will depend on the degree of filling of the dust collector, as well as on the position of the nozzle. But this is by no means a complete list of factors that can influencethe mentioned feature. However, if you choose a good vacuum cleaner, reviews of which you can read in the article, then you should still pay attention to this feature, which is often indicated in the instructions.

As a rule, in the passport you can find the maximum possible suction power that the unit is capable of. When choosing equipment for cleaning an apartment, it is best to pay attention to those options that have lower power consumption with high suction power. For vertical, portable and robotic vacuum cleaners that run on batteries, the first indicator is quite small and does not exceed 200 watts. However, this will be enough to keep the apartment clean. If the device has a turbo brush, then you can guarantee high-quality daily cleaning.

If the apartment has high-pile carpets, as well as shedding pets, then the normal suction power for a conventional vacuum cleaner will be in the range from 300 to 400 watts. If you want to choose the best vacuum cleaner with the highest degree of suction, then you can pay attention to models in which the mentioned parameter reaches 500 W.

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When choosing equipment for cleaning your home, you can pay attention to the Electrolux Ergorapido ERG103 10.8V vacuum cleaner, the suction power of which does not exceed 200 watts. This device is controlled by a mechanical system, and a cyclone filter is installed inside.

Consumers quite often preferthis type of equipment for the reason that it has a small weight, the weight varies within three kilograms. This portable device is very compact and will be able to fit in any corner of a small apartment. You can buy the unit for 8000 rubles.

When considering the best vacuum cleaner companies, one cannot help but single out the Samsung brand. If you like this company, then you can purchase a standard type vacuum cleaner brand VCDC20DV. Surfaces are cleaned by a cyclone filter, you can count on the eleventh degree of purification of the HEPA system. The suction power of this device is the same as in the model described above, but the weight is slightly larger. However, according to consumers, this does not repel them and does not force them to make a choice in favor of other models. The mass of the device is 4.6 kilograms, and you will have to pay only 6,500 rubles for the unit.

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Noise level

When thinking about the best vacuum cleaner for your home, you should pay special attention to the noise level. Many consumers want the equipment to work as quietly as possible, since an elderly person or a small child lives in the apartment. In this case, you can ensure silent cleaning by making the right choice.

As practice shows, vacuum cleaners in which a dust bag is installed are quieter compared to container counterparts, this is due to the design features. If you choose vacuum cleaners, reviews (which one is better, this will help you understand) are necessaryread before going to the store. If you are interested in the noise level of bagless devices, it is important to know that they put out about 82 decibels. If we compare with the first of the described units, then this indicator varies from 60 to 65 decibels.


When consumers are asked what is the best robot vacuum cleaner, they most often mention Panda brand devices. If you decide to purchase such an unusual device for your home, you can take advantage of the experience of many buyers. By the way, such vacuum cleaners can work even in the absence of the owners, which is very convenient. This is ensured thanks to a special programming system that allows you to start the device at a set time.

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