Gas hose for stove - reliability and safety

Gas hose for stove - reliability and safety
Gas hose for stove - reliability and safety

The gas hose for the stove is necessary when it is problematic or impossible to connect the stove to the gas pipe. At the end of the last century, according to the regulations and rules then in force, gas stoves were connected to the main gas pipeline only with the help of steel pipes. Such a connection made the stove permanently installed. It was impossible to move her. Of course, only specialists from the gas service had the right to make such a connection.

Gas hose for stove

About twenty years ago, foreign-made household appliances began to appear on our market in large quantities, including gas stoves and all kinds of accessories for them.

The hose for connecting the gas stove was a curiosity for many of us, which everyone immediately appreciated. This technique has significant advantages over a steel gas pipe.

Installation of gasstoves began to be engaged not only by gas workers, but also by the service departments of trade enterprises. The reverse side of the brilliant medal appeared immediately. The seeming ingenuity of the installation provoked numerous accidents and explosions. Currently, the installation of an elastic eyeliner is ordered by the relevant regulatory documents.

Connection of gas stoves to the main line is made by the following types of sleeves:

1. Sleeve made of fabric and rubber.

This is the softest electrically impermeable gas hose, but it is inferior in mechanical rigidity to other types of hoses.

2. Rubber gas hose for a stove in a special metal braid.

Hose for gas stove connection

In appearance, such a hose is similar to the sleeves that serve to supply water. However, its inner part is not made of rubber, but of a special polymer. Yellow threads are woven into the metal braid of such hoses. Red and blue threads are woven into the sleeves for water supply.

3. Bellows metal hose.

Bellows - because such flexible connections have a corrugated sheath (bellows) that strengthens the product. It is the strongest and most reliable of the types discussed above, but also the most expensive. A gas hose for a stove of this type recommends using the recently entered into force GOST. It is called "Connections for gas burners and apparatus". He was assigned a number - R52209-2004. Only such a hose, according to the main regulatory document, is the most resistant to pressure in the gasline, as well as to all kinds of mechanical damage.

But this does not mean that the gas hose for the stove, in which rubber material is present, will disappear from store shelves tomorrow. We are used to the fact that most of our GOSTs are only advisory, not binding. Unlike many "specialists", gas service personnel respond to recommendations.

Gas hose for cooker length

Sometimes when you touch the stove, you feel a weak discharge of electricity. This is possible for several reasons:

1. Sometimes, to protect the main pipe from corrosion, a small negative electrical potential is applied to it. To eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to call a gas master who will change the failed gasket at the junction of the city highway with the house pipe.

2. If the gasket is in order, then the matter is in the electrical equipment of the stove, with which it is stuffed today. Or rather, in her isolation.

Have you decided to buy a gas hose for the stove? Its length, and this is very important, should not exceed 1.5 meters. Although the industry produces sleeves up to five meters long.

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