Classic corner sofa for living room: color, photo

Classic corner sofa for living room: color, photo
Classic corner sofa for living room: color, photo

To make the atmosphere of the living room comfortable and cozy, you should think over its interior in advance, then competently bring it to life. In the design of the living room, the seating area, which is traditionally organized with the help of a sofa, plays a key role. It, unlike all other interior items, is considered the basic element of each room. With it, you can organize a zone for communication and relaxation. Its configuration and dimensions are chosen in accordance with the area of ​​the room, as well as the number of people that will gather in it.

classic sofa

The best option for a family is the classic corner sofa, which attracts many with its capacity. With it, you can organize a full-fledged recreation area, as well as additional seating and sleeping places. The interior of a room with such a sofa can be beaten with textiles and bright accessories.

A large number of models also makes it possible to organize storage places, thereby unloading the living room space. The various shelvessome models are equipped, they can replace our usual coffee table.

classic corner sofa


Design and functional components determine the quality of these sofas. Let's characterize them and designate them.

The corner modern classic sofa is more compact than its usual counterparts. If we talk about modular options, then they can generally be successfully accommodated in a tiny room. Considering that the bulk of the housing stock in Russia consists of apartments and houses with small rooms, the problem of saving space will remain relevant for a very long time. At the same time, the corner sofa is the piece of furniture that effectively saves our square meters.

For him, the configuration of the room is not as important as for traditional upholstered furniture. Corner modular sofas can be installed on the left and right sides, if necessary, you can reduce their size, while getting rid of unnecessary sections.

classic living room sofa


It is very difficult to talk about the disadvantages of such furniture in general, since there are almost no common disadvantages for all varieties. Various photos of classic sofas can be viewed in this article. They show that the models are very different. Moreover, if we dwell on certain varieties of such structures, we will immediately pay attention to several shortcomings.

So, for most models, the placement of the corner seat can be called unsuccessful. In other words, a person who decides for himself to sit incorner, you may regret your choice. It will be narrow for him here even if the guest is thin enough. In addition, the knees of the neighbors sitting on the sides of him will not allow him to stretch his legs normally. In short, no comfort.

photos of classic sofas

Continuing to consider the classic corner sofa, we highlight its next relative drawback. This is the functionality of some transformers. Not all types of such furniture are suitable for their daily transformation into a bed, as the mechanisms wear out quickly enough, which can lead to major damage.

Selection rules

When choosing a classic sofa for the living room, you should remember that this design element takes up a lot of space, therefore, it must be functional. Considering each model, you need to pay attention to the parameters below:

  • number of seats and beds;
  • capacity;
  • ergonomic design;
  • upholstery durability.

It is also necessary to take into account the environmental friendliness of certain models. It is necessary for the living room to choose furniture upholstered in high-quality fabric or genuine leather - this sofa will be distinguished by durability and practicality. Its base must be equipped with high-quality orthopedic springs. Preference should be given to models with a solid wooden frame. The most practical is furniture whose pillows are equipped with removable covers.

modern classic sofa

Speaking of form, it can be noted that there arenon-standard and classic models, for example, U-shaped or oval. At the same time, the shape of the product must fully correspond to the parameters of the living room, and look organically in the space of the room.

Types of sofas

A classic sofa in its configuration can be an indivisible, one-piece structure or a model based on composite individual elements. The latter are called modular. They are good because you can easily transform their design by moving various parts of the structure. At the same time, mobile options make it possible to change the interior of the room depending on the tastes of the owners.

Transformation mechanisms that turn a recreation area into a sleeping place can be of several types. The most common are French clamshell, dolphin or roll-out systems.

Corner sofa in a small room

In the space of a small living room, a corner seating area can also be organically entered. Especially for such rooms, compact models are produced, which are in no way inferior in functionality to their full-sized counterparts.

Such a classic sofa in the design contains transforming systems and orthopedic springs, allowing the relaxation area to be turned into a full-fledged sleeping place. Such models are often equipped with bars and coffee tables, which makes it possible to save usable space.

Features of small models

If the living room is small, the corner classic sofa may simply not fit in it. It is better to choose compact furniture that is not inferiorclassic in functionality. The interior of the living room will organically accommodate a small seating area, while not weighing it down.

classic sofa color

The design of small corner sofas also provides for the presence of transforming mechanisms and orthopedic springs, due to which the resting place easily turns into a full-fledged sleeping place. Such models can be equipped with a coffee table or a small bar.

Design and color

It is worth noting that the color of a classic sofa must be chosen with great care. The shade of the upholstery should be in harmony with the finishing of the hall surfaces, as well as with the rest of the interior elements. The combination of light-colored upholstery with decorative contrasting cushions is universal; such a design of the seating area will fit organically into every living room. The most popular colors are beige, milky, caramel and coffee, but for a room created in modern style, you should choose a model with traditional black or white upholstery.

You can create a unique living room design by inscribing a bright corner seating area into it. A sofa of a contrasting color will become the main accent in the design of the room, it will be able to attract the attention of visitors, and also set the tone for the entire interior as a whole.

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