Plastic window device: features, diagram and mechanisms

Plastic window device: features, diagram and mechanisms
Plastic window device: features, diagram and mechanisms

This article will discuss the device of a plastic window. It should be noted that the classical structure of modern windows does not depend on the material of their manufacture.

Plastic window device

PVC window structure

What is the device of a plastic window?

It consists of:

  • Rama. It is the main element and is mounted in the window opening of the building. Fittings and sashes are fastened to it.
  • Sash. The part is a moving part as it can be opened.
  • Fittings. It includes locking mechanisms that fix the valves and control them.
  • Double-glazed window. It is sealed. It includes several glasses, which are fastened around the perimeter with special separators.

Profile structure

The plastic window device has a complex configuration. The quality of the window frame itself depends on its quality. The profile characterizes the mounting depth. Its indicator is systematized, and many firmsproduce windows with a depth of 5.8, 6 or 7 cm. There are models and thicker. Their installation depth reaches 13 cm. They are designed for wide and large double-glazed windows.

Profiles also differ in the number of internal cameras. A chamber is an empty cavity elongated along the profile. Depending on their number, profiles are divided into two-, three-, four-chamber, etc. Usually, firms involved in the installation of plastic windows present the client with a sectional plastic window device. This allows the buyer to see the internal structure of the product in detail.

The device of a plastic window in a section

Sometimes a non-hollow chamber is mounted inside the profile. It contains reinforcing material. The more cameras in the profile, the higher the quality of the product. This is explained by the fact that multi-chamber windows have a high level of thermal insulation. In the domestic market, designs with three chambers are in high demand. This configuration is not difficult.

What are plastic window profiles made of?

Plastic windows are made from different materials. The name PVC (polyvinyl chloride) we meet most often. But manufacturers can use both primary and secondary raw materials, as well as use a heterogeneous composition. When buying, it is better to pay attention to well-known companies for the production of plastic windows. They use primary material, which is environmentally friendly. Such profiles are expensive. Secondary raw materials contain impurities harmful to he alth. Sometimes heavy poisonousmetals.

Glazed windows

The double-glazed unit of a plastic window is sealed. This structure cannot be disassembled. Assembly is carried out at the factory. The double-glazed window of PVC windows, as a rule, contains two or three glasses glued together along the perimeter. A special insert is inserted between them. Inside the structure contains a substance that absorbs moisture from the air or inert gas pumped in. Manufacturers fill the double-glazed window with highly purified air or argon. Thus, dry and clean gas is present inside the structure.

In case of loss of tightness, moisture will penetrate into the double-glazed window, which will cause condensation. The gas will have increased thermal conductivity, and the structure will cease to fulfill its function. It should be noted that dry air provides a high level of thermal insulation. For example, polystyrene is classified as a heat-insulating material because it is provided with small pores and cavities containing air. The norm for thermal insulation of windows is a distance of 16 mm between the panes. With an increase in this indicator, thermal conductivity increases.

fittings for plastic windows

Like a profile, a double-glazed window can contain a different number of cameras. If two glasses are included in it, then it has one chamber, and if three, then it will be two-chamber. As a rule, two-chamber structures are mounted in residential premises. They have a standard installation depth of 24 mm. At the same time, the glass thickness indicator is 4 mm, and the distance between the glasses is 16 mm. Suchconfiguration can reduce noise by 34 dB.

Plastic window fittings

Let's start looking at what makes plastic windows functional. The hardware controls the frame. It should be noted that its mechanism is complex.

How does the plastic window lock device work?

Parts of the configuration are installed along the inner perimeter of the window sash. Interacting, they provide a different position of the window frame. At the same time, their work is distinguished by clarity. The locking device of plastic windows has a large number of adjustments. For example, the position of the sash can change not only in height, but also horizontally and diagonally. Sagging can be avoided by using a micro-lift installed under the sash, as well as by other adjustments.

The device of the plastic window mechanism contains two steel plates. They are located in a groove specially designed for them, running along the entire profile. The inner plate is called the transmission bus. It is she who is set in motion when the handle is turned.

The transmission bus contains trunnions. These are the locking elements that hold the sash in a predetermined position. As soon as the handle is turned, the pins fall into certain strips on the sash located on the other side. The frame is tightly held in the closed position. When the handle moves up, the trunnions located below are closed. Therefore, the sash is easy to set to the ventilation mode. In the upper part of the window there is another piece of fittings, called "scissors". He givesthe ability to slightly open the window.

As a rule, the economical class of the product has a standard set of options. You can install a basic package with a minimum number of features, or choose a multifunctional model. It all depends on financial capabilities and taste.

Locking device for plastic windows

As a rule, additional options provide:

  • child protection;
  • sash anti-pull protection;
  • airing the room;
  • fixing the flaps in different positions;
  • presence of external handles, etc.

Anti-burglary fittings are also offered, which have increased strength and can serve as reliable protection. It is equipped with lockable handles.

Like any mechanism, this device can also fail, and the repair of plastic windows in this case is inevitable. It is not advised to make repairs yourself. You need to see a specialist.

The service life of fittings can be increased if windows are maintained in a timely manner: lubricate them and clean the mechanisms.

Installation of window slopes

When installing new structures, it is recommended to pay attention to the device of slopes of plastic windows. Mistakes in choosing this element can lead to condensation on the glass or freezing. The best option is to install PVC slopes.

Such a device has the following advantages:

  • differs in environmental friendliness and does not require special care;
  • colorcan be chosen according to taste;
  • PVC surface is easy to clean and does not leave stains from detergents;
  • plastic slope has a long service life.
Installation and repair of plastic windows

In construction practice, several methods of mounting structures are used. Three are widely used:

  • use of special panels;
  • installation of plastic slopes;
  • installation of drywall products.

Roller blinds for plastic windows

Curtains in rolls have high functionality. They give the apartment a unique style and contribute to the creation of comfort. That is why such products are in great demand.

Features of the open method of attaching curtains

This method of fixing makes it possible to fix the curtains both above the window opening and in it. The system is usually mounted on windows, but there are also multi-purpose mechanisms.

Open curtain fixtures have varieties:

  • Mounting the mini-system. It is suitable for doors and frames.
  • Standard type that is mounted above the window opening.
  • Mansard view. It is designed for windows of complex configuration.
The device slopes of plastic windows

Despite the fact that there are many types, the principle of operation of the mechanisms is the same. The curtain is wound on a shaft fixed between the holders. The curtains are controlled by a chain or spring mechanism. In the second case, the holder is mounted on a bar,located below. The curtain is pulled down and fixed at a level that provides the desired darkening of the living space.

Often, guides with a hook are used to fix the device. Also use double sided tape for installation. It has its drawback, which is that the adhesive layer begins to melt during the heat. Hangers are also used. But they are not suitable for all frames. A unified method is considered to be fastening curtains with screws and self-tapping screws. The diameter of the shaft depends on the width of the web. For overall curtains in rolls, strong slats are required. Otherwise, the system may be deformed or broken.

Mount curtains closed type

Several years ago, it was believed that the closed type of fastening is applicable only to plastic windows. In fact, such a device for curtains on plastic windows is also used in wood and aluminum structures. The system has different sizes, but this does not affect the attractiveness and functionality. The main difference of this design is the presence of a box. This part contains the side covers and gives the configuration a neat look.

The size of the box plays an important role. Installation of roller blinds with a mini-system on plastic windows does not prevent the closing and opening of the sashes. When using heavy roller blinds, it is necessary to use a large box and a strong shaft. Such mechanisms are not always placed above the opening, especially if the window is located high. In this case, the system is mounted on the ceiling. In this case, the guides are refused.If possible, it is recommended to install them. The devices will prevent the deformation of the curtain fabric, help to avoid displacement, and provide the system with the necessary movement.

How to attach a curtain to a window sash?

When attaching the curtain, pay attention to the diameter of the shaft and the length of the brackets. The longer the part, the more winding it will provide. Therefore, when choosing curtains from loose or dense material, long brackets should be used. Roll mechanisms work silently. The appearance of strong sounds indicates that the structure is defective or incorrectly assembled.

Device for curtains on plastic windows

Recently, many new solutions have appeared in the field of roller blinds. Manufacturers offer a design in which the boxes are attached so that they move with the curtain. This makes it possible to control the mechanism in two directions. There are also temporary configurations on special slats. They are fastened with adhesive tape. They make it possible to move the system if necessary.

This design is used to decorate country houses. Only specialists will help to understand the variety of types of systems. Before starting complex work, it is recommended to discuss all issues with a professional.

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